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Chat log from R21 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs West Coast

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs West Coast, R21 of 2018

The0Grrr: I’m expecting Duggan to ton up this game.
teachrtony: My op forgot to take C off Olango and has Titch VC. Cheering.
Gotigres: Finally a good start robbie
Raspel31: May Robbie Gray’s head fall off and may he retire- without any violence. Damn.
teachrtony: Agree Raspel. Fuck Gray.
lukat: Ton up please westhoff
TheOnyas: onya robby
pcaman2003: Go Robbie. Big score from you this week thanks.
Raspel31: Some guy was exhorting violence last night- which I loath. Robbie Gray- I hope you drift off in your sleep. Now would be
Lewysport: Sorry guys but just put th pins in the Yeo voodoo doll.
Chelskiman: Rocky not looking good. Really need him to get back on though or I’m in serious trouble.
Lewysport: Flower l better take em out already, l think he felt them!
gdshifty: reckon Rocky is cooked
Raspel31: Chelks- per minute on ground Rocky goes huge- but only gets 40% sigh.
Raspel31: Whoops- the shoulder gone again.
DrSeuss: What happened to Rocky? Popped out or just sore?
TheOnyas: onya winesy
DrSeuss: Of course my one league opponent this week doesn’t have Rocky
Koss: Rocky starting on the field this quarter
DrSeuss: Cheers Koss
MONEY TALK: so far all my players over 100 score and danger ton, wines and yeo on track
DrSeuss: Redden and Rockliff – pick it up please fellas
pcaman2003: Don’t go to sleep now Gray FGS
StuL: Ryan you donut. What happened to that earlier form?
Lewysport: Ollie going to get his SC projected score by half time, you beauty!
Carnster: Come on redden lift here
TheOnyas: onya crippsy
Apachecats: yeah lewy ,but he owes us big time for the last couple of weeks.
Apachecats: Eagles sponsored by Johnson and Johnson by the looks of it.
DrSeuss: Westhoff, Rocky and Redden – time to step up.
TheLegend6: C’mon Hoff need a big second half mate!
TheLegend6: Ryder knock might means Hoff goes into the ruck hopefully
original: Goff and hurn have been pathetic since I got them
original: Hoff*
Sixty656: Piss off pittard you rodent looking freak
Sixty656: Goodbye Ryder
circle52: Ryder done for the day
Sixty656: Dixon gone
original: Might have to trade westhoff for next week, has been well down for a month
Gotigres: 2 stretchers out for port
Gotigres: dixon walking off
NoneyaB: and there goes ports top 4 chances imo
Sixty656: Wouldn’t call that a walk
lukat: Westhoff ffs. get to projected please
Carnster: Need a huge last quarter from redden here
Ash777: looks like eagles are really going to struggle come finals time without gaff
Sixty656: Nic nat, Gaff, Kennedy
Ash777: how long is kennedy out for?
DrSeuss: I have Redden, Opponent has Lycett – of course that’s the way it goes this week
Carnster: why does my opponent have jonas this week
StuL: Come on Eagles, as much as I dislike you.
DrSeuss: Do something Redden and Rockliff FFS
DrSeuss: Meanwhile opponent has Lycett and Lienert – ourscoring my ‘Premos’
Sixty656: Wobbie wobby wobbee
Ash777: lol the port supporters booing everything.
Carnster: ffs redden
DrSeuss: Redden and Wingard taking this quarter off?
Carnster: and whats with westhoffs frees omg
Chelskiman: Every time I look at scores Hoff has a -3.
pcaman2003: Couple of goals would be nice Robbie.
Manowar: get out of the oven J. McGovern
Carnster: an extra 15 points hoff could have had
Pinkman: Bringing Westshite in was the worst mistake ever. Has cost me big time
original: What do I need from hurn before I take him over Duman
Ash777: pretty sure MMM has the booing crowd on repeat now
Apachecats: I’ve got a bagfull of mistakes better than that Pinkman.
original: Would prefer port win this $$
Sixty656: WTF is this shit from Pittard when my opp has him for some reason
kano: Ash77 your 5k crowds boo as well just noone can hear them
G-Mo77: Go Lycett you good thing!!
DragonLass: well punting on Yeo for C in SC hasn’t quite worked out
pcaman2003: Kick the winner Robbie.
Chelskiman: Wow!
Gotigres: Wow Mcgovern
DrSeuss: Piss off Lycett
pcaman2003: Blame Westhoff!
MONEY TALK: mcgoverndid shower all game
Manowar: J. McGovern got out of the oven!
NoneyaB: does the 50 pt thing still happen in sc for the winninbg score in a close game?
StuL: OMG. How did that happen? WC probably just saved our season. Should dislodge Port from the 8 now.

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