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Chat log from R23 of 2018: Geelong vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Geelong vs Gold Coast, R23 of 2018

Chelskiman: Afternoon, lads.
Ben_Gogos: Got many in this one @Chelskiman?
Chelskiman: Actually need Danger to have a quiet one for my RDT final.
Chelskiman: I have Danger in AFL fantasy along with Menegola and Jelwood.
Chelskiman: Still need Danger to have a quiet one though, but it’s not looking likely.
PowerBug: Danger, Menegola, Hawkins, Duncan and GAJ in AF for me. Gone all in 😛
Chelskiman: Decent start PowerBug! Ablett needs to get moving a bit, but looking good so far.
Chelskiman: Danger is going to go 150+ isn’t he? 🙁
Gotigres: Danger vc with Hawkins and Menegola
Gotigres: Walters out, Hawkins in this week
StuL: Danger looks on for a pig performance
bongidongi: opp has menegola and had smith last night, need hawkins to have a huge one
JockMcPie: VC Danger a positive move early, 200 please
StuL: Go cats! Destroy!
DrSeuss: Don’t stop now Menegola
DrSeuss: Awesome. Menegola stops while Ablett goes nuts. Tag better Touk
DrSeuss: Nice 8 pt 2nd Quarter Menegola.
AFL Blues: Listen, people… WRITE PROPERLY. I can’t even understand you…
Hadouken: @drseuss i head you mate, menegola was horrid 2nd qtr
Haydo: same jock
Hadouken: hear* you even lol
DrSeuss: Lol – why is his TOG so low as well? Should have traded in Dunkley it seems
Hadouken: menegola playing catch up now, will be on 90 at 3/4 time
Chelskiman: Someone please take out Danger. I knew he would do this.
DrSeuss: Only if Scott keeps him on field Hadouken
SilverLion: Cmon Hawk catch Jroo
JockMcPie: #FreeKickDanger not complaining tho :))
Jukes82: keep going danger, make these muppets regret it
Hadouken: ffs ablett. 2 points only?!?!
DrSeuss: Menegola will be on Dunkley’s HT score at 3QT – top choice by me
AFL Blues: Good. Dangerfield will play International Rules this year, as he will be selected All-Australian.
oc16: u dont have to be AA the same year to play IR
AFL Blues: English, please. Thanks, mate. 😎
JockMcPie: wE dOnT hAvE tWo YoUsE pRoPa EnGliSh on tHiS webSite
oc16: hows that not english?
dipstick: yaeh, im gnnoa mkae lkie a cnut and slipt
JockMcPie: Love you Danger <3
BigChief: doncha undastand propa aussie talk maaaate???
AFL Blues: So… Talking incorrectly is proper Australian-English?
DrSeuss: Menegola just standing around ffs
StuL: Most of this half has been junk time. Come on Danger, 200!
shaker: Danger you bastard didn’t make you VC
SilverLion: Finally nailed a captain choice, took the full year though 😛
PowerBug: 5/5 AF tons from my Cats
Gotigres: 17 more points for the big 400 please Danger
AFL Blues: Who did I have my captain on again? [Checks]. Phew! It’s the Danger-Man! 😀

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