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Chat log from R23 of 2018: Richmond vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Richmond vs Western Bulldogs, R23 of 2018

JockMcPie: Reckon Richmond will throw this one to get rid of their stuff-up game before finals
thommoae: Can you manage ‘stuff up’ games? Gee, Hardwick must be good!
NoneyaB: whos got injury issues for the tiges?
BigChief: Cape for Graham
JockMcPie: Cape for Macrae
PowerBug: Captained Macrae in AF this week :O
Jukes82: graham cape
Gotigres: Cape for Graham
Chelskiman: 8 free kicks to 1. Hardwick has made the umps hate us even more, if that was possible.
TheOnyas: onya lynchy
thommoae: Nah, Chelski – everyone’s second team is the Dogs – even the Umps!
StuL: Woof woof!
Gotigres: Richmond flat and overconfident
Chelskiman: Needed that for both my DT and for the Tiges.
SilverLion: And who says the umps dont like the tigers, that whole play was crap
Chelskiman: Castagna’s radar has gone to shit in the second half of the season.
SilverLion: Whose rance on?
Hadouken: wow macrae, just wow
Chelskiman: Really wish I had gone Macrae as C. Was close to doing it as well.
JRedden: macrae on track for the record
SilverLion: Kick a drop punt castagna you flog
thommoae: When was the last time a player hit the heights of Macrae before half time? Whoa!
Hadouken: the big question is why do i still have mclean?
original: riewoldt so worried he wont kick the goal plays for 50
DrSeuss: The real question is why did I trade in Menegola over Dunkley FFS 🤬
Chelskiman: Opp has Danger and Dunkley. I had Hoff v Gray last night, but I’m getting swamped here.
oc16: surely that has to be a HT record
Ladbrokes_: Imagine crying about menegola’s 5 rd average of 117
Hadouken: MaCrae for prime minister
SilverLion: Lock in Dunkley for F1 next year
original: maybe dt record, not sc
DrSeuss: I traded him in for this round over Dunkley – but thanks for the commentary Ladbrokes
JockMcPie: Dangerfield get mid/fwd eligiblity next year surely, Danger F1 Dunkley F2
AFL Blues: Oh, yes. That sounds good, Jock.
Roksta: Macrae 4 possies 3 marks for 4 points
LMartos: Macrae definitely looks robbed lol
Chelskiman: Macrae in the ruck now?
Apachecats: Macrae still a brownlow hope if he gets the 3 here and titch gets none again.
Jukes82: no chance
Apachecats: Just clinging to hope Jukes
Apachecats: If he wins I’ll remind you of it next season.
Jukes82: you obvs have money on him lol
StuL: Glad I dumped McLean.
Apachecats: yeah Jukes at 100/1 and 50/1 back in April ,going real well til he did the hammy.
Raspel31: I remember that Apache- you were looking good.
Jukes82: not bad, rather him him that tich just dont think he will. wouldnt be surpsied if he only got 1 vote this game
pcaman2003: Another great game by Caddy. 1 point since half time. SPUD!!
ReggieOz: I’ve had Caddy for less than one game and he’s on my ‘never again’ list
Ash777: every week nearly dogs lose a player to a collision
DrSeuss: Dunkley’s play seems to coincide with McLean going downhill as well.
StuL: Dunk has been a gun since getting back in. Might be just have next year.
Ash777: prestia kills caddy’s play.
Apachecats: I’ll start with Dunkley next year.
JockMcPie: Let’s go Doggies!
original: Shocking umpiring
original: How many missed goals in the last qtr?
SilverLion: Ok now I am starting to hate this side lol
Hadouken: lynch why wait for time to tick down?
Ash777: 6 missed goals
shaker: Tiges just keep winning with bias free kick counts all year
pcaman2003: Caddy 1 pt for the second half. Disgrace!

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