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Chat log from R21 of 2018: Hawthorn vs Geelong

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Geelong, R21 of 2018

frenzy: horfawn games are always open early m0nty
A_Frame_: scott selwood to go straight to tom mitchell?
th3rio: scott: selwood nad menegola to take mitchell
teachrtony: If Titch bombs, with gawn walking laps, will be interesting round.
Umpirespet: Just changed VC to Danger From Titch
th3rio: same pet!
teachrtony: 150+ last four weeks, bold move UmpsPet.
th3rio: he didnt have selwood holding on to his nuts those weeks tony
Umpirespet: True Tony worth a try tho
Raspel31: I think I’m the only person in the league with both Titch and Danger so monitoring both closely.
teachrtony: True, will be a great game within a game.
Chelskiman: Afternoon, lads. Hoping Tommy, Jelwood, Menegola and Danger all go big today. Oh, and hoping the Hawks win!
th3rio: can you believe i traded out buddy to hawkins last week. He owes me
Apachecats: Went Dusty VC and Grundy C ,by passing Titch ,dander ,Gawn Macrae Cripps and kelly .What a minefield.
SilverLion: They have to add that point at 1/4 time
th3rio: was gonna go dusty too apach, i feel like he will spend most of the game forward though
Apachecats: Remember the olden days when Ablett was just automatic C every week.
Raspel31: Love the description of Selwood paying close attention to Titch. Read all his books?
MONEY TALK: plz keep danger on the ball push GAJ to forward he is soft
Apachecats: *danger.
frenzy: c’mon titch, deal with that tag
Pusti: Apache, I remeber when Gary Ablett snr was an automatic captain choice.
Apachecats: yeah th3rio ,probably a fair bit of forward line for Dusty and kick 5.
MONEY TALK: tigers should surely get there first interstate win
jfitty: Conor Nash only has one ‘n’ doesn’t he?
Apachecats: So true pusti
circle52: Regretting taking VC of Danger and going to Titch. Sums up my SC this year.
th3rio: danger shit TOG 🙁
LMartos: Conor Glass has one ‘n’, Nash has two
Apachecats: Early verdict on Titch any one?
PowerBug: it’s 16 minutes into the first quarter settle down lol
pcaman2003: Duncan and Titch killing me already. I can see my season finishing
th3rio: why take off a player thats carving up i dont get it
Raspel31: So, we all have Titch and Danger- and most vc Titch. Hmm- Kelly, Cripps or Gawn.
SilverLion: Early days @raspel
th3rio: whats the deal with gawn? some one said he was walking laps.
circle52: Agree PB but 2 possessions in 16 minutes from a 30+ average possession player not looking good.
Apachecats: reckon he’s a big chance to be a late out th3rio and most have no cover.
th3rio: whats happened to him apach?
Raspel31: Agree Silver but Scott Selwood pretty dogged- time to plan ahead.
Apachecats: Still too early PB?
SilverLion: Weak as power as usual GAJ
Apachecats: Very light work on the track this week with a fetlock in bandages.
TheOnyas: onya shielsy
PowerBug: Yes, Titch can score 50+ in a quarter, at HT you can start worrying 😛
th3rio: scotty doing a great job on titch
teachrtony: General soreness thr3rio, with Goody adament he’s good to play. walked laps on Friday’s training.
th3rio: with 0 trades my ring hole is shaking
Umpirespet: Game style not suiting Titch today start worrying
th3rio: PB id be worried, scooter has completely shut him down, tag is working.
teachrtony: Great vc call so fat Umps.
PowerBug: And Titch still has about 20 before QT.
JockMcPie: Don’t doubt Titch >:(
pcaman2003: Duncan you useless flog,get moving.
th3rio: danger was on 100 at HT couple weeks back and finished on 130 so im not convinced
th3rio: titch is a freak, i just dont think he’ll go 150 today
StuL: Vc danger would have been nice.
SilverLion: 32 at 1/4 time, on track for 120. Yeahhh not worried
Raspel31: You want a lot more than 120 from your cap in the finals though Silver- but it’s a game of chance.
Apachecats: Ok Power Bug I’ll get off his back for ahile.
Rilian: Bandaid for Tuohy – In rooms at QT with right wrist/hand issue.
Umpirespet: Exactly Raspel had Titch VC before game but opp have him so a chance/risk was needed
teachrtony: Can see Titch going 130ish. Ha, then the decisions.
