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Chat log from R21 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Richmond

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Richmond, R21 of 2018

Raspel31: I have the enormous honour of welcoming Holman on the ground- as Gaff who I had took out my bench in Brayshaw. Go Holman
TheLegend6: Jack going nuts
Chelskiman: Lift, Riewoldt! 😛
Gotigres: That’s quite bad luck Raspel
Raspel31: Ha- yes Gotigres- a bummer.
Gotigres: The one week i start you Higgins and you do nothing but spectate.
Gebs: so who has riewoldt
GOOD: GOOD has Riewoldt Captain
Chelskiman: We’ve missed some very easy shots. We could be miles ahead if we had kicked straight.
Apachecats: Martin 62% game time ,can’t get points sitting there on the pine.
Gotigres: I’m sure you do GOOD
GOOD: Thankyou gotiggers
snake_p: double cape for Riewoldt?
Chelskiman: What’s the record for most amount of points is a quarter?
Raspel31: God was remotely funny for 3 weeks -Good is just plainly boring.
GOOD: rappel you sound jealous
Gebs: @chelskiman what do you mean “we” literally only riewoldt has had a shot at goal
Gotigres: Stop being greedy Riewoldt and let Higgins kick some goals
Chelskiman: Higgins had a shot!
TheOnyas: onya wittsy
Gotigres: Seagull for Caddy
Gotigres: Muppett for Young
Raspel31: Holman- I have no choice. The World Is Your Oyster.
pcaman2003: Go Caddy and Higgo. Keep going boys.
teachrtony: Have Riewoldt for Perf9, but bummed out with Zerrett anyway
original: GGF caddy weren’t you on 10 ffs
Gotigres: Get involved Higgins
The0Grrr: Well there goes my season! Opp 1st 3 PoD’s Ross, Danger and Riewoldt!
original: Who is commentating this game? Hard to get Ellis and prestia mixed up
Chelskiman: Come on, Dusty! Get some marks!
duckky: waste of a VC on Dusty Richmond don’t seem interested in a % boost
The0Grrr: What? 9/10 goal lead in the 3rd qtr isn’t a %boost?
original: Had the option to emergency loophole dusty or zerrett..went zerrett dammit
MONEY TALK: rip the man who had ross, danger and jack against him
duckky: @TheOGrrr Richmons could go for a 150 point lead if really interested
AFL Blues: That’s disgusting, Money talk. The guy’s having a rough time and you want someone to “rip” him to shreds? Let him R.I.P!
Chelskiman: Cracking 4 point quarter, Martin. Exactly what I needed.
Raspel31: Agreed AFL-very bad form.
Brad_J: Jack is still living in his cousins shadow
The0Grrr: Thanks @ Blues. I’m an angry man right now! BUt my season has been in its death throes for weeks now…
The0Grrr: Further to those 3, opps 4th PoD is Vlastuin! Are you not entertained!
circle52: Hanley done for game as well
Chelskiman: They called Ellis Prestia before now they’ve called Prestia Dusty, lol.
StuL: God has the C on Reeeevolt!
AFL Blues: God had the C on Moses, stul… [Shakes head]. -.-
MONEY TALK: got the vc onn danger hehe
Raspel31: Okay- game done and dusted. And Mitchell fluffed. Kelly, Cripps or Oliver from here?
AFL Blues: I like Macrae! Kelly’s good too, if you have him.
AFL Blues: For me, it’s either Macrae or Grundy…
teachrtony: Stay down Dusty.
Raspel31: Steff has kept Grundy low AFL- wish I had Macrae again- I’m leaning Kelly.
original: Cripps?
The0Grrr: I’ve gone with Conig’s
AFL Blues: Cripps (Tagged By Banfield); Oliver (Tagged By Hewett); Gawn (injured); Grundy (covered by Grundy)… Macrae And Kelly!!
Raspel31: And original I think it will be Cripps. Thank you. And you?
feralmong: perhaps we can afford soldo and nank in the team. witts is not bad oppo.
feralmong: i set C on Kelly on thursday. keeping it there.
Raspel31: Cat amongst the pigeons feral- Kelly- aargh?
Ash777: jroo highest scorer for the season
feralmong: think jroo may be leading the coleman now.
The0Grrr: Think Jack gets all the icons today doesn’t he?
feralmong: monty witches hats all round on the left side of the chart.
Chelskiman: He is by 3, feral.
Raspel31: And the irony is- who has JROO in their team?
Lewysport: Would the roof be shut at Etihad tonight?
Chelskiman: What a game from Jack. Deserved those 10 goals!
Gotigres: Think i will go macrae as captain
pcaman2003: GC needs to be disbanded. They’re abysmal.

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