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Chat log from R21 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Adelaide

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Adelaide, R21 of 2018

Carnster: jeez himmelberg sc
Carnster: dropping now dont worry lol
TheOnyas: onya lobby
pcaman2003: Get going Gibbs FGS.
TheOnyas: onya lynchy
Breezey: Big qtr from Tex and Eddie
MONEY TALK: welcome back smith to ur scoring ways
pcaman2003: Well,Gibbs doing SFA.
lukat: Cogs gone missing
Ben_Gogos: Btw Buntine with the muppet after that shocking fist gifted Betts the easiest of goals.
pcaman2003: FGS Gibbs. learn to get the ball away.
Carnster: Far out come on boys lift
TheOnyas: onya smithy
pcaman2003: Let’s go Doedee
DrSeuss: The one week Cogs is a unique and he serves up this shit
Pinkman: Atmosphere is electric here at the Canberra dome.
pcaman2003: Nice throw Griffin to Kelly for a goal.
Pinkman: Agree, full on throw
pcaman2003: Gibbs only 8 touches. Step it up mate.
Carnster: Yeah it looks packed pinkman
Pusti: Goal umpiring just reached a new low. How could that need a review?
DrSeuss: What is Cogs doing? Not watching this game
Carnster: sadly swet fa seus
luke394: Is Kelly injured?
Fatbar5tad: And Kelly has been squashed and that’s my SC year done. Thanks Tex ya cunt.
pcaman2003: Good tackle I thought,but unlucky for Kelly.
Ben_Gogos: Concussed @luke
MONEY TALK: fuck off tex
pcaman2003: @Luke. Off the ground for a concussion test.
Haydo: how long for kelly
kano: Tex. As tough as ever around smaller players
pcaman2003: @Haydo. i’d imagine min 20 mins.
luke394: thanks that’s no good
LMartos: umpire conspiracy against Coniglio
DrSeuss: That’s it Cogs – go backwards
Beast_Mode: lol Kelly is done for this game forget it
Raspel31: Kelly gone- end of my season. Until next year chaps. Now to the EPL- far more exciting.
DrSeuss: Whitfield touched it in the last 15 minutes?
StuL: Come on you spurs.
pcaman2003: You need to start scoring Doedee. You’re letting me down badly.
Haydo: so is kelly gonna be back for next week?
pcaman2003: Good qtr Gibbs.
Beast_Mode: haydo how would we know?lol. Depends how he goes during the week.
Beast_Mode: howe missed 2 games with it, and gray didnt miss any
Raspel31: The real football on now- Spurs 1 Newcastle nil. Adieu. Except one one as I typed.
luke394: Don’t ever call soccer real football lol
DrSeuss: Coniglio do something – Jesus!!
Beast_Mode: no one cares about that garbage lol
pcaman2003: Rename Doedee to Duddud. please.
shaker: Potato for Tex
NoneyaB: who knows haydo i doubt it though
DrSeuss: Get some junk Cogs
Pantsman: Nearly a tombstone there. Poor luck for the Heater.
original: 1 trade left..need one of kelly/Shaw play next week
Ben_Gogos: @Pantsman yeah… Will wait to hear confirmation.
Pantsman: Well he was actually walking down the race, so yeah hopefully not!
Raspel31: So I leave you all- soccer is not the real football- Soccer Football- fare well one and
luke394: Shaw as well damn it!
original: Luke394! How bout buddy last week hehe
TheOnyas: onya crouchy
luke394: Haha I’m still off him @original
luke394: I won my final by 10 points as well what a legend the big bud 😉
JRedden: gibbs utterly useless in the last quarter
original: Taranto has had some sc comeback tonight..
Raspel31: Well, the EPL is finally upon upon us. Surely more exciting than a lot of bewildered people running around in circles. T
Breezey: Rory Lobb wow
TheOnyas: onya lobby
The39Steps: Season defining game from Tex.
Moona: Agreed 39steps. Walker the best captain in the league – more like the biggest flog in the league
The39Steps: Brodie Smith for Shaw? Thoughts?
Beast_Mode: tex actually played better today than he did in the grand final tho

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