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Chat log from R22 of 2018: Richmond vs Essendon

Chat log for Richmond vs Essendon, R22 of 2018

th3rio: Up the Don’s and hi fam
TheOnyas: onya saady
runt: Bombers will be hoping to boost their % tonight
Raspel31: I will hate you till the day I die Tex for that tackle on Kelly and destroying my finals- but carn Dons!
Lewysport: Blow the siren, blow the siren,lol.
Raspel31: Lol Lewy.
pcaman2003: Hi guys!Lost last week by 11 lousy pts. Damn M Duncan and Zorko. Good luck to remaining finalists.
TheOnyas: onya griggy
Raspel31: In 2 semis pcaman but lost Gaff and then Kelly- and no trades- so I’m toast.
pcaman2003: It’s painful Raspel. Plain painful!
Ash777: dons playing like last time they faced tigers.
Raspel31: Yep- don’t it pcaman.
original: Surely a short kick markedly opposition is more than -2?
DrSeuss: Lost Kelly and Hogan this week and the only unique in my leagues tonight is Heppell for opponent!!
Sixty656: FFS Merrett
JockMcPie: That wasn’t a free against Merrett there…Castagna ducked into it
Ash777: lost kelly, hogan, and Luke Ryan.
Ash777: whould of still got him high if he didn’t duck
DrSeuss: That’s a drop yourself to get the free – stupid ump
Raspel31: I will be shouted down but reckon if you make the finals you should get 4 extra trades.
TheOnyas: onya browny
Beast_Mode: nah, part of it managing trades during the year.
original: One extra trade would be fair
th3rio: Good stuff short oppt has ya. Caddy keeps going up for doing fa ?
Raspel31: That just makes it luck of the draw Beast Mode. Maybe 1- agree original.
Gotigres: Agree JockMcPie. Buckling at the knees should not be a free.
Apachecats: I say it every year but never do it ,you need 4 trades left going into finals.Just love trading too much.
Pokerface: not luck of the draw. its trade management.
pcaman2003: If only Raspel. Unfortunately it can’t possibly work.
Pokerface: and how would that work for overall contenders? or multiple leagues?
Raspel31: Luck comes in about endless injuries- which some will get and some won’t. Nothing to do with management.
Ash777: just give extra trades for gold members
Raspel31: Fair enough- I disappear.
Pokerface: happens all year raspel. you can choose to cop donuts during the year or be trade happy
ReggieOz: lol $19.99 per trade
Pokerface: lol Reggie
Ash777: ppl will pay it
Ash777: besides gold is pretty useless
pcaman2003: It’s already been boosted to 30 trades. Greedy!
ReggieOz: Tex would have made supercoach 100k
Raspel31: Well obviously I’m saying this because I’m still in and you’re out pcaman.
original: The way Hurley’s scores kills me
Sixty656: Dont fuck me here Zerrett
original: The way Hurley scores kills me
Ash777: dons are never going to play finals with that game plan.
pcaman2003: Hahahaha! I thought you were out last week.Will u win this week?
Ash777: win a final even
Raspel31: No chance pcaman.
Apachecats: we’re 4 points behind ash
Apachecats: not exactly a thrashing
Gotigres: Looks like i won’t be substituting you in this week ?higgins. Sicily out, Menegola in.
Raspel31: Now ahead Apache.
Apachecats: could be an upset here .Won’t upset me though.
Apachecats: Quiet in here.
original: Hurley get points for a smothered kick then?
ReggieOz: Yes..He got a loose ball get
Sixty656: Merrett fucked me against all year, now I have him in Draft as C he is fucking me again. CARNTT
hinsch: C is who this week I have stuck with Titch
ReggieOz: Titch V into McCrae
hinsch: Danger VC to Titch C
Raspel31: Danger into Titch.
Apachecats: vc for Titch and C for Macrae.Same as Reggie.
Gotigres: Didn’t see the incident with Smith. What are the chances of him being suspended?
Pokerface: Gazza into Titch
Apachecats: Attempting to strike? Give me a break.Fine at worst..
Ash777: titch to macrae
circle52: Castagna in the rooms with the Doc – Quad
Nuffman: Francis is going to be an absolute star
Apachecats: Not on that effort nuffman ,stood there with Goddard and let Caddy mark a sitter.
Gotigres: I also have titch into macrae.
Pusti: Apachecats: Next it will be thinking about striking.
original: No more 38sc quarters from you plz mr Hurley
Gotigres: Thanks Apache.
Raspel31: And just prior to that kicked poorly in a lead up to a goal.
th3rio: Fuck off caddy
original: 40sc from Hurley now fml
Nuffman: True Apache, but remember, he hasn’t even played 10 games yet.
Ash777: traded to crows for pick 19
Apachecats: Agree nuffman ,I actually like AFrancis for the future.
spudaroos: Give Goddard the crab, looks like a turtle out there.
Raspel31: Think Smith will get off with a fine.
Ash777: goddard is playing on 1 leg
Sixty656: Doggard needs his own nappy
Jukesy: You guys can copy what the commentators say re: Goddard, well done great analysis
original: Who else finally traded out caddy a few weeks back lol
Ash777: caddy seems to play well when prestia is not in the team
Gotigres: Stop Caddy, stop.
pcaman2003: I kept him,but no good to me now.
original: Dw guys my opponent has Hurley so he will Still make it to 120sc lol. Btw blues should have tried for Devon smith
Fatbar5tad: Keep going Nank. I’ve stuck by you as R2.
Ash777: goddard is costing the dons the game
tommy10: Great qtr Zerrett:(
MONEY TALK: big last zerret
SilverLion: Wheres Clarko’s rule when ya need it?
MONEY TALK: ik heppell butchered that but geee that was a block
Ash777: wish I had the vc on martin
original: is everyone scaling up or does hurley keep getting +1 for “pressure” etc
SilverLion: Good call razor, he got it and just ploughed for the line
Ash777: I see umps trying to get dons back into the game
Breezey: That’s horrible umpiring
SilverLion: He made no attempt to get rid of it and ran straight for the line. Thats 100% the right call no?
shaker: Yeah Bombers need more FREES
th3rio: Why the fuck does caddys score keep going up… from 94 to 100 nothing
Breezey: He was over the line. Can’t be a free
DrSeuss: Wow Zerrett has just stopped
Breezey: Put em away Tigers
original: th3rio reckon everyone is scaling up
SilverLion: He took possession 5 metres in???
original: hurley +7sc in the blink of an eye
th3rio: Die hooker
Manowar: Good news NO finals for the Dopers
Raspel31: Manowar- very bad form and very old and very boring. Look to your own woes.
SilverLion: That was deliberate
original: hate seeing hurley slightly increase 1 at a time from 79 to 82
Raspel31: Houli- it was wasn’t it Silver.
TheOnyas: onya smithy
Ash777: Saad has no awareness. No wonder he got K’O’d last week
Manowar: Yeh mint!
shaker: Maybe if the bombers got 10 more free kicks they might have won
MONEY TALK: wym ash he had to take a risk clearly knew wasnt long left
Nuffman: Manowar, Flower off. Your club hasn’t been relevant for 15 years. looking forward to the AFL investigating them for tank
th3rio: Manowar if blues doped theyd still be shit
Beast_Mode: the umps tried to get the dons up, but it didnt matter anyway!
SilverLion: Gotta interview Rance, hes an absolute star
shaker: Your hatred is showing again Silver
Manowar: Mirror Nuffman Mirror

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