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Chat log from R22 of 2018: Carlton vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Carlton vs Western Bulldogs, R22 of 2018

jocka: cripps, gawn or oliver for Captain?
Pokerface: gawnie jocka
frenzy: nothing 2 lose, Capt Cripps
Pokerface: come on bolton, send curnow to macrae
duckky: Isn
MONEY TALK: praying macrae does shower
TheOnyas: onya dowy
Torz: Polson is allergic to the ball
DrSeuss: Traded in McLean and Macrae this week, hopefully better late than never
duckky: Are they trialling the new rules in this game (otherwise why is it so awful?)
BigChief: @duckky 14 v 18 says enough.
original: need macrae to be punished more harshly than -1 for each turnover if he’s going to get bs frees like that
Pokerface: not sure why carlton missed out on friday night this week?
carlton_99: Two goals from very questionable frees for the Dogs, especially that first goal.
MONEY TALK: was about to say i need kade to go big cmon son
Roksta: Macrae goal assist?
duckky: Captn Cripps looking shakey
StuL: Simo
carlton_99: Umps having a laugh now.Theres a player within 5m of that
DrSeuss: Let’s go Toby Mc
frenzy: blues were busy applying for priority picks @ Pokerface
original: Don’t be tell me Macrae got More points for another short kick marked By blues
carlton_99: Umm @frenzy, W esay we dont want one then theres outrage then we say we r open to it and theres outrage
frenzy: hey carlton_99, a couple of Umps retiring, U should take a job
carlton_99: Was I Wrong?
JockMcPie: Is Polson the worst player in the AFL?
TheLegend6: Parsons @JockMcPie
carlton_99: The only reason Polson is playing is cause players who are in our best 22 are injured.
JockMcPie: I’d be playing Kerridge or Pickett in from of Polson
Pokerface: the only reason no.22 plays for any team is injuries. carlton are far from worst hit.
carlton_99: Pickett played and was dropped. Kerridge is not the future. Might as well play Polson (younger)
TheLegend6: Silvagni one of the worst too
Pokerface: ff chat during carlton games.. predictable garbage
carlton_99: Carlton actually have the most injuries (equal with Collingwood) over the yr
carlton_99: @Pokerface then don’t join it
Pokerface: you cant count players that don’t get a game or wouldnt get a game with another team
Haydo: don
frenzy: I’ve been Crippl’d, Oh well. next year
carlton_99: Docherty, Fisher, Plowman, Jones, Kreuzer, Williamson, Mcreadie are all in our best25.
JockMcPie: @carlton_99 yeah true, losing Docherty Jones Plowman and Silvagni all hurt, that’s key backline
StuL: Silvagni on fire again.
original: THat free against harry mck such a joke
DrSeuss: Come on Macrae need you to beat Dunkley!!
Preston007: Cripps injured??
carlton_99: I dont know iof ur beign sarcastic but we have played like 14 players through the defence
TheLegend6: cmon Macrae need 120+
StuL: Wish i still had dunk. Pity he got dropped forva while.
duckky: ditto Stul – dropped him after he had a shocker in Ballarat. Didn’t think he was coming back
BigChief: You really are deluded @99. Yes they may be in your best side, but only Docherty and Kreuzer would be in anyone elses be
BigChief: best team.
The0Grrr: Here here @Chief. Look at the Giants quality player injury list yet they are still finals bound.
duckky: Blink and Cripps moves towards the top of the table
The0Grrr: Collingwood’s injury list. Top 4.
DrSeuss: Macrae wanna get a touch sometime soon?
TheLegend6: Macrae run down on dasy got no points ffs
Pokerface: don’t listen to DrSeuss Macrae. Not getting a touch soon is just fine
Roksta: I saw that legend
carlton_99: Im not comparing us to top 8 teams. Just saying that players like Polson etc won’t be playing if those players were.
The0Grrr: But isn’t that how and why you build depth?
carlton_99: GWS and Collingwood have very good depth. We don’t. Injuries effect us to a greater extent.
carlton_99: Exactly but because we have turnedoevr so much it will take time. @The0Grr
The0Grrr: Dee supporters know a little about it, but even now I think our list is over-rated.
TheOnyas: onya lamby
carlton_99: I just think we haven’t had the time because of the turnover to develop real depth due to the turnover of so many player
The0Grrr: Just so long as you don’t start sounding like Ross the Boss @99. LoL
carlton_99: This should stabilise in the next year or two and thus we can start developing depth.
carlton_99: @The0Grr, haha i’ll try not too
The0Grrr: What are you looking at moving on this year @99? Another 10 players? Then have a serious crack at a proper rebuild?
The0Grrr: Then just play the young kids like Harvey did at Freo? I think he was harshly dealt with over there.
carlton_99: I think this year’s turnover will be much less than the last 3 yrs. Then we can play the youth, with some experienced
carlton_99: players in each position (Murphy, Kreuzer, Simmo, Thomas) then attack draft and trades.
circle52: just need to nail draft picks @99 and move the right payers on and you can climb.
carlton_99: Exactly @circle52. It’s how teams like Melbourne are where they are today. Building around a young spine.
Pokerface: that’s been their theory for the last 15 years.
carlton_99: @Pokerface. I get you don’t like Carlton. But our rebuild started 3 years ago. Getting Malthouse was not a rebuild.
Pokerface: i’m not a carlton hater. i’m a carlton excuses hater when its the same every year
carlton_99: Ok that’s good for you. But you just saying this stuff isn’t going to change anything.
