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Chat log from R21 of 2018: Melbourne vs Sydney

Chat log for Melbourne vs Sydney, R21 of 2018

The0Grrr: just another season defining day for the guys.
Wends: Dees shld have this grrr.
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
ReggieOz: We don’t watch Melbourne much do you Wends lol
Beast_Mode: need sydney to get up for my $1,100 multi like my chances
original: petracca woeful start to the game – sorry melb fans
Beast_Mode: big game for Dees tho, with GWS and WCE the following weeks could still miss finals.
The0Grrr: Should but never confident…
The0Grrr: Aah The Paul Roos CUp
MONEY TALK: where is saint hanners
original: lookd like a free to buddy, but was 100% one to gawn
DrSeuss: Ok enough handballing Hoges
The0Grrr: Is this Alex fRanceLin
th3rio: Why is brayshaw tog so crap!
th3rio: I traded out buddy last week you’re welcome lads
DrSeuss: Hogan just beat Buddy – that’s all I ask!!
The0Grrr: In goals and SC @Dr!
original: thanks th3rio
original: oh no sadface
pcaman2003: Oh no! Not again! Poor guy
Carnster: How bad does Johnson look
The0Grrr: He’s smiling. I only hope it’s not rueful.
JRedden: brayshaw my smokey for brownlow next year
original: wow brayshaw firming as my heath shaw replacement
Wends: Noo… not Johnson?? Was listening to other game!
Manowar: Gawn injured his calf?
AFL Blues: Game over. I lost in the Semi-Finals.
StuL: ACL for Johnson it seems. Being consoled
Manowar: Thanks for the update DOC
Fatbar5tad: Dunno about ACL. Not on crutches but limping out to the huddle.
Sloaneyyyy: poor old Johnson, just doesn’t have an able body for the AFL
SilverLion: In better news mick’s multi looks on track this week
Wends: Interesting chat betw Goddard & Malthouse on ABC call, re some players vulnerability to ACLs. Just sad for him πŸ™
werdna007: hey JRedden.the nsw drought relief fund is a better bet
Wends: Smith down the race with a hammy too.
SilverLion: #protectedspecies
circle52: not a bad choice original.
circle52: A grade bounce
SilverLion: Demons fans booing Franklin, in years gone by that could be taken as racism
Wends: C’mon Swannies… grind it out.
PowerBug: How does anyone boo Franklin? The guy is a legend and one of the best we’ve ever seen
DrSeuss: Let’s go Brayshaw – stay in front of Oliver please
Wends: Red cross for Smith Darius.
SilverLion: Hanners first goal for the year wow
lukat: Lift Parker
DrSeuss: Get Brayshaw off the bench damnit
TigersMan1: Who wins lol, Brayshaw, Neale(C), Walters vs Parker + 450 lololol, needing Neale to get like 200
The0Grrr: Flower me Melb! Gonna be another 12 years!
DrSeuss: Come on Hogan – one more before half time
Gelly: melbourne kicking themselves out of a top 4 chance
SilverLion: Thats it make him look ordinary frost
Wends: Not hard when he’s running on one cylinder @ silver πŸ˜‰
The0Grrr: Why don’t we just play Hannerbery and an undermanned Sydney back into form.
Beast_Mode: @Gelly the top 8 actually
Gelly: have melbourne beat a team in the top 8 yet?
luke394: Knew I should have gone Macrae C and not Gawn. πŸ™
Beast_Mode: no they haven’t they got GWS and WCE next 2 games as well
Gelly: ouch
Wends: Hogan ankle?
DrSeuss: Piss off Buddy
DrSeuss: Oh awesome – Hogan walks off and away goes my finals πŸ™
lukat: Tom McDonald was the worst choice of my life.
DrSeuss: Hogan back on or what’s the prognosis?
Gelly: so who do geelong/north/ess wan to win this one?
Wends: He’s on the bench but apparently doing some warm ups @Dr
DrSeuss: Cheers Wends
DrSeuss: Although injury and the way Melb are playing probably means League loss this week
ReggieOz: On ya Chelsea!
Beast_Mode: buddy couldve ended this game
StuL: Come on Melb. You never know how to win.
Wends: Chelsea with the bounce back πŸ™‚
DrSeuss: Buddy Vs Hogan (me) is going to be my game ender!
Wends: C’mon Budouis!!
SilverLion: Franklin must be injured/didnt train this week, no excuses
Beast_Mode: lol and muppets like kane cornes and lloydy think the dees are the tigers biggest threat lol
StuL: Buddy is never done. 28 pts at ht.
th3rio: Except the last 7 weeks stul (minus last week)
StuL: Ok. Except for that. Dont have him.
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Wends: Need to get on with some work but if I tune out, will jinx them 😐
lukat: hit the ton parker. please πŸ˜€
Haydo: I heard somewhere he had only trained a total of 30 minutes all year silver
DrSeuss: Only need 4 goals from you Hoges – this quarter 😂
ReggieOz: LMAO yeah right a pro athlete trained 30 mins for the year
ReggieOz: not having a crack at you Haydon more at Horse
Wends: This is where the bench comes in.
Haydo: yeah just what i heard
Raspel31: True Haydo- he has been excused training all year.
ReggieOz: I heard ir too..It’s a load of shyt
circle52: Dees kicking themselves out of it.
StuL: Have Melb ever won the pink game?
Wends: They’re in with a real shot now StuL
Raspel31: Game on- carn Melbourne.
luke394: Fuck you Gawn
Wends: This is too much!
Wends: Star for heeney, even if we lose from here
Beast_Mode: this is over, got my $1100 multi on a $50 bet, pretty happy lads
Apachecats: well done BM
Haydo: kennedy harris star is that a joke surely heeney
Beast_Mode: gun to oliver, hulk to jpk, star heeney, cherries brayshaw
Wends: Not watching game but I hope Johnson doing a lap, even if he has to do it with a fireman’s lift from the boys

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