PowerBug: he has 32 in a QT where there were complaints saying he was bad. Imagine if he did well 😛
SilverLion: Confirmed danger is immune to htb
Umpirespet: Known that for years Silver
snake_p: #freekickgeelong
th3rio: I love u tomahawk
th3rio: No i dont
Umpirespet: Titch going backwards
th3rio: Everyone went backwards pet
Fatbar5tad: How many goals does Guthrie cost us FMD
SilverLion: Hawks winning the free count @snake
pcaman2003: Duncan holding back. Try going for he ball ya weak sod.
snake_p: SL not how many its where you get them that matters
pcaman2003: Where r u Titch? I need you buddy.
StuL: Ok we need that point now
Fatbar5tad: Squeal like a cut snake when you win the frees count
Umpirespet: Snake don’t both these teams play for the umps favourites cup?
frenzy: icicle titchell, useless
DrSeuss: Get Danger on the ball
Raspel31: Yup pcaman- yet to touch the pill this quarter.
kano: Hawks fans moaning about umps. Comical.
snake_p: umpirespet I think the cats are premiership favourites
pcaman2003: Flower you Breust!
Apachecats: Titch saving himself for the last 5 mins again.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. With Titch and Duncan,I’m on death row here.
Fatbar5tad: Letting the Hawks rack up the marks. A recipient for a loss.
original: Swapped vc from danger to Titch 45seconds before the bounce. I know supercoach me
th3rio: Come on Hawkins ffs
Rilian: Stanley out for game with calf issue.
Umpirespet: Cats in trouble here can’t move the ball forward
pcaman2003: Young Worpel super impressive
Bulky: Chris Scott has to go. He can’t get the best out of this squad. 8 years is long enough.
SilverLion: Whyd ya drop Abbott Scott, he was good last week and would be pretty helpful right now
th3rio: Crap who’s their backup truck?
th3rio: Ruck lol
original: Chris Scott is a dud, consider geelong s list ladybug few years, does not get the best out of them
PowerBug: Blicavs and Henry will do the ruck work I think
SilverLion: Thought those shoves were 50 this week?
Bulky: Clarkson would have nabbed 4 flags minimum with the Geelong squads of the last 8 years.
Raspel31: Okay, before half time descends the Titch VC a no go. Thoughts for options?
Umpirespet: PB must be in the foetal position about now he did say 1/2 time
PowerBug: PB is not a foetal position can confirm, my VC has 90!
Umpirespet: Mine has 93
StuL: Muppet for Scott.
PowerBug: Yeah 93, updated since 😛
TheOnyas: onya smithy
original: Titch can Still scores
pcaman2003: Cats will come back 2nd half IMO.
Gotigres: I’m tossing up between Grundy and Macrae Raspel. Gawn didn’t fully train during the week and supposedly has a leg proble
Umpirespet: Grundy, Kelly, Oliver
pcaman2003: I’m going either Grundy or Cripps for C now if Titch fails.
th3rio: Wow Hawkins minus 6 for that htb
Umpirespet: Grundy doesn’t score big at Etihad
StuL: Missed one with Worpel. Should have kept him at home.
Raspel31: Yeah, not touching Gawn with that leg issue. And Stef seems to have Grundy’s measure. Cripps or Kelly or even Oliver?
Rilian: Bernie Vince dislocated shoulder in VFL today.
Lewysport: Grundy averaging 130 at Etihad this year umpire!
Rilian: Dangerfield limped off with corky.
th3rio: Please tell me danger is ok
th3rio: Yay
Umpirespet: Levy a 150 against a no ruck dogs and only 109 against saints… Not getting excited over that and Lions like Etihad
Umpirespet: Lewy *
Raspel31: Ha th3rio- but something tells me you’re not alone.
th3rio: Def not
Sloan4Pres: why are the ferals booing ablett?
teachrtony: Rasp, Clarry will get Hewitt
th3rio: Standard danger stopping after ht
pcaman2003: Damn you Duncan. Go Hawks!
Umpirespet: Poppy was htb there
Raspel31: Clarry will get Hewitt does not compute teach?
Umpirespet: Sydney’s Hewitt will tag Oliver
StuL: Ablett booed for getting a free
teachrtony: clayton Oliver will get tagged by Hewitt, don’t Captain him.
Raspel31: Thanks Ump-I remain a mere Pom.
th3rio: Geelong been very sloppy
pcaman2003: Hawks tackling very fierce.
Raspel31: And thanks teach.
Umpirespet: Oliver’s nickname is Clarry
Raspel31: Yep, got that ump.
lukat: brought in ablett this week! Go on you little master
StuL: Too many kids that arent up to it on our team. Scott always playing for a future that never comes
Umpirespet: Danger nearly safe for C
SilverLion: That went 5 metres
Raspel31: I’d almost lock him