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Chat log from R21 of 2018: Fremantle vs Carlton

Chat log for Fremantle vs Carlton, R21 of 2018

Gelly: tbh i think id rather watch the half time ads
m0nty: lots of fantasy finals on the line in this one!
The0Grrr: Or roving Bwian
DrSeuss: Big game please Lachie
ReggieOz: yeah..Imagine having your finals in the hand of Michael Walters lol
lukat: Come on crippsy
Carnster: @reggie oz im in the same boat
DrSeuss: Or in the hands of Neale right now
m0nty: I know one bloke who is relying on Taberner lol
PowerBug: I’m looking forward to Luke Ryan scoring large… while he sits at D7
DrSeuss: Do something Lachie – ffs
Ash777: my opp has cripps as C while I had Kelly 🙁
Raspel31: Yep, I capped Kelly too Ash.
Ash777: I am going to go out in straight sets
lukat: Strong finish to that quarter cripps!
werdna007: come on pig 200+ please
Apachecats: Can any one see if LRyan is back on this 1/4.
StuL: Should have Capt Cripps damn it. Only playing for pride but still.
Torz: He is.
Apachecats: Thanks Torz
Raspel31: Do we reckon Kelly will be out next week?o we r
TigersMan1: Need like 400 from Walters and Neale(C)
DrSeuss: Lachie Neale – get involved a little?
Apachecats: Reckon he will be out rasp
Raspel31: Yep-fear so Apache. Should win this week but a goner next.
werdna007: come on pig only 140 to go
Apachecats: got one trade left but might roll the dice and sit him on the bench for the week.and play Ahern if he gets a game.@raspe
Apachecats: and save that trade for if I make a GF
MONEY TALK: glad duman my cover for sicily is doing well
Raspel31: I had Gaff who also took out my cover iinner Apache.n Brayshaw and no trades so Im d
Raspel31: My keyboards acting up. Lost Gaff and Brayshaw and no trades so I’m done Apache.
Apachecats: PCripps is just a Rolls Royce footballer.
Apachecats: Carltons second best player is a guy called daylight.
lukat: Typical walters
Ash777: daylight murphy
Apachecats: Walters zip for this 1/4,you peanut.
Carnster: OH walters started so well
Carnster: Need cripps and walters combined to score 7 more then neale from this point forwards
werdna007: come on pig just 130+ to go
DrSeuss: Only need 150 more from Neale – shouldn’t be an issue 😳
werdna007: 120 should not be an issue from cripps
TheOnyas: onya lobbey
Pinkman: Polson does one of two things. Flops it to teammate under more pressure than him, or kicks it straight to opposition.
werdna007: onya crippsy
DrSeuss: Neale you can also kick, tackle and mark – don’t need to handball every possession
Apachecats: Ryan doing well with his hammy ,just overtook Walters who has no excuse.
Sixty656: wtf cripps you weak mutt
TheOnyas: onya nealey
Carnster: Lachie neale is single handly beating cripps and walters causing me to lose
Beast_Mode: cripper put the cue in the rack
Apachecats: Cripps going more like a Morris Minor now.
cusch1: Need 100 each from Curnow, Simpson and Walters. What are my chances?
DrSeuss: What’s up with Simpson the last few weeks? Finally realised his team
DrSeuss: What’s up with Simpson the last few weeks??
leorosman_: not looking great @cusch1
cusch1: This may be my 3rd loss for the season. All in the last 3 weeks, and all while scoring 2500+
hinsch: cusch have Kelly as C that has put me out same as you out in straight sets
cusch1: Last weeks opponent had Franklin, this week had JRoo. How about that
hinsch: hopefully Tex Walker gets at least 10 weeks that will teach him in taking down my SC Captain
Raspel31: Capped Kelly too hinsch but fortunatly opp changed to him too at last minute so still in there.
Lewysport: Need Langdon to go 118, thought l was no chance an hour ago.
original: what a disgusting qtr
Lewysport: S/C that is.
Strskes: How do you guys rate Ed Langdon some massive scores in perth this year.
Carnster: WHo wins, cripps and walters V Neale + 7 points
hinsch: my opp had Danger that killed me
Lewysport: If he puts on some weight this summer he could be special Strskes.
NewFreoFan: 7.3 to 0.2 quarter is a bit ridiculous
Lewysport: Cripps and Walters already 50 up.
m0nty: Darcy winning me my keeper league match, what a gun!
Carnster: I mean from this point on @lewys
Lewysport: Lol, still take the two players.
cusch1: 75 points between Walters, ECurnow and Simpson. This is as nervous as I’ve been all year
Carnster: Fingers crossed lewys
lukat: Cripps atleast 120 please
pcaman2003: I’m done. Opponent has Neale to my Ryan and opp is 7pts ahead.
Lewysport: Cmon Ed don’t stop now, 19 to go.
TheOnyas: onya langy
Carnster: lift walters and cripps
NewFreoFan: About time Cox
TheOnyas: onya coxy
Lawls: I need Neale to outscore Cripps by 49 🙁
carlton_99: Since half time the number of dropping the balls and throws not called is ridiculous.
Beast_Mode: yeah i agree, calton got away with a lot this game
Ash777: wtf does berreton bring to the commentary other than his opinion on every bump and tackle
carlton_99: You must be joking the number of times Freo have thrown the ball is not normal.
circle52: Hoping a friend can win the weekly SC currently on 2649 anyone seen any higher
Carnster: no way walters i need u out there
Gotigres: Walters in trouble with hammy
Beast_Mode: nah no way mate, take the blinkers off buddy
Lawls: Even if I were to win, no Kelly and no Walters now. Got 0 trades as well so wouldn’t matter haha
carlton_99: The two score reviews. The Mckay non mark. The ump blocking our player in the 50. You watching the game?
NewFreoFan: You’re up by 7 free kicks carlton_99, the umpires aren’t your problem
pcaman2003: My season is now finished. See you next year lads. All the best
carlton_99: The fact you think the number is the issue shows you don’t know much.
Beast_Mode: good decisions imo
Wends: Is Kelly def out next week? Luckily one trade up sleeve for Walters atleast. And yes, it’s a good excuse to wave bye.
carlton_99: The ump blocking our player and the clear Mckay amrk were good decisions…ok
Beast_Mode: the real issue is that carlton are garbage tho
lukat: 120 please cripps
NewFreoFan: Let it go mate, can’t get this salty every week when your team is this bad you’ll get an ulcer
carlton_99: Coming from a Freo fan….ok
Gotigres: No one projected over 2470 circle52 in my 2 leagues. Does your friend have any further players to score?
carlton_99: Even that supposed block that lead to a goal. Both holding each other.
NewFreoFan: He ran past the fall of the ball haha, clearly a free kick
Beast_Mode: learn the rules champ
carlton_99: Says the one that says a clear mark not being payed was a good decision.
NewFreoFan: Enjoy the old heave ho carlton 🙂
carlton_99: Enjoy your premierships… oh wait
Wends: Holy crap, 2520 in SC. Not unhappy with that!
Beast_Mode: stop sooking every week, it’s pathetic like the team really
CamT: These scores will be adjusted down won’t they ?
Breezey: Nothing better than watching the Blues rack up the Wooden Spoons

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