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Chat log from R22 of 2018: Collingwood vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Collingwood vs Port Adelaide, R22 of 2018

th3rio: hey fam
th3rio: who we all vc-c? danger into titch or titch into macrae :
wadaramus: Dangerpants -> Titch.
th3rio: seriously cant decide haha
Apachecats: titch into Macrae for me th3rio.
th3rio: leaning that way apach, but freo at geelong is tempting
Beast_Mode: went with danger for C, gotta take a risk or im no chance with only 21 anyway
th3rio: only a mild risk beast. Hope it pays off mate
PowerBug: loving the DBJ tag on Sidey call. Hopefully pays off
JockMcPie: I reckon Murphy will be a gun soon, looked good in the VFL and looking good early
Beast_Mode: yeah thx mate
Apachecats: Funny how Ryder has come back 6 points ,probably realised he was over rewarded for his 1 goal and 6 h/o
PowerBug: that happens in every game apache. The first events get awarded bulk points then they slowly get regressed. It’s not new
Apachecats: Starting to worry about RGrey ,hope he’s not off today.
Apachecats: yeah Power Bug ,they’ve dragged him back 10 points now.
Beast_Mode: lets go port, i tipped you. Good start
Apachecats: Typical RGray goes up 10 as soon as I post.Any one like me to mention any one else.
shaker: fOR draftstars Aish and Jonas Apache
wadaramus: Pendlebury!
lukat: Call out crisp please!
th3rio: sier sitting on my bench covering kelly go lad ๐Ÿ™‚ more tog please bucks
Apachecats: Come on you muppets -Aish Jonas and Pendles ,pull your fingers out for Wada and Shaker.
Apachecats: and Crisp you lazy ass ,get a move on ,lukats season is on the line.
Beast_Mode: my oppo has the vc loophole on Grundy fml
luke394: Rocky has a clanger kick and gets 8 points
lukat: hahaha appreciate it ๐Ÿ˜€
PowerBug: oh come on another injury to a tall…
JockMcPie: Yeah @PowerBug welcome to the “injuries to key players” club ๐Ÿ™
wadaramus: Westy making up for Pendles deficiency, keep going for 200 Westy.
shaker: Have to wait till 2nd 1/4 Apache to see if your powers are real
faisca7: Not picking Grundy has been my biggest regret all year
TheOnyas: onya boaky
th3rio: same here faisca
th3rio: omg bucks stop taking sier off hes a pressure beast
DrSeuss: Whatโ€™s with Rockyโ€™s TOG? And Wingard with as many tackles as possessions 😳
JockMcPie: That bald fuck of an umpire always screws us over whenever he umpires us
PowerBug: Nude Nut Nicholls, I’m not a great fan of his either ๐Ÿ˜›
PowerBug: Geez if we win this game we’re gonna deserve it. Pies look good
shaker: Pies very rarely get the shower end of the stick in games with frees
luke394: Do something Crispy you fucking spud
kano: Frees 11-6 but still the flogs moan and boo
th3rio: Ryder plays better when injured lol
Beast_Mode: lol ikr, the ferals are out for blood
PowerBug: Nicholls gave us a couple of 50/50s in quick succession. Umps been fine so far I think
kano: Wingard muppet
JockMcPie: Free count being even is not a good indicator of the quality of umpire. Sometimes it’s the ones they miss
shaker: They don’t miss many for the Pies Jock
Gotigres: Oh how i regret vcing danger ahead of Grundy
DrSeuss: Get Rocky on the ground and in the middle ffs
kano: Correct Shaker
OllieC: @gotigres i did the same, we must have similar teams!
Lewysport: Westoff will prob end up with 90 from here
The39Steps: Anyone know if Smith got pinged for his air swing last night please?
Gotigres: Hope so Lewy.
lukat: why is grundy so good and why dont i have him
Gotigres: We probably do Ollie
PowerBug: Westhoff is actually the GOAT
DrSeuss: Wonder if they told Rocky he would play 55% game time when they got him from Brisbane
JockMcPie: Not 15 umpire Nicholls? It went 25 you fucking idiot
Apachecats: Scapegoat?
th3rio: How the fuck does grundy go up so fast.
Apachecats: Grundy up 24 sc in first 8 min.
Apachecats: Should have vc’d Grundy against a half broken down Ryder I suppose ,at least I didn’t tumble for Danger.
DrSeuss: What was that Wingard
Apachecats: Who was it who had Aish? Sorrt was not able to get him going at all ,will need to try stronger abuse on him.
Apachecats: *sorry
lukat: far out crisp
shaker: Thanks APACHE go for it
shaker: And Jonas again to thanks
JockMcPie: Nice punch Motlop ya twit
kano: Still bitching Jock ??
JockMcPie: First good call Nicholls has made in his career
PowerBug: thanks nude nut for that 50. barely touched him ๐Ÿ™
Apachecats: Listen Aish you complete flower wit ,you have gone up a massive 3 pts for the 1/4.Do something ffs.Hows that?
Apachecats: Same for you Jonas.
shaker: Cheers Apache I think they are just spuds and my draftstars is cactus
Preston007: Wingard – 0 points for the quarter, throw him a donut.
th3rio: Surprised grundy didnt get 20 for that handball
DrSeuss: Wingard and Rockliff thanks for nothing
Apachecats: minus 4 for f/a on Grundy a bit harsh ,should just be -1 for him.
Apachecats: Rocky been a liability all year ,carrying injuries being nursed through games ,only plays 60% time most weeks.
DrSeuss: How do they call that a mark by DeGoey??
Crowls: what was I thinking when I brought in Rocksliff
kano: Jock mcpie would think that was actually a mark drseuss
GOOD: bye bye wobbie
portsie: if grundy doesnt get AA
JockMcPie: To be fair I’ve seen much less paid
kano: Good for the burger
Apachecats: Agree with heart for Paddy @m0nty.
kano: Hahaha. Collingwood fans…
JockMcPie: @kano at least we have the guts to show our support on this website..
Lawls: What happened to JDG?
Beast_Mode: is de goey injury serious?
kano: “Guts”
portsie: resting him like last week
StuL: Thanks pies.
shaker: What a smashing
StuL: Geelong 16 goals unanswered. Equal record
Preston007: Wingard 60 points at halftime – 68 at fulltime. PUTRID
TheOnyas: onya mayney
Juzzo: Not only did Port run out of petrol, they ran out of heart once again, haha.
Fatbar5tad: Grundy has smashed me. See ya next year boys.
faisca7: Grundy plus 1 after the siren just to rub it in the bastard

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