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Chat log from R23 of 2018: Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R23 of 2018

JockMcPie: The game that makes or breaks my grand finals – Gawn, McDonald, Kelly. Faith rests on your shoulders
The0Grrr: Cmon Dees!
Chelskiman: Need Taranto and Kelly to go nuts if I’m any chance of a victory.
BigChief: Same Chel.
The0Grrr: Don’t tell me we played our final last week!
BigChief: Any better now Grrr?
Chelskiman: Need 223 combined from Kelly and Taranto to win.
The0Grrr: Nah @Chief. I have to keep reaching for the heart pressure tablets!
ReggieOz: WE are having a week off .. If we lose we still make it relax Grrr
Apachecats: Kelly is your problem Chelsk
The0Grrr: Sorry @Reg but we need that home final I reckon. I’d rather play Cats at G.
Apachecats: Kelly just ticked up ,reckon you are on track actually.
ReggieOz: We play better away this year .. No good at the G
Chelskiman: Kelly got to 19 which isn’t as bad as it could have been. Need a big second quarter from him though.
ReggieOz: But it would be nice .. then I can go to the game
Apachecats: Agree Grrr ,if you can’t beat them in Melbourne ,you’re going to have a hell of a job beating them in Sydney ,do or die
Jukes82: why not go to this game??
Apachecats: Ahern playing helps me out a bit.
Hooks: Melbourne tagging 2 players putrid negative team.
TheOnyas: Onya Wardy
Jukes82: hes been shower the last few games tho
feralmong: finally in the last round in SC gonna score 2500+. Been a spud this year.
Apachecats: I know Jukes but at least it gives me 21 on the field,with a forecast of 2413SC.If I had 22 I would be competative.
The0Grrr: That’s rich coming from a Blues supporter!
ReggieOz: How can I Carlton supporter call anything putrid
Apachecats: Plenty of salty blues on this forum Grrr
Chelskiman: Ok, Kelly, enough rest time now please get some touches. A goal would be nice too.
The0Grrr: What are they gonna cry about their injuries again?
feralmong: you’re getting a putrid, he’s getting a putrid, you’re all getting a putrid. yay!
The0Grrr: I’d be getting angry with SoS and the rest of the Committee I think.
ReggieOz: you playing my ‘live ladder’ drinking game?
The0Grrr: Hic! Yeap.
The0Grrr: Had 3 shots already!
Chelskiman: 3 points combined from my two players in half a quarter. fuck
BigChief: I think we are stuffed @chel. I needed 256 from them.
Jukes82: you’re stuffed mate lol
The0Grrr: At least you both made the big dance.
Apachecats: Not looking good chelsk
coldog: It’s the umpires fault just ask Carlton_99
Chelskiman: Yep, was going to be a tough ask, but this quarter has ruined me.
Apachecats: Where’s that blues guy who didn’t like the tags ,they seem to be working.
Apachecats: GWS just got a free that should have been a high tackle free to Melbourne.
ReggieOz: GWS are a good side… We have played well so far
The0Grrr: Gotta even up the free kick count. Everyone gets 20 FF per team per game seemingly to some.
The0Grrr: See 2 kids got Zorko’s game boots. They look new and unused.
BigChief: They would probably fit them also.
The0Grrr: Sign em up!
Hooks: You’re right Neal Bullen is a star.
TheOnyas: onya gawny
The0Grrr: That’s the best you could come up with after 1/2 hour?
ReggieOz: compared to Silvani he is lol
Hooks: Irrelevant. No doubt Silvagni is terrible.
Jukes82: Spudvani
Nuffman: Tyson done for the day?? I win my GF!
The0Grrr: Gee Thanks for the sympathy @Nuff 🙂
BigChief: Feeling any better yet Grrr?
The0Grrr: 2 down on rotations always a worry.
Nuffman: Sorry Grrr! He’ll be right for the 1st week of finals and you guys have this one wrapped up anyhow
Hooks: Kept faith in Gawn as C should win me 4 GF and hold top 1000 hopefully.
The0Grrr: That’s alright @Nuff someone has to make room for Viney anyhow. Noice in
ReggieOz: Tyson was alays goona be dropped for Viney
The0Grrr: U been into the shots @Reg?
ReggieOz: nah..just cannot type and watch at the same time
The0Grrr: That’s a change from normally throwing the keyboard at the TV
Nuffman: This is why i love melbourne supporters! lol
ReggieOz: So impressed with our defence today
The0Grrr: It’s either this or skiing @Nuff
BigChief: Melb only missing 1 piece to be a very dangerous side and that is Lever.
The0Grrr: Would he make a diff vs Tiges @Chief? Their gamestyle doesn’t really allow for loose man does it?
BigChief: He would allow Lewis to play more midfield I think.
Apachecats: Reckon getting Viney back is the key.He will make a big difference.
BigChief: Hahaha sucked in Cameron.
ReggieOz: yes..finals is contested footy and Viney is a beast
The0Grrr: True. Lewis in a Hodge type defensive director mid role
Gebs: thanks melbourne really didnt want to play geelong week one
The0Grrr: Just hope its true that Viney is made for finals footy.
ReggieOz: We want to play them..We should beaten them twice this year
BigChief: So GWS will have a bye week 1 of finals as Swans can’t win at SCG LOL
The0Grrr: Giants with a few ins means trouble for some.
TheOnyas: onya salemy
TheOnyas: onya harmesy
FordyHawks: Dees v Tigers in week 2 of finals will be interesting
The0Grrr: Lobb off. Go Gawny Oh captain my Captain!
JockMcPie: Hawthorn and WC straight sets :))
The0Grrr: Fair chance perfect 9 could go off this week.
FordyHawks: Lol, pies will hope they perform a miracle to beat wc… otherwise they’ll get smashed by gws
BigChief: Sounds like Tyson’s season over with a broken arm.
BigChief: @Grrr I think it will come down to the other game still going.
ReggieOz: got 5 legs of perfect 9..picked robbie gray in the first game
The0Grrr: Bugger! I like him as a player too @Chief.
damoc85: no one would have picked Ryder
The0Grrr: Most would have gone for Ross I would think.
ReggieOz: good has Harmes been
BigChief: I took Westhoff so I was gone early
ReggieOz: Max and Ross so might get 7
The0Grrr: Raise the bat fellas!
BigChief: With Gawn and Higgins I would get 6
The0Grrr: Mm? Tagging + possessions + Goal = Putrid? Where is that bloke!
BigChief: LOL Nice call Grrr
Gotigres: Just hit 2700 and i declare victory in my gf.
The0Grrr: Now Ur just bragging @Tig! I’m only jealous!
Jackwatt$: It’s official! The Dee’s are in the finals! Go deeeeesssss
TheOnyas: Onya Gawny
Jackwatt$: 1st time Dee’s have made finals since me and m0nty have been good mates!
The0Grrr: Ur gonna have to change ur name or ur club @Jack
The0Grrr: Thank you Dees! See you in a fortnight!
BigChief: It was official last week @JackWatt$
JockMcPie: Thanks for nothing Kelly
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
G-Mo77: My GF is tied. I’ll lose because I finished 8th

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