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Chat log from R22 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, R22 of 2018

Sixty656: Plenty of interest in this one…
circle52: General comment on umpiring so far seem to be very quick on HTB to both sides
DrSeuss: Come on Beams – I need a big one from you
StuL: Most irrelevant game ever
circle52: So do I C in a fantasy comp.
DrSeuss: Every single unique I have in my leagues is playing shit while opponents uniques go berserk. Ah the joy of fantasy footy
Sixty656: Opp has Hodge in draft :/
chinkas: gold coast need to be kicked out of the comp
circle52: Witherden looks like done for the night – Hamstring
Sixty656: Bris dont need any defenders anyway
Gotigres: Thank you higher spirit of the universe for Witherden out
DrSeuss: Beams scoring just as well as the injured Witherden. Fantastic!!
Sixty656: piss off hodge
DrSeuss: Come on Stef, no McInerney – you should be killing it
mickelo: Done and dusted in 4 leagues, traded L. Ryan out for Witherden
DrSeuss: That’s the way Beams give away penalties champ ffs
happytimes: Fair goal from Rayner
circle52: Bundy looks better across half back.
DrSeuss: Keep going Beamer – great start to the 2nd half. Come on Lions
circle52: lions kicking themselves out of the game 20 shots to 13
BigChief: Was that a big 1/4 from Beams? I thought he was only 30ish
DrSeuss: Was a big 3rd from Beams – need someone to score for them though
valkorum: If suns win this how big is that Brissy player gonna fell after bagging them out in the media
TheOnyas: onya beamsy
feralmong: it was nick robertson who isn’t setting any records himself.
Pusti: valkorum: Yep, Fagan should’ve dropped him for needlessly firing up the opposition.
Pusti: *Fagan
BigChief: Was it Nick Robertson mouthing off during the week?
runt: where did heroan come from?
BigChief: @runt Tasmania and then Hawthorn.
runt: From amongst the poppies
Pusti: runt: I don’t know, my browser was lagging badly.
runt: The Q clash, only second to the Grand Final in my opinion
Pokerface: its the filter changing the brisbane coach’s name
BigChief: Zorko = flog.
circle52: Yep Big Chief Nick Robertson
runt: Victory!! Amazing win!!
circle52: Yep poker face it cxhanges it use *Fagan
pcaman2003: Zorko another useless game.
original: what happened to witherden?
Pusti: Ah! That would be it then, even though he is a bit of a hero.

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