The0Grrr: Nor Dees @Poker. Some of our coach decisions were woeful! And financially driven I think!
Pokerface: no but looking through rose coloured glasses, denying the facts of where carlton are at doesn’t help you either
Pokerface: agree OGrr. too much non-football influence in decisions!
circle52: @carlton_99 Great to see your club support. With right decisions now made you can look to future
carlton_99: When did I deny where we are?
circle52: Similar to where we were 2 years ago and I can see siliar with your team. A Carlton Brisbane final 2022
carlton_99: Lets hope so circle52
JockMcPie: Let’s get back on the game lads, hopefully Carlton keep fighting and make it interesting
dipstick: Polson
dipstick: his name is cameron polson
dipstick: HIS NAME is cameron polson
circle52: was only a half time chat and now back on game.
The0Grrr: I need Dunk’s to outscore Ed C.
original: How injured is bont wow
original: Macrae is up +7 this qtr for 1 handball
Pokerface: eek. wanna slow down wallis. just realised opp has you
BigChief: Bont will still get 100+ even if he is not on the ground.
carlton_99: No mark hahaha
DrSeuss: What is McLean doing? Other than nothing?
BigChief: I think Curnow got hands to it before McKay
carlton_99: They pay those all the time.
original: Never a mark lol
BigChief: Still not a mark though.
original: Effective handball always been +1 hasn’t it? Unless it’s a clearance etc
BigChief: Was that Josh or Andrew who kicked that?
Pokerface: depends where it is, under pressure or not etc
BigChief: No @original HB has always been +3
TheOnyas: onya kadey
carlton_99: Where is prior???
JockMcPie: Macrae you spud you owe me a 60 point last term here
MONEY TALK: thats it mac stay low
BigChief: For Carlton to win they need to stop Hunter getting it.
DrSeuss: Obviously should have traded in Dunkley over Macrae.
DrSeuss: Great 7 point quarter McLean – Spud
Raspel31: Afternoon all- interesting to watch as a bystander- being massacred in semis.
Roksta: Just got macrae in but opp has C on him
Haydo: Need 50+ from u cripps to have any chance
original: MAcrae +4 for what could only be “pressure” plz no tackle as man didn’t have the ball in possession
Silz90: Do we have a dutch flag/icon for de konning
TheLegend6: Macrae signle handedly losing me my final
m0nty: I can feel a spud icon coming
original: Monty for blues or wbd lol
Pokerface: jones isn’t playing m0nty
Raspel31: Ah, I was away yesterday and left the cap on Titch- you’ve got problems TheLegend?
original: Was nearly one on Marchbank
BigChief: the umpire needs the spud icon. No way that was a free kick.
MONEY TALK: nice free kick lmao
carlton_99: Soft but hit him in the head
original: Flower off Macrae with these garbage point ffs
carlton_99: About time we got a 50/50
carlton_99: and that wasn’t HTB.???
MONEY TALK: geez what did mac do for a plus 10
m0nty: never change c99 lol
FordyHawks: Bugger off Macrae.. little chip kick and marks back and forth
original: @money was three short kicks and marks between him and two other bulldogs on defensive 50 fml
MONEY TALK: go away mac
original: This Macrae shower
JockMcPie: Keep going Macrae junk it up attaboy
BigChief: @99 no it wasn’t HTB. Take your rose glasses off.
original: Can’t score more than 60 this qtr surely
carlton_99: He dropped the ball incorrect disposal
JockMcPie: They’ve lost it now
carlton_99: That is so soft
carlton_99: He hit him first.
BigChief: Hahaha you are a comedian 99
carlton_99: What a joke. Bomnt hit him in the gut.
BigChief: Oh please 99. stop before you make a fool of yourself. Oh too late.
coldog: Tissues for Carlton_99
portsie: Good on Bont for fighting threw this injury might just save my league game
carlton_99: What are u talking about are u wtatching the game. Bont hit him first
Gebs: lol it was too late at half time
Silz90: Stop draining it 99
original: Wbd throw is alive n well
Silz90: Kick the goal mac i have you as my captain
Burnsy03: bont barely touched him and he hit him in the back after he had his appendix removed
Pinkman: Hit a friggin target Carlton
carlton_99: @Burnsy What does appendix removal have to do with anything?
original: Macrae stop 40 points already this qtr is a joke
JockMcPie: Onya Macrae, 15 more
portsie: Bont on 43 this quarter
BigChief: Lamb = dirtiest player in the game.
SilverLion: That was weak by Bont before, dont dish it if you cant take it
Pinkman: Nice job Murphy. Set Cripps up for a polaxing
carlton_99: HAHA @BigChief you must be joking
BigChief: Let me guess, free kick to Cripps for being kneed by Crozier?
carlton_99: Bont would be embarrassed with that
carlton_99: No BigChief but thats a big hit not the Bont one.
Silz90: Anti carlton = pcman and bigchief.
carlton_99: Ye I know so obvious @silz90
BigChief: Not anti Carlton, anti Carlton idiot supporters.
original: That’s enough now Macrae
carlton_99: Haha coming from you only speak when Carlton gets a free. Nothinbg when we dont get one for a clear free
FordyHawks: Hopefully mac gets scaled down a bit for those chip kicks that went nowhere
original: Fordy let’s pray for it. Unlikely. THey were really damamging touches LOL
TheLegend6: Well done Mac!
AFL Blues: Cripps is a soldier.

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