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Chat log from R22 of 2018: Adelaide vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Adelaide vs North Melbourne, R22 of 2018

Pokerface: lot of interest here
Pokerface: carn goldy
DrSeuss: Crouch – you can start getting involved now – cheers
BigChief: I hear cricket in here.
DrSeuss: Ok Crouch – you don’t half to handball everything, you can mark, kick and also tackle
Haydo: 150 between crouch and goldstein is all i can allow if im to win
Haydo: …so an injury would be nice
Raspel31: Gawn, gawn. gawn Haydo.
Sloaneyyyy: I agree DrSeuss
Lewysport: Seedsman my POD, need him to rip one out today!
Sloaneyyyy: Go Doedee, my reserve for Smith
Haydo: yeah bluddy franklin killed me raspel
Raspel31: I was incommunicado Haydo and left C on Titch- gawn, gawn, gawn.
TheOnyas: onya crouchy
Sixty656: Need Waite to outsocre Zeibell, chances?
SilverLion: We thinking Doedee or Stephenson for rising star?
DrSeuss: Wasn’t Crouch in 56 DT at Half Time?
MONEY TALK: heheh got crouch
cusch1: Scott Thompson loves a dive
BigChief: @cusch he is trying to beat Rance to get onto the 2020 Olympic team
MONEY TALK: why did i ever get ben brown
circle52: a certain Alex Witherden may have something to say about that Silver Lion
SilverLion: @circle I was excluding him same as the media is circle :P. I’m still not sure which of the 3 will get it
cusch1: Stephenson by a mile for mine
MONEY TALK: stephenson will win because he kicks goals
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
Sixty656: Gibbs put the cue in the rack as usual
Sixty656: Onya Waitey
Pokerface: votes for higgins here. 3 crouch, 2 higgins
Sixty656: oh my, go big fella

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