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Chat log from R22 of 2018: Geelong vs Fremantle

Chat log for Geelong vs Fremantle, R22 of 2018

duckky: Go Mundy
th3rio: go walters and tomahawk
luke394: Of course the week I VC Danger
Gotigres: I get you in Menegola for Sicily and you do nothing.
TheOnyas: onya nealey
Apachecats: Walters still on the bench at 10.27 ,cutting up the oranges.
circle52: not alone there Luke
th3rio: went titch thank god vc
luke394: Have not got a VC right all year
OllieC: menegola has been great the last few weeks @gotigres
Gotigres: not this week Ollie,at least not yet
lukat: Go ablett you beautiful thing!
Apachecats: Walters off again.
luke394: I don’t understand Danger at FF in a contested game like this get him on the pill
Hoot: Ablett not so lazy
DrSeuss: Let’s go Lachie, don’t stop now
Lewysport: I feel a cape quarter from danger coming
Manowar: Lift A. Pearce
TheOnyas: onya timmy
DrSeuss: Lachie stopped again. Danger needs to start
JockMcPie: I think the midseason Kelly -> Rockliff trade may have been a mistake
StuL: Get some balls cats. Kelly contracted for next year, not going anywhere.
DrSeuss: Why do they keep Danger at Full Forward? Such a massive waste
StuL: Scott is a muppet
PowerBug: because they don’t need him in the mids, it’s Freo. Give him a rest without giving him a rest
luke394: Chris Scott cant coach @DrSeuss
GOOD: stay low dangerspud, cmon captain kelly
Apachecats: exactly right PB.
DrSeuss: Was more of a rhetorical question; although I agree with most of your answers
DrSeuss: So Danger is the only Cat that needs rest PB?
pcaman2003: Geelong’s problem is too many mids to use.
PowerBug: he’s Danger! He’d be the first Cat I’d rest if the game was looking in the books
Pokerface: yeah danger was a massive waste at full forward when he kicked 6 against hawks
Manowar: to wet for Dangerfield today, a bit soft!
Gotigres: Hailing at the ground
Gelly: nice heavy hail shower there
StuL: What a qtr! Keep em down cats.
Pantsman: Aww i came to see the witches hats 😛
Torpedo10: Zerrett’s 93 over Kelly was a really good move…not.
Manowar: piss off Hawkins
lukat: 120 plus please gary
StuL: 90-2 since qt. This is like juniors
Apachecats: Walters has gone missing.Any one spotted him?
Crowls: time to rest ablett and give danger a run on the ball
AFL Blues: I smell an upset, boys.
Apachecats: What does an upset smell like.?
StuL: Go cats!!
Crowls: fm tuohy has 2 goals and danger zip. wtf
TheOnyas: onya parfitty
Crowls: good to see ballantyne giving his all now he has a contract for next year
StuL: Ballas will be a good signing, for Peel next year.
Pusti: If Gellong play their cards right, they could win this!
Pusti: *Geelong
luke394: Thanks Lachie you’re a star
DrSeuss: Finish strong Lachie
shaker: Freo making a late bid for worst team
Apachecats: Still 1/2 a quarter to go. This will be the biggest shellacking of the year (maybe decade)
Crowls: love the way ross can take a team of kids and turn it into a team of turds within 5 yrs
wadaramus: Alex Pearce the only witches hat?!
Apachecats: takes a special talent crowls.
Torpedo10: TK…thanks for this on my bench! Jelwood, hit 100 and I’ll be content you and loopholed Zerrett are onfield over TK.
faisca7: Call the match off ref!
Pusti: When I saw the Lyon-Goddard reunion story, I thought, like, as if Lyon will be at Freo next year.
JockMcPie: Collingwood will lose to Freo next week, it’s traditional – Richmond and Bulldogs did it too 🙂
Apachecats: still no link to the next game darius.
TasDevil: yep, link broken 🙁
travo: @ faisca .. they’re already dead..
MONEY TALK: why couldn’t they get danger on the ball ):
Bulky: Geelong must play Abbott for the rest of the year. Potential plus.
MONEY TALK: danger gotta kick those )::: also isnt it wet how tf is it this bad
Beast_Mode: danger bin
faisca7: I should have taken Jelly’s donut over Giro
StuL: Freo AFLW score. Lolol

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