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Chat log from R23 of 2018: St Kilda vs North Melbourne

Chat log for St Kilda vs North Melbourne, R23 of 2018

Gotigres: A few people might be tripped up with the late inclusion of Ahern.
Jukes82: seems no one gives a fuck about this game lol
JockMcPie: Wake me up when Ben Brown kicks 5 and gives the game something to watch for
m0nty: plenty of draft league grand finals coming down to this game
Damo07: What happened to Wood?
JockMcPie: Cmon Webster
TheOnyas: Onya Browny
The0Grrr: What is this strange game called?
JockMcPie: I really hope Brown beats Riewoldt for the Coleman
Number 8: I really hope TV and radio commentators call Brown just by his surname for a change
SilverLion: @Number 8 I’ve been hoping that for Martin and Franklin for years now
Lewysport: Have Webster + 15 vs Goldy in SC, cmon Jimmy.
Nuffman: I lose if Austin score 200
Number 8: Wood from NM is the other one, Silver
Jukes82: sucked in jock, rooey has this locked away
PowerBug: Cmon Benny
Crowls: billings back to normal thank god
TheOnyas: onya steeley
BigChief: @Lewy just like me you are stuffed I think.
teachrtony: If Billings gets up to 64 I lose, lol
BigChief: That is poor umpiring. Waite never went behind his mark. Should not be play on.
Lewysport: After recalculation in was 52 and jimmy v goldy chief, slim chance…
BigChief: Ahhh you still lead Lewy.
Gotigres: First ever time over 2700 after 11 seasons of playing sc.
rooboypete: Why is Majak Daw getting booed by STK fans??
Jukes82: probs the same reason milne got booed
Gotigres: Thanks Monty for another season of great fantasy scores and thanks everyone for great chats.
rooboypete: Which was??
rooboypete: Thanks m0nty for keeping the site going – its my favourite
m0nty: Thanks to all, especially the livebloggers! We will be back for finals of course.
Nuffman: Because people are racist?
Nuffman: Thanks Monty!
rooboypete: If Ziebell gets 11 more points, I lose my Big Dance…sigh
rooboypete: Surely not Nuffman! Especially after the Goodes saga
StuL: He collected someone apparently but shaky ground
Gotigres: There was mention of an incident that may be looked Nuffma
Nuffman: Thanks Tiges, Stul, Rooboy. I was trying to imply that people booed Milne because they were racist also lol

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