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Chat log from R23 of 2018: Sydney vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Sydney vs Hawthorn, R23 of 2018

DrSeuss: Only opponent player in this game – Heeney of course. FFS
pcaman2003: Umpires missing frees both sides
pcaman2003: Heeney is a fantastic player and will score 150+
man0005: Heeney is a fantastic player and will score 150+
bongidongi: burgoyne needs to pick up
pcaman2003: Free goal Swans. Hardwick touched the ball clearly.
DrSeuss: Why did I leave the C on Titch…ignored the signs
pcaman2003: Could be in trouble there Seuss. Very slippery tonight,won’t help
DrSeuss: Was going to go Macrae but Richmond scared me off; was going to trade in Dunkley over Menegola – Richmond scared me off
DrSeuss: Both decisions will probably kill all of my finals
pcaman2003: Can’t win them all mate. Crystal ball would be handy.
TheOnyas: onya lloydy
DrSeuss: very true @pcaman
Gotigres: Made a last minute decision to field Heeney ahead of Zorko. Happy so far.
The0Grrr: The dognuts are on Pop!
Haydo: what a “mark” the jump deserved it tho
Gotigres: lol TheOGrrr
Haydo: oh never mind i thought it was paid a mark not a free kick
Gotigres: Sydney getting some lucky frees
Ben_Gogos: Two bad misses in the same pocket from Hayward, gaining him the first muppet of the night.
pcaman2003: Swans getting too many easy balls. Tighten up Hawks.
Gotigres: Aliir butterfingers tonight.
pcaman2003: Umps not liking the Hawks tonight. Unreal!
DrSeuss: Titch going to need 20 tackles tonight it seems
Ash777: heeney rewarding the faithful
Roksta: Cheers Lloyd… cash league win. $650
DrSeuss: Come on Titch – 50 at the half then a monster 2nd half would be great
pcaman2003: Titch starting to move for you Seuss.
StuL: If I was Hanners I would jump at the Saints 5 year deal.
DrSeuss: Need him to beat Grundy though in most leagues, will need a big 2nd!
Gotigres: As a Richmond supporter i am enjoying watching other teams battle for ladder positions
FordyHawks: I put the C on razor ray, smashing it with 177 sc points at half time
pcaman2003: @Fordy. Lol! Not his best night
DrSeuss: Come on Titch don’t stop now
Gebs: If i was sydney I’d let him go
pcaman2003: Onya Jack!
TheOnyas: onya lloydy
pcaman2003: Onya Hawks!
pcaman2003: WTF? No throws paid against Swans then? Rub of the green tonight
Ash777: did hawks not pay razor what he wanted
pcaman2003: Seems not Ash. Swans must’ve beaten us to it.
TheOnyas: Onya Jacky
StuL: I would have signed the deal this week just in case they see the stinky performance this w/e and change their mind.
twinpeaks: GC should take Newman in a heartbeat
pcaman2003: Onya Poopoo
Sixty656: piss off hawkthorn
FordyHawks: Green maggots have kicked 3 goals tonight
pcaman2003: Swans will win this with free kick goals. Too easy!
Ash777: for a ruck Sinclair is not very tall. Has good hands tho
circle52: thinkfreekickhawthorn just becomefreekickswans
DrSeuss: Get Titch back on the ground ffs
pcaman2003: Onya Morrison
pcaman2003: Titch score going backwards. Damn!
TheOnyas: Onya Shielsy
Ash777: whos the commentator with JB?
pcaman2003: Onya Hendo!
Ash777: Also am I the only 1 that likes JB commentating over Bruce n BT?
valkorum: ash, JB and Huddo should commentate together – that would be perfect IMO
FordyHawks: Beautyyy!!
pcaman2003: Brooooost!!
TheOnyas: Onya Breusty
Gotigres: Ying and Yan for Heeney. Done nothing in 2nd half
JockMcPie: Late goals for Heeney would be nice…
BigChief: LMAO Swans lose in Sydney again.
Ash777: how much do hawks have to win to be 3rd
pcaman2003: Game over! Wowee!
FordyHawks: Crazy free kick difference. Well done Hawks!
Ash777: tigers vs hawks final!
FordyHawks: I like the sound of that Ash
BigChief: If Brisbane beat WC by approx 20 Hawks finish 4th I think.
circle52: @ash needed to win by 14 so very close
BigChief: Unless I mean.
JockMcPie: As a collingwood supporter i would rather play west coast in perth than hawks at the G
circle52: Will do our best for you guys I have if we win by 25 Eagles go to 5th,
circle52: 4th I meant. So Jock you will be one of the few pies willing Eagles on.
Jukes82: nah JockMcPie, not me! With our interstate record lmao

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