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Chat log from R22 of 2018: West Coast vs Melbourne

Chat log for West Coast vs Melbourne, R22 of 2018

DrSeuss: Yeo, Redden, Brayshaw and Gawn – big games please fellas
circle52: Darling with concussion following tackle.
JockMcPie: Brayshaw to have a mare surely
DrSeuss: Redden and Yeo – a little more involvement would help
BigChief: Go huge C Gawn. I need you.
The0Grrr: That’s the way boys. Silence the crowd early!
SilverLion: Darling and Witherden in my draft final haha
JockMcPie: Ahh probably should have kept C on Gawn isntead of Macrae…cost me 20-30 points if Gawn keeps this up
Sloaneyyyy: Get a touch please, YeoYeo
DrSeuss: Get Brayshaw back on the field ffs
AFL Blues: By, golly gosh, Gawn! On target to get well over 200. 😃
MONEY TALK: i shoulda captained gawn, oppo did
The0Grrr: Much in the VanDenBerg hit anyone know?
AFL Blues: Gawn: it’s only early, but on track for record SuperCoach score — 252.
Koss: @Grrr At first glance not much in it. He did stick his elbow out but couldn’t tell if it was intentional or not
circle52: Darling out for the game
SilverLion: So Darling done. Him and Witherden combining for 15 points in my draft side…. really think subs should come on for…
SilverLion: …players with less than 50% TOG.
The0Grrr: Thanks Koss.
AFL Blues: Not a bad rule, Silver… 50% is a bit high though…
SilverLion: @AFLBlues Exact number could be fine-tuned 😛
Pokerface: i would have rathered a 20% injury than venebles coming on at the start of the year
circle52: 25% is probably reasonable – virtually any injuries in first quarter
AFL Blues: That comment didn’t make any sense, circle.
AFL Blues: 25% covers the entirety of any first quarter – not “virtually”.
AFL Blues: Stupid question marks… Those were en-dashes and quatation marks…
circle52: Not a great choice of words – Allowing for time off ground in first quarters as well.
Raspel31: Im 75% uncertain what either of you are going on about which means you’re 25% on the money.
thommoae: But isn’t losing players to injury all part of being a ‘Coach’? Simpson, Fagan etc. can’t just bring in another player.
thommoae: Heroan? I typed ‘Fagan’!
Pokerface: and a line is fairly arbitrary. then when you lose a player at 26% you are worse off than one losing a player at 25%.
Pokerface: so you shift the line to 30%. Then 31% TOG is worse off
Pokerface: ff filter thommo
StuL: If God were real he would have the C on Gawn.
The0Grrr: C’mon Clarry. Shake the tag and kick a couple heh Ranga.
MONEY TALK: money has the c on GAWN, just not this week ):
Haydo: Fagan maybe it has something to do with the fag
Haydo: Yeah f.a.g is stopped by the sweaŕ filter thommoae
Gotigres: Looks like i will will win one Prelim and lose the other unless Mcdonald can kick a few more goals.
The0Grrr: “Fag” is a “Hero”? Think I prefer power, shower and flower. LoL
The0Grrr: Hero products “contain excess levels of toxic chemicals”
BigChief: Keep going C Gawn. Need at least 70 more from you.
Koss: Please don’t try to dodge the filter guys
thommoae: The swear filter has powers to block things I’ve never thought of!
thommoae: I’ll try “Chris, the Brisbane Coach” then.
chris7399: @koss – were you former st kilda superstar justin koschitzke back in your prime?
Pokerface: koss how do we say the brisbane coach’s name then?
FordyHawks: Any chance of Gus + Spargo getting 180?
Koss: Haha if you’re trying to name the Brisbane coach then that’s a different story!
Pokerface: thats whats caused the conversation
The0Grrr: Hope not @Fordy. I have Clarry+190 vs Redden, Spargo and Laird.
The0Grrr: So I’ll let you have Brayshaw getting 160!
