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Chat log from EF of 2018: Richmond vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Richmond vs Hawthorn, EF of 2018

J.Worrall: Go Tiges!
J.Worrall: pedal harder, m0nty!
ReggieOz: Go Tigers!
frenzy: game on
JockMcPie: Tigers by a landslide, straight set Hawks, next game please
JockMcPie: “Silk” more like “Orchard”
J.Worrall: What a start!
circle52: Looks like page has stalled
SilverLion: Test
FordyHawks: If Hawks somehow lose, hopefully Pies win, so Hawks get an easy win in the prelim
SilverLion: Chat looks like its up
JockMcPie: I’d prefer Richmond to win, rather play them in the Grand Final than a prelim. Hawks won’t make it past week 2
Lewysport: Anyone take the $3 for dusty and titch to get 60 between em
TheLegend6: How was neither Grimes nor Astbury AA?
J.Worrall: Top footy!
JockMcPie: Was Grimes not All-Australian? Wowee true that, he deserved it way more than Edwards, Franklin or Higgins!
cobrakai00: How did Gunston get AA seriously…
ReggieOz: How did Buddy and Rance
cobrakai00: WorpFail
ReggieOz: Buddy played 4 good games all year
JockMcPie: After that kick Bruest shouldnt have made AA either… really bad year for forwards
Ash777: The AA is awfully run. Just like the rising star.
JockMcPie: Wouldn’t say that @Ash, the squad is generally on point, just a few strange selections.
SilverLion: Frawley is the worst player in the afl
SilverLion: Rance, forever the quarterback… the 5 time AA
J.Worrall: I was at AA a little earlier …
shaker: your favorite player Silver
TheOnyas: onya shielsy
TheOnyas: onya shorty
TheMessiah: Richmond are so freaking good! Itll be a miracle if we can keep in this one
SilverLion: Sure is shaker 😛
ReggieOz: Any chance Rance will stop staging?
JockMcPie: With his face? Rance is just auditioning for Home and Away after he retires from AFL
MONEY TALK: any chance of holding the ball
circle52: agree money there were 2 prior to the goal that should have been paid.
JockMcPie: Definitely hit the post
JockMcPie: Grimes really should have been AA…
MONEY TALK: grimes is way better than rance
JockMcPie: To show how bad of a selection Gunston was, they’re playing their AA forward…at full back. Logic!
MONEY TALK: the finals umpires r back, had a rest all season
ReggieOz: Game over
Ash777: hawks in straight sets at this rate
Ash777: +out
ReggieOz: Grimes is a star!
FordyHawks: A bit late paying consistent frees now umps
Ash777: karma for rance?
TheLegend6: Karma for what Ash? He didn’t hurt anybody
ReggieOz: Karma for staging all year!
ReggieOz: The true AA’s are playing well the pretenders are not!
J.Worrall: Bye bye Squawks!
ReggieOz: wow..How goos has Higgins been in his 1st final
Pull: jesus Higgins looks like a massive steal at pick 17
Ash777: puopolo needs some gripo
ReggieOz: Who gets the votes 1-2-3?
ReggieOz: Mcintosh-1 Higgins-2 Dusty-3
Ash777: Rioli – Prestia – Martin
ReggieOz: Wish me luck for tomorrow!
Rilian: When your 2 multis incl <158.5pts and it ends up 159pts….! 🙁
StuL: Go cats!
Rilian: Less than 158.5pts and the total score ends up 159.. sigh

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