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Chat log from R23 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs Essendon

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Essendon, R23 of 2018

BigChief: Hi all. Essendon’s jumper is almost as bad as Carlton’s grey turd.
Sixty656: What odds do I get on Doggard crying tonight??
Ash777: port fail before the first bounce lol
ReggieOz: Hey all..Good luck with your Granys
casey22: points up?
exatekk: wheres the scores?
Seiya: Scores not working?
Seiya: As I say it they appear…
BigChief: Refresh and the scores show up.
exatekk: AMT first goal at $15 cheers!
DrSeuss: Put Wingard on the ball Hinkley you knob.
BigChief: Port gone skiing already.
NoneyaB: disgusting play poort ther bombers werent just gonna give it to you
BigChief: Cape already for Laverde.
Sixty656: Laverde caped whoa…
Pusti: Cape for Laverde.
Pusti: HTB and deliberate OOB, and neither paid.
BigChief: If you have a beer mug icon m0nty all the Port player need 1 as they are in party mode already.
Chelskiman: Carn, Hoff. I need you to massively out score Gray.
duckky: Go Dougal
DrSeuss: Hoff and Wingard going to lose my games all by Friday night
Sixty656: hahaha
The39Steps: Quiet start for Alive in his debut after all the hype.
Sixty656: These teams are trash
Chelskiman: That was never a mark. Wouldn’t even pay that in U10’s.
BigChief: No way that’s a mark, but it makes up for the HTB/OOB missed in 1st 1/4
ReggieOz: agree no mark there
DrSeuss: Wingard on the ball and Port start getting clearances…take note Hinkley
Jukes82: good stuff gray
Sixty656: Zerrett wtf??
BigChief: Do you think Port and Crows are regretting not going after Francis last year?
DrSeuss: Need to get Westhoff up the ground as well.
Sixty656: Doggard dumb cunt
BigChief: Shut up BT you flog. You have no clue.
Sixty656: Any chance you’d have a go Zerrett, if not says a lot about you.
Sixty656: Clearly not Zach you weak sack of poop
The39Steps: Frampton has come Alive!
Moona: How was that not HTB. Perfect tackle by Zerrett
Pusti: I just went for a leak, has Polec got rid of the ball yet?
Moona: Franga with the Hanger
tdarian: zerrett nice little patch
JockMcPie: Poor bit of umpiring that, wasn’t a mark and wasn’t 50
DrSeuss: Get Wingard back on the freaking ball.
McRooster: Boak’s centre clearances have about as much penetration as Tyrion Lannister trying to impregnate Brienne
BigChief: BT you moron. A, B, Cand D are all passes. E and F are fails.
The39Steps: Reasonably safe to say now that this is KH’s last game as Port coach.
circle52: Beat me to it Big Chief
circle52: Devon Smith SC/DT ratio
Raspel31: Ah, just home. Kind of knew we’d nail this. Sad to miss the finals but next year!
BigChief: Smith has butchered it tonight @Circle.
JockMcPie: Why don’t they play Robbie in the midfield more…terrible coaching
tdarian: well done Zerrett
Ash777: wishlist frampton for next year if lycett doesn’t goto port
The39Steps: So who (if) is likely to pick-up BG?
Ash777: most likely GC
dipstick: @39 carlton… who else
Ash777: can treat it like a holiday lol
Ash777: sam gray to blues
Raspel31: Who on earth would want to pick up Goddard- divisive wherever he is. Sainters don’t want him back. Who would? Not your b
BigChief: Goddard won’t get picked up by anyone.
Chelskiman: This is exactly what I needed from Westhoff tonight, especially with my opp having Gray
dipstick: lucky for sportsbet up by 20 deal 😉
BigChief: Surely Port can’t win this.
The39Steps: BG’s strengths – culture, work ethic, winning is everything. So Freo 4mine.
Raspel31: Caught up with a certain unnamed ex St Kilda player last night BigChief who sais how unpopular he is with teammates.
The39Steps: We know BG is unpopular. Even his mother doesn’t invite him to Mother’s Day. But winning isnt about popularity.
BigChief: He was talented but ruined it with his attitude.
BigChief: Nice goal for Langford.
Chelskiman: 3 goals in 7 minutes. It’s not over just yet!
Raspel31: We got this Chelks.
Chelskiman: Ok, now it’s over.
wadaramus: It’s game over man…it’s game over!
penguins00: Thank you Essendon
The39Steps: Bombers strong in the that Sam Murray has requested a trade to Windy Hill.
BigChief: Damn. I took Westhoff in perfect 9.
Raspel31: Come on Tottenham Hotspur- travel well till next year lads and ladies.
m0nty: nominations for star please
wadaramus: You’ll never tear up our tarps, you’ll never tear out our hearts.
Ash777: tarps are made from the recycled memberships of port fans
NoneyaB: commentators saying the cats will rest players tomoz yeh they have a week off after the game
kano: Haha wadaramus. The crows are garbage how are you trolling port fans?
Raspel31: Lol Wada
BigChief: Zararakis
twinpeaks: Two Adelaide teams easily most dissapointing this year. At least Crows have last year’s GF
Raspel31: Devon Smith for my money- pure guts.
wadaramus: Got to enjoy the moment..
wadaramus: Port fans swinging from side to side with their scares above their heads..
ExPrez: Franga for star for sure, rock in defence
ExPrez: Aaron Francis star and rising star

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