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Chat log from R23 of 2018: Carlton vs Adelaide

Chat log for Carlton vs Adelaide, R23 of 2018

DrSeuss: Any time now Crouch
frenzy: lol doc
bongidongi: of course crouch is playing like shower
DrSeuss: Thanks Frenzy, Crouch and Laird in this game – very helpful so far
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
Chelskiman: Stop, Gibbs!
BigChief: I thought Carlton could have pushed Adelaide tonight, but this will be a flogging.
thommoae: Carlton’s “push” is most other teams’ “lean”, BC..
DrSeuss: This game is too easy for Crouch to score well. Not enough ‘contest’ to require him. Sucks for my AF score 😢
thommoae: Well, at least we know that the colour of the jersey doesn’t seem to matter with Carlton.
DrSeuss: Unfortunately Gibbs lives for nights like this – easy kicks and marks.
thommoae: “We are the Navy Greys…”
BigChief: Darwin under 9’s could beat this mob. They are a disgrace.
Ash777: there needs to be a spoon icon for teams that play like wooden spooners
Gotigres: Simpson is looking pathetic
Silz90: U said carlton wouldnt win a game this year so shut up
Silz90: Stop commenting on carlton game and bugger off. U add no value to the convo u basher
BigChief: Carlton are winning the centre clearances but only have 2 fwds. Poor coaching.
thommoae: You’re splitting hairs, Silz. Or clutching at straws. One of the two.
Silz90: I am not even talking to you.
BigChief: Want a tissue Silz?
Gotigres: lol Murphy’s sc score
Silz90: Nah i want u to stop giving your amateur opinion
StuL: Carlton totally uncompetitive. what’s new!? They ‘we can do it boys’ coaching isn’t working.
Ash777: their quick turnover of the list has ruined their club
Silz90: For now it has made the club very uncompetitive some weeks . Future is bright.
Ash777: also the complete lack of getting any star players in those years.
BigChief: Silz you can’t expect to score when the coach has 2 forwards playing against 6 defenders. And You are actually winning
BigChief: the centre clearances. Yes Carlton have some good kids but no leadership.
carlton_99: @BIg Chief well docherty is a huge leader and has been injured all year.
carlton_99: @ash77 our plan was to go to the draft and THEN hit trades and FA.
carlton_99: It’s been the three years of the draft which we needed, and now we will bring in 22-28 year olds
BigChief: That’s 1 player @99. You need players who can kick the ball. Cripps and Curnow can’t do it all.
carlton_99: You guys will see when we hit trades and FA we will be much more competitive and will begin the rise.
BigChief: I hope you do improve as a strong Blues is good for footy.
Ash777: blues should go for mitch mcgovern and picks for pick 1
sfenda1: don’t think mcgovern is what blues need
Silz90: I dont agree with that bc.. i dont understand why he did it
JockMcPie: Ooh another salty carlton chat, good entertainment for tonight
TheOnyas: onya crippsy
Silz90: Should i play fortnite or watch the rest of the game??
Sixty656: Carlton it’s OK, you can stop tanking now…
BigChief: Fortnite is a kids game you know.
Silz90: My boss and everyone at work says that too 🙁
BigChief: Smite is good.
TheOnyas: Onya Lairdy
twinpeaks: Moreira Magic traded out Duncan for M Crouch – could cost the car? Depends on whether 2nd had Grundy cpt and how Zork go
DrSeuss: Come on Crouch, at least beat Gibbs
BigChief: That would suck @twinpeaks to lose in the last round
TheOnyas: Onya Bettsy
twinpeaks: He won the car last year, so has done well. Suspect whether Hutchings goes to Zork or Beams decides the winner maybe
StuL: Carlton will be just as rubbish next year. They don’t need a no.1 and a priority pick. They need the entire top 10.
carlton_99: Honestly shut up @StuL. You literally know nothing about Carlton. Just worry about the Cats.
original: carlton will be woeful for AT LEAST next 3 years folks. thanks for the offer StuL
StuL: Actually, I floated this idea and apparently the AFL are looking at it. It’s absurd to expect one poor kid to save a..
spudaroos: Just opened this page and saw the Silvagni spud symbol, that kind of game for Carlton huh
Ash777: dayne beams would be good for blues
StuL: a rubbish team. Hocking is looking at multiple picks but not necessarily a no.1
StuL: Original as someone with probably high expectations for my team you’re aiming too low. You should be demanding better.
StuL: Sorry 99
Breezey: Is that Polson up there
Ash777: wonder if SoS will bite the bullet and delist his own son
TheOnyas: Onya Keathy
twinpeaks: Atkins pick 9 and Adelaide 2nd round for pick 1 and a third round?
Hadouken: sorry guys, but i dont rate polson at all based on skills
BigChief: He tackles ok @Hadouken.
sfenda1: 16 clearances cripps… next highest is 4 for blues
Silz90: Cant wait for geelong to get knocked out first week of finals
Silz90: Comon crippa break dangers record
original: StuL how bad did we do with Lang
Chelskiman: I turn away for a second and Gibbs goes from 79 to 93. fuck !
Jukes82: boy oh boy this is terrible
Jukes82: yeaa thats why it happened…lol
TheOnyas: Onya Lairdy
Torz: Cripps needs the perma-atlas
carlton_99: Well done Cripps. Gun. Got the record
Silz90: Lang had no presason and has been injured most weeks. Judge him after next year
carlton_99: Honestly shut up @StuL. You literally know nothing about Carlton. Just worry about the Cats.
carlton_99: Sorry that autofilled
BigChief: I think 99 is on repeat lol.
Jukes82: Lol StuL gets the double clip
twinpeaks: I don’t think it is as bad as everyone things. Solid back 6 when fit and McKay + Curnow-need some top 10 draft mids IMO
sfenda1: cripps best player ive seen in a while
twinpeaks: /as much as anything to make sure Cripps’ career doesn’t end age 26
Jukes82: i see why cripps only signed a 2 year deal, very smart move

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