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Chat log from R23 of 2018: Fremantle vs Collingwood

Chat log for Fremantle vs Collingwood, R23 of 2018

DrSeuss: A nice solid 60 from Grundy would be appreciated. Don’t like my chances.
JockMcPie: No Greenwood, tag Fyfe not Neale…
m0nty: Johnson v Cox, now that is an exciting match up
DrSeuss: Crazy to tag Neale and not Fyfe – Fyfe is way more damaging
Hadouken: erm….3 goals already lol
Hadouken: lol monty
ReggieOz: Greenwood is a hack Neale will kill him
Apachecats: Johnson will need a step ladder M0nty.
bongidongi: keen for grundy to absolutely destroy darcy
DrSeuss: Grundy gets looked after by the refs and SC
DrSeuss: Meanwhile get Neale back on the ground
Hadouken: lets go grundy, 150+
AFL Blues: How can you “go” Grundy? You’re talking to someone called “150+”? What??? And who is this “lets”? What’s that???
AFL Blues: Grammar; punctuations; logic – it all matters. Don’t turn your back on it.
shaker: Give it a rest AFL
Hadouken: shuddup
AFL Blues: I will never rest defending logic. Try and stop me.
m0nty: back on the game please
TyCarlisle: Using three question marks is not grammatically correct either mate.
AFL Blues: Nice try, Carlisle. Now, please, stop being so insecure.
Seiya: are you genetically designed to be annoying blues? focus on the game
ReggieOz: Gee I thought I was bad after a few beers
JockMcPie: hes a carlton supporter cut him some slack its been a tough couple of rebuilds
Apachecats: Same Reggie ,exactly what i was thinking ,must be happy hour already.
thommoae: Actually – and I’m with you, AFL – I think Carlisle got you there.
DrSeuss: Come on Neale
AFL Blues: Never seen a drunk guy defend logic before… O_O
thommoae: Brought in Duncan this week; it was a toss-up with Fyfe. Phew.
Wends: Afternoon all, loathe to interrupt the grammar blog, but c’mon VC grundies!
thommoae: Afternoon, Wends. That’s ‘loath’. lol
JockMcPie: It’s tradition to lose to Fremantle in the last game don’t worry boys, Dogs did it too
Wends: I think you’ll find it’s loav thx Tommo, also RDT Capt Danger will hopefully make up for Walters doughnut. Anyone VC him
DrSeuss: Ok Bucks, time to rest Grundy ahead of the finals….
Haydo: Actually it is loathe thommoae😂😂
Haydo: Yeah wends 187 sc
thommoae: I betcha a Brownlow Fiver on Titch you’re wrong, Haydo!
Wends: Noice Haydo. My grannie oppt playing silly buggers w VC, jumped from Titch to Grundy back to Titch min b4 Pies lockout
Pokerface: i should have looped heron in rather than play mihocek..
Wends: Surely he’ll get there @Poker?
Apachecats: You lose ,Thommoae its def loathe.go Haydo!
Hadouken: fyfe a steal for next year
Pokerface: yay he just scored Wends
Wends: You need a good old fashioned Heizenburg “LIFT Mihocek!!”
Apachecats: Wends I’ve got VC on Grundy and C on big Max.
JockMcPie: Anti-Collingwood umpire Nicholls is back
Wends: Fingers crossed Apache; same xox
Lewysport: 30 points every 10 minutes will be fine Brodie G.
thommoae: Google it boys. ‘loath = reluctant; unwilling
Wends: Would he be a first picked though @Hadouken?
thommoae: As in “I am loath to interrupt the Grammar blog.” Case closed.
Haydo: yeah and loathe means hate very much as in i hate to interupt the grammar blog lol put the 5 on cripps
DrSeuss: Lachie – come on champ – I need more from you.
BigChief: thom is correct guys
thommoae: Wassn’t expecting Freo to be anywhere close to doing Giants a favour.
thommoae: *wasn’t lol lol
Jukes82: they might give ballantyne an extention
DrSeuss: But if Freo win does Lyon keep his job?
Wends: Lyon there til they cart him out toes up @Dr. Also Thommo, I’m not a boy, but google is it loath or loathe grammarist’
original: Pies better not ruin This multi
Apachecats: Further research ,loathe is the verb ,loath is the adjective ,declaring a dead-heat.
DrSeuss: @Wends – Not sure how Lyon keeps a job tbh
Pokerface: no, loath is reluctant, loathe is detest. Two different words
thommoae: Done. Proves the point, Wends. You adjectived, you didn’t verb! 😉
