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Chat log from R23 of 2018: Brisbane vs West Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs West Coast, R23 of 2018

Chelskiman: Need massive games from Stef and Zorko today! Also picked the Lions as my roughy for the week.
shaker: Yep big danger game for the Eagles
DrSeuss: Need Stef, Redden and Beams to go huge to save me this weekend
ajconodie: I’ve never barracked for another team more lol
faisca7: Hoping for the Tigers sake that Brisbane smash them and put the Eagles into 4th
shaker: How many points are we talking to put the Eagles to 4th ?
faisca7: Not a lot Shaker, they only need to lose .7%
Chelskiman: Stef doing his part early. Need Zorko to follow suit.
jocka: 6-7 points is all that is needed
Chelskiman: Dropped marks and fumbles everywhere in this game.
The0Grrr: I heard someone say 25 points @Shaker. Dunno how true that is tho.
ajconodie: Nice goal from the other Cripps.
faisca7: Yeah depends on how high scoring a game it is. As long as Brisbane win
circle52: Very slippery chelski. At ground and it is very wet under
m0nty: any sort of loss to Eagles would put them fourth, unless it’s a crazy 35-34 game
Chelskiman: Two kicking in danger calls already in this match. Didn’t think that rule even existed anymore.
JockMcPie: Lets gooo Brisbane!
Chelskiman: I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be going anywhere near Zorko next season.
circle52: They were there though chelski so standard set for game
ajconodie: If not for some silly mistakes Brisbane would be 4 goals up imo
DrSeuss: Alright time to go now Beamer
ReggieOz: I have a new drinking game…when they show the ‘live ladder’ you take a shot who’s in?
circle52: Our young bodies showing effects of long season. Tackles not sticking
Chelskiman: I’ll be hammered by half time, Reggie!
Chelskiman: What a kick by Rich, haha.
DrSeuss: Get Redden off the bench dammit
SilverLion: Missed 4 frees to us in that pasage, and pull out a soft one to mcgovern at the end. Lovely.
DrSeuss: Brisbane always getting slaughtered by umps. I wonder if it’s because we have a young list tbh
ajconodie: If there was a ladder for frees not paid against, WCE would be runaway leader.
TheOnyas: Onya Crippsy
Chelskiman: Thought I was being biased because I have him, but that wasn’t a free against Zorko.
circle52: Anothe cheap free to eagles
shaker: Pies woul be neck and neck for frees with Eagles
Chelskiman: Zorko, just please get involved. At least match Kennedy’s 99!
DrSeuss: Come on Redden. Don’t stop please
Carnster: yeo yeo ending the year on a down
DrSeuss: Get Redden off the effing bench – TOG is getting ridiculous
circle52: Maybe the umps have been told pies not to finish second going bysome soft frees
Jukes82: lol seems every brisbane game i see on FF lately is sooking about frees
shaker: Yes Jukes they should try following the Tiges we’ve been shafted all year but we just get on with it
pcaman2003: Zorko losing his cool at being hard tagged.
SilverLion: Zorko not a good captain, gets frustrated too easily.
The0Grrr: Geez ppl! Free kick counts tell you nothing! Did GC deserve to be within 1 vs Cats? Blues within 3 vs Crows?
circle52: Agree on Zorko. Hard tagged loses cool.
Jukes82: shaker yes I know how it feels lol
circle52: Gee Rioli and Ryan will be excitement machines for Eagles.
circle52: And today lions are too slow to react to turnovers and unless we improve 10 goal hiding coming up.
circle52: And class of eagles showing as it is really a 2 v 15 match
AFL Blues: People really need to stop saying “lol”. It’s getting really annoying.
TheOnyas: onya richy
circle52: An example of why Zorko should not be captain Stupidd
Chelskiman: lol
AFL Blues: Idiot.
wadaramus: Haha!
DrSeuss: Get back on Beamer
BigChief: lol
AFL Blues: People who can’t think recite “lol”, not even knowing it’s a command.
wadaramus: Lmao!
BigChief: lol lol lol lol lol lol AFL Blues is an idiot.
pcaman2003: lol!
Nuffman: mate, you barrack for Carlton, stop thinking so highly of yourself. It’s embarrassing
AFL Blues: Keep it up, drones! The Government will be proud!
DrSeuss: Great, Robinson catching Beams. Finish strong Beamer
wadaramus: Roflmao!
BigChief: Time to feed the troll yet?
BigChief: Nice work Beamer.
AFL Blues: Funny how you people define “trolls” – someone with an opinion you don’t agree with.
AFL Blues: All of you are just insecure drones backing each other up; *you’re* the trolls.
pcaman2003: Boo hoo!
SilverLion: Darling 4.2 – all from 10 metres out
Roksta: Everyone get your tin foil hats on lol
BigChief: Had mine on since the troll turned up.
AFL Blues: Who’s “lol”, and how can one put their tin-foils hats on him/her?
BigChief: Ahern late in for North.
JockMcPie: lets go yeo, big last quarter here
DrSeuss: Let’s go Redden ffs
Chelskiman: Get Zorko into the middle, ffs. at like 150cm he’s useless up forward.
Chelskiman: Opponent has Hurn. Was looking good 6 minutes ago when he was on 45 and now he’s getting cheapies.
DrSeuss: Redden just take off this quarter mate – thanks a bunch
Chelskiman: Zorko getting knocked out sums my season up perfectly. Welcome to my black list, Zorks.
Jukes82: always hilarious to me ppl picking zorko year after year
pcaman2003: Nice one Dorko.
BigChief: Zorko plays well in 4-5 games and the rest are trash.
Chelskiman: Seagull for Hurn. He’s scored 35 points in the last 9 or so minutes just to really rub salt into my wounds.
Jukes82: thx hurn good junk! 🙂
DrSeuss: Just need Seb Ross to score 50 or less and I can still win 4 of 5 grand finals lol

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