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Chat log from R21 of 2018: Collingwood vs Brisbane

Chat log for Collingwood vs Brisbane, R21 of 2018

runt: Go Lions
Carnster: With you there runt
lukat: Go martin! Minimise grundy please
DrSeuss: Martin won the first hit out??
th3rio: With ya on martin
Chelskiman: Have Zorko and Crisp. *roll eyes*
Gotigres: Same here Chelskiman
Sixty656: Pies will lose this, no defenders left
circle52: Zorko m,ark how did 3 umps miss it.
th3rio: I’m not watching why is stef going so crazy? I like it
JockMcPie: Unfortunately that’s true @Sixty, good as gone this season now
Sixty656: Stef done FA for the last few weeks, about time he made up for it.
circle52: Keep up thge pressure Lions. Best first quarter for a while.
Apachecats: Pulled the C off Grundy with 20 secs to go and gave it to Macrae.
Carnster: COme on pendles
MONEY TALK: keep going stef
th3rio: Grundy 14 to 20 in 4 seconds ffs
NoneyaB: red cross is abit premature
lukat: Grundy projected 140 so ill be happy with anything under 120 from him!
pcaman2003: Damn Zorko. Do something FGS!
duckky: Dang it Mihocek – get into positive numbers please
Chelskiman: Well this isn’t going to plan. Including DT and AF I have the three worst players on the ground.
pcaman2003: duckky,I think wer’e both screwed here. Mihocek is a spud.
Apachecats: Mihocek here too.
Sixty656: Thanks Mihocek ffs
Chelskiman: Stef has stopped. Got to 29 quite quickly and hasn’t scored since.
JockMcPie: What a joke, wheres the 50 against Hodge for timewasting???
circle52: @Chelkskiman look at his TOG been off for a while.
pcaman2003: A nett score of 4 with Mihocek and Zorko. I’m cooked!
Chelskiman: @pcaman, I feel ya. I have Crisp, Zroko and Mihocek in the one team.
Chelskiman: *Zorko
DrSeuss: BS Free to Grundy
th3rio: Grundys ruck points are fucked. Looked after
tdarian: beams getting screwed
circle52: That should be 50 after all the BS there did not give it back.
Chelskiman: I have no idea what I’m watching at the moment, lmao.
DrSeuss: Grundy gets looked after by umps and SC.
th3rio: Does doesnt he suess
Chelskiman: Opp has Christensen who is beating all THREE of my players on his own. I’m done.
pcaman2003: Zeuss,I hope so. He’s about my only hope this week. Have the C on him.
DrSeuss: How about the push in the back?
th3rio: Lol grundy 1 tap 5 pts
PowerBug: yeah, that’s what you get when you have a HOTA…. 5 points
Sixty656: C-wood skills = zero
pcaman2003: Martin! What’s happening?
DrSeuss: How did Robbo not kick that to Stef?
JockMcPie: Brisbane are good, looking very talented against our reserves
DrSeuss: @pca – the young Lions don’t look for Stef it seems. Has been open for 4-5 Open marks and they ignore him
Carnster: is pendles playing
DrSeuss: Grundy falls down and takes out Stef – that’s a hit out no free. BS
original: Came to make sure Taylor got a muppet for that
pcaman2003: Mihocek making a comeback I see. Woot woot!
Carnster: I really need pendles to pull his finger out and actually do something
circle52: With Gardiner out we could struggle in 4th quarter
DrSeuss: That was a throw by Grundy – but let’s call it a handball – such BS
th3rio: Hahaha seuss
pcaman2003: Zorko you muppett,get moving.
Chelskiman: Finally Crisp doing something. Need Zorko to do the same.
Breezey: Zorko off the field with his boot off
circle52: When will we get push in the back 3 in the last 2 minutes missed
Breezey: Getting strapped
DrSeuss: Brisbane defense has been horrible tonight
circle52: hard to estimate worth of Gardiner Dr.
circle52: Gardiner very under rated
th3rio: Keep going steffy
pcaman2003: Keep it going BG. Need you big time now.
DrSeuss: Agree @circle – they just keep panicking tonight it seems
Yelse: langdon injured as well another back for the pies and reid in vfl