Wends: Poisoned chalice @Dr, bit like GC coach position. Wld they get anyone better in near future? & correct @Apache.
DrSeuss: Would have said the same about Brisbane but ‘Fagan’ is heading in the right direction
Wends: Yep thommo, use adjectivamited version 🙂 No way Grundy catching Danger’s VC?
Blaircam: C’mon Grundy – keep smashing it out. I picked you for the V over Danger – now reward my faith
thommoae: Like it.
valkorum: Lyon is still there because they signed him for 4 years with a 4 year plan. We are 2 years in to that plan
valkorum: Plus, with the new soft cap for Football spending, we probably cant afford to pay him out and pay a new coach
Wends: Valkorum with the cold, hard logic 🙂
thommoae: How are you with that cold, hard logic, Valko?
Wends: Fella in one of my leagues w Grundy VC has C on L Murphy. Better hope he’s not a late in 😮
thommoae: Hamling owners pretty happy at present … both of ’em.
valkorum: Love my facts
DrSeuss: Facts are great Valk, but how do you like him as a coach for your team?
Wends: Who else would they get though @Dr, that was my pt. Fagans don’t grow on trees.
DrSeuss: (Not trolling, actually asking as a fan that has suffered through coaches)
Wends: *F.agans!
Gotigres: Franklin out. Source: Fox Footy channel
DrSeuss: Not sure @Wends. I just don’t rate Lyon.
Wends: Parker out also (fantasy freako)
thommoae: My ask too, Dr.S – just not well put. Valk? What’s the hometown vibe re Ross?
DrSeuss: Great – the one week I have no opponents with Parker or Franklin
Wends: And Sloane apparently…
DrSeuss: Any time now Neale –
Wends: Yep there go my SC grannies, more than likely. RDT atleast oppt has parker out v my Buddy.
Wends: *I mean Walters doughnut.
Wends: So annoying, worked so hard on having a solid bench all yr but fell in a heap last couple of rds.
shaker: Confirmed on AFL site both out
DrSeuss: Would have preferred Heeney out
Wends: Crap, Grundy limping?
DrSeuss: Whats up with Grundy @Wends? Serious or just a stinger?
Wends: Don’t know @Dr, ABC call mentioned it. He’s in the play though.
DrSeuss: Cheers @Wends – Bucks should definitely rest him for the 4th 😉
JockMcPie: Any danger of having a crack Collingwood?? ffs
Ash777: go freo
Wends: For the love of Buddy, Grundy and Crisp LIFT!!!
circle52: Sloane also out
DrSeuss: Damn Taylor Adams going nuts end of the 3rd and into the 4th. Opponent has him – Slow the truck down
ReggieOz: Told ya Greenwood is a hack Hulk up Neale!
Yelse: lift pies seriously top two is backing or could miss top 4
thommoae: McCarthy reduced to ‘waddling’, Monty? Sad times for a once up-&-comer.
DrSeuss: Don’t speak too soon Reggie – need Lachie to go LARGE
pcaman2003: Mihocek having another shocker.
ReggieOz: me too Suess
BigChief: @thom McCarthy getting his just desserts after the way he treated GWS
ReggieOz: Pies deserve top 4 .. don’t blow it now
Wends: Mihocek coming through for you @Poker, but aren’t you a Freo supporter??
shaker: Ha ha Mihocek having a shocker ha ha
Blaircam: Do I take Grundy’s score or gamble on Titch or Gawn
pcaman2003: @shaker. They listen to me,really they do. hahaha!
DrSeuss: PCAman can you mention something about Lachie Neale having a shocker 😉
ReggieOz: if your opp took danger you have to gamble
Blaircam: If Grunds can get to 150 I’ll take it
pcaman2003: @DrSeuss. Neale the useless spud. Good for nuttin bum!
Blaircam: Reg – nah, he’s on Titch into Gawn.
ReggieOz: I think grundy will get 150+ so you may have to take it
DrSeuss: Thanks @pca – now I watch and wait lol
ReggieOz: it’s working lol
JockMcPie: Please Collingwood…please
DrSeuss: @pca – maybe mention something about there being no way he could kick the winning goal 😉
HappyDEZ: Mihocek X factor?
DrSeuss: Or 2 winning goals…Also Grundy – that is enough for you.
shaker: Buckley’s sphincter just loosened a bit
pcaman2003: It won’t happen Seuss.
ReggieOz: Pies home…good stuff
Wends: Eeeww shaker!
DrSeuss: At least you tried pca!!

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