FordyHawks: Lol, i’m fine that. Come on Gussy
Pokerface: sorry Grr im going to have to veto that one. Brayshaw no more than 110
The0Grrr: Curse you @Poker! Ur a hard man to get along with. LoL
Pokerface: lol. let spargo have his 70 while redden and laird bomb out
DrSeuss: Brayshaw can get 109 if Redden starts getting a move on towards a similar score
MONEY TALK: ahhh so ive lost because i didnt c gawn
The0Grrr: Spargo looking lucky to get 40 atm…
BigChief: Cmon Maxy. 50 more please.
Beast_Mode: Ahhh here comes the typical choke job..
The0Grrr: Nah I’m not choking @Beast. I gotta go cook the bbq! LoL
JRedden: yeo is a super freak
SilverLion: Yeo really lifted since 1/4 time
Sloaneyyyy: Yeo was on 11 DTat quarter time
Raspel31: Ah Demons- good to see. Keep it up!
portsie: what was T.Mcdonald on at HT?
MONEY TALK: yeo always lifts
MONEY TALK: stay low mcgovern yes plz
hinsch: I need T McDonald to out score A Brayshaw ??? think my year in DT is over
portsie: why hasn’t hibberd got penalized the fa
Sloaneyyyy: cmon Weagles, don’t lose to the lowly Dees
TheOnyas: onya sheedy
The0Grrr: Mmm? Crows would be the highest ranking team Dees have beaten wouldn’t they?
cusch1: Evening all
Raspel31: Yep- but this isn’t the Crows.
Sloaneyyyy: Cmon Eagles, don’t let Melbourne ruin my perfect tipping round
The0Grrr: Stand corrected. But whooped Crows twice LoL
original: Thanks for knocking me out hurn you flower
DrSeuss: Redden – do something…
Raspel31: Well, it was snowing in Daylesford this morning- just for a bit of colour to the commentary.
The0Grrr: Oo! My ski’s are packed ready to go! LoL @Rasp
Sloaneyyyy: gonna go away and pray the Eagles finish the job
Lewysport: And Olinda Raspel.
cusch1: Brilliant Cripps
Gotigres: Same hinsch. I also need Salem to be below 80
Raspel31: Really Lewy- just up for a party which is why I left C on Titch- but friggin cold.
BigChief: Let’s go Maxy. 30 more please.
Gotigres: Another couple of goals please McDonald
Raspel31: Supercoach aside- carn Demons. Don’t choke!
BigChief: Agreed @Raspel. Let’s go Dees.
Gotigres: Damn McDonald coming off with shoulder problem. One prelim now lost.
Silz90: Need oliver to get 105+ to win
The0Grrr: Would a draw do the Dees?
Raspel31: Think positively The0Grrr
BigChief: @Grrr would still need to win v GWS if Port win next week.
BigChief: TMac back on @Tigres
LMartos: these impact points are actually going to lose me my game
LMartos: was up 356 vs Crouch, TMac and Brayshaw, gonna be so close
BigChief: If Dees win today the 8 is set.
BigChief: Oh I am wrong. Port can make it if Dees beat GWS and Port beat Ess
Lawls: Damn we have gone into 3rd, didn’t know we had better % than hawks
ReggieOz: Do you know how hard it is to be a Melbourne fan!
The0Grrr: Phew! Don’t have to worry now… 12 years baby!
hinsch: WCE vs Brisbane next week looking better every day
BigChief: So much heartache @Reggie
Lawls: Port needs Geelong to lose. Otherwise they can’t make it, they are to far behind in % from Melbourne
shaker: A nervous trip to Brisbane for the Eagles
faisca7: Good stuff Dees!
ReggieOz: LeCras you pig
circle52: So if Bris beat WC Pies or Hawks could slip into second.
ReggieOz: Brayshaw lost me my Prelim WHO CARES! lol
Lawls: Exactly circle, eagles could end up 4th
boofjb57: Thankyou Oliver for an average game. Got me in to the final.
BigChief: @Lawls they are only 2 points behind GWS.
Pusti: BigChief, Port are 6 pts behind GWS.
BigChief: Ahhh my bad. I had port already on 52.
BigChief: Without scaling I lead by 3 with Maxy carrying me to the lead.

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