DrSeuss: Missed a kick in there from big Stef
DrSeuss: How is that not a free for unrealistic? Grundy didn’t touch it. Oh right it’s Grundy ffs
circle52: Beams legged but HTB BS Pies getting rub of the green now.
DrSeuss: Tackled in the ruck – nothing to see here – it’s Grundy – these refs are flowered
pcaman2003: Zorko proj score 136. Lol! Great proj CD
circle52: So Robertson gets pinged whereas twice in first quarter pies id nit free kick Collingwood
circle52: NJot saying it was nit there but consistency please
Breezey: Whinge whinge whinge
JockMcPie: Umpires have been crap tonight
circle52: Why not when obvious frees are not paid.
DrSeuss: Grundy does that on a wing – nothing.
th3rio: Lol grundy 20 pts in 3 mins joke
circle52: Just want some consistency Breezey.
DrSeuss: Another free to Grundy – seriously
circle52: Grundy been manhandling both Martin and MiInereney and yet no frees given against.
JockMcPie: Yeah @circle i agree, from an unbiased perspective all 3 umps need to be on the same page
circle52: But MCInerney and Martin getting pinged not the favoured Brodie.
th3rio: Grundy can do fuck all and still get pts
DrSeuss: Agreed @Circle – he is untouchable.
pcaman2003: I need all the pts I can get,so leave the umps and Grundy alone.
Beast_Mode: If Brissy didn’t get the injury they would be in this!
th3rio: Screw grundy
circle52: BTW I have Grundy as well but do not like it when he gets away with pulling down in the ruck.
circle52: To be fair though our errors are now killing us.
circle52: Gardiner was on DeGoey at start so that could have had an effect as well. Robertson just not up to it.
Breezey: There is ya Rising Star right there
circle52: Yet another inconsistent free resulting ion goal. Greenwood threw Zorko Down after disposal no free
pcaman2003: Can’t see game,but sounds like interesting umpiring.
DrSeuss: That’s the dumbest 50 decision I have seen in a while
JockMcPie: Cox should have got a free there if we want to complain about everything
circle52: Grundy drops ball and no incorrect disposal Eddie getting his money worth from Umps.
Breezey: I could possibly throw a few frees up we haven’t got.
DrSeuss: Grundy HTB – drops it in a tackle, doesn’t hit the boot – nothing to see here
circle52: Agree with you Jock and as per your comment umpiring has no been best tonigght
th3rio: Why did monkey grundy just get +4? He did nothing
DrSeuss: Good call Jock – you saw the one missed free for Collingwood
th3rio: Wyf lol
pcaman2003: Zorko sinking my hopes now unless Grundy scores big. Come on umps and CD. help me out here.
Chelskiman: Crisp has really turned this around. Did not see this happening at quarter time.
circle52: Whgere was the prior there held when he got the ball.
Breezey: Hahahahaha.
DrSeuss: That female ump is terrible
colin wood: Have a rest now Jordy. Job done. 32 scoring shots to 15 a demolition.
PowerBug: stop caring about the umpires geez every single Brisbane game
circle52: Hold on McStay there no free in our forawrd 50.
Breezey: How is that a free to Zorko. Didn’t see it but you know. Hahahaha
Breezey: Sing it loud. Get ya Pies. Get ya Hot Pies
JockMcPie: Not our best game but we got the 4 points, see you in finals next year Brisbane!
jocka: This is a good performance by a young Brisbane side, playing away from home, at the end of a long year. Without fullback
pcaman2003: Spud for Dorko.
jocka: Does anyone actually believe that Collingwood will last long in the finals? No.
circle52: Thanks Jocka and Jock skillerrors after half time really cost us.
circle52: Jocka depending on how quickly you get injured players back can see you progressing.
Beast_Mode: nah they out in straight sets

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