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Chat log from R22 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, R22 of 2018

Apachecats: Buddy you peanut.
JockMcPie: Duddy Spuddy Bloody Franklin today boys
Apachecats: Just take yor time Heeney ,no rush.
DrSeuss: Opponent has Sinclair – watch him get 130
SilverLion: Well that was htb
DrSeuss: Oh Opponent has Parker as well. First time I have played someone with Parker all year I reckon
Bulky: Ronke a one game wonder.
TheOnyas: onya taranty
SilverLion: Franklin only a point so far? Must be injured.
MONEY TALK: so my josh kelly vs daniels can i win ?
DrSeuss: Maybe Buddy didn’t train this week SL
lukat: massive score from parker may get me the win in my league
MONEY TALK: go cong
Roksta: Buddy 2 kicks 1 mark 2FA =12pts?
DrSeuss: Ahhh Whitfield – time to touch the ball
TheOnyas: Onya Wardy
Apachecats: Make or break 1/4 for me.Need something from Heeney and Ronke.
th3rio: fuck off buddy
DrSeuss: Lets go COGS, don’t stop champ
DrSeuss: Taranto killing it while Conigs is sleeping through this quarter
lukat: Keep it up Parker!
Haydo: go away bluddy franklin
Apachecats: Conig ,50 in first 1/4 ,30 in 2nd 1/4 and so far 7 in this 1/4.Ground to a halt almost.
The0Grrr: Was gonna ask if he was even on the ground @Apache
Manowar: Opponent has Ronke getting nervous
lukat: games like this make me a proud parker owner.
Manowar: so many bandaids fror GWS yet they are still smashing Sydney!
Lawls: Come on Sydney!!!
Sixty656: Go you bloods!!
wadaramus: It’s the Buddy show.
DrSeuss: What the f@@@ Conigs? Is he getting tagged or just stopped??
Haydo: playing begala in my league, very close he has titch captain do i change from him to cripps, gawn or oliver or keep it
wadaramus: Cogs is just totally disinterested, haven’t seen him for a half hour.
DrSeuss: I have Cogs – Opponent has Taranto – This 2nd half has screwed me hard
Sixty656: C’mon put them away!
Apachecats: I’ve got Beglaga too haydo .Letting him go Titch and I’ll go Macrae.I’m 32 behind him at the moment.No use copying him.
Apachecats: Had enough of the hearing aid pop up ,shooting it down quicher than pacman.
DrSeuss: Is Cogs up Forward? Being tagged? Or literally just sucking for an entire half?
Apachecats: Ronke has outscored coniglio in the second half.
Sixty656: YESSSSS Bloods go boys goooo!
The0Grrr: Hewett’s got Conig’s I think.
DrSeuss: Thought they must have sent someone to him 0Grrr – not watching but he seemed to have stopped
Hadouken: what was coniglio on at half time?
Apachecats: 80 at 1/2 time hadouken
DrSeuss: 79 in AF from memory Hadouken
The0Grrr: Sleeping pills @Had?
Hawks_13: finish it off franklin
Apachecats: lol Grrr ,not far out.
Hadouken: ty
G-Mo77: haha

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