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Chat log from R21 of 2018: North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs, R21 of 2018

AFL Blues: I’m a sour-cream idiot… Should have captained Macrae. Likely to be my demise now…
MONEY TALK: what did waite do
cusch1: Bumped Trengrove late in the marking contest
ReggieOz: I did..Sorry to all Mccrae owners 🙂
AFL Blues: Anyone want to watch the game, just message me.
snake_p: waite going to be $2K lighter in the pocket
AFL Blues: I need Gawn to bomb out – my opponent has him captain. Even if he does, it’ll still only be a 50/50…
TheLegend6: Ben tossing up all day to C one of Macrae, Gawn or Cripps. Went with Macrae. Fingers crossed!
Manowar: Get in the bin Ahern
dipstick: Brad Lynch = WORST fantasy pick in my whole life. trash
original: cmon dipstick there has to be worse
cusch1: This game is trash
MONEY TALK: almost as bad as matera last year
original: me v opponent: cripps + simpson +mclean + jpk +buddy v ahern + goldy + 100
AFL Blues: Polson’s worse – fantasy-wise.
PowerBug: Hi Ben Brown please rock up k thanks
Beast_Mode: lol where the muppet that said he was starting Ahern over Dusty theother week? lmao
jocka: is gawn going to play?
StuL: Why would Gawn be out? Too much cider?
dipstick: hey lynch, at qtr time just keep walking to the carpark. more use for tits on a bull than you in footy. now piss off
Beast_Mode: ppl need to stop having panic attack about gawn, he’s playing don’t worry. The coach said so.
AFL Blues: Here’s to hoping Gawn get’s one point and is taken off. If he doesn’t play, my opponent’s V.C. wins the game for him.
PowerBug: A poor score from Gawn would be better than a late out in my case. Many have him captain this week in SC!
jocka: So Gawn or Cripps for C?
AFL Blues: Cripps – if you’re stuck with him.
TheLegend6: Banfield will tag Cripps; dunno how he’ll go though
AFL Blues: What’s with this symbol -> –? All I’m doing is writing an en-dash. What’s wrong with this site?
shaker: Banfield not a great tagger
faisca7: Cripps had 38 touches last time Banfield tagged him
pcaman2003: Afternoon all. My opponent has Ahearn. What’s with the TOG?
PowerBug: Browny!!
AFL Blues: Whatever happened to the media’s 100-Buddy goal marathon this year?
MONEY TALK: cmon ben brown
AFL Blues: Shaun Higgins once played for the Bulldogs? Learn something new every day…
Strskes: 91% tog, 2 Possessions is Ziebell right?
Torz: Playing full forward
PowerBug: idk if Higgins played for them, I think he was constantly on their injury list though hahahaha
TheLegend6: McLean has been poor the last 2 months
Strskes: But why is Ziebell playing full forward?
tdarian: should i trade out mclean or mcgovern next week?
Manowar: Dumb question BOTH!
Sloaneyyyy: I traded out Mclean for Crouch this week. Glad I did, so far
faisca7: This chat is buzzing. Side note; there’s nine 7’s in Goldys stat sheet
faisca7: #numerology
Apachecats: Interviewed 6 captains and came up with Jack Macrae.Looking good so far.
Apachecats: Yep faisca ,needs 4 more clangers
faisca7: Great choice Apache, I’m down to the final selection process. Cripps is heads, Gawn tails.
faisca7: Couple of fumbles for Williams and 2 goals for dogs..
Carnster: Why dunkley low tog
faisca7: @Monty, any chance you can add an inside 50’s stat to the team stats table
lukat: Macrae!!!
Sloaneyyyy: fuck off Doggies, back to bottom of the ladder please
TheLegend6: Was going to go Ahern out this week but looks like I’ll have to trade Shaw out ffs
MONEY TALK: go ben brown hehe
Gotigres: Waite just passed the ball to the man on the mark
MONEY TALK: can someone confirm if jack is on 58 goals
Roksta: Umps are horrid f me
faisca7: Can confirm, Jack has 10 more than he did friday
TheLegend6: Caleb Daniel best on ground already imo
The0Grrr: With all your numbers @Faisca U sound like a Craps game.
oh_lol: Jack on 58, so Big Ben is even with him right now.
StuL: Real chance for the blues Sandy? To get flogged by 200 maybe.
MONEY TALK: cmon benny brown want him to win.
Wends: Any C score a bonus from here Macrae. K. Thx.
DrSeuss: Need Macrae and McLean to have very small final quarters
AFL Blues: Not a Heads-Tails call, Faisca — Cripps will win. You’ll see.
Beast_Mode: At least the coleman race is tight, Jacks best chance, knows he wont win it again after this with T.Lynch there nxt yr
faisca7: Im backing him in AFL Blues, though nobody knows for sure. Gawn could get 180.
AFL Blues: Gawn’s injured, mate! He’ll be lucky to play more than 2 thirds of the game.
faisca7: And Banfields been replaced by Kersten, thats a bonus
Carnster: Banfield is out late change so cripps wont be tagged
AFL Blues: Yes, but Kreuzer’s a late-out for the Blues. Less tap-work for the beast in Paddy Cripps.
Roksta: C’mon dogs
iZander: kruz hardly gets many hitouts anyway
DrSeuss: Piss off Macrae and McLean
Wends: Dr Seuss pain notwithstanding, loving Capt. Macrae’s last qu.
Roksta: You beauty
GOOD: love it..norf lose..bye bye finals for norf
DrSeuss: Thanks Wends – I understand
Manowar: Footscray Win!
lukat: McLean amazing second half!
Roksta: 3 players with 40 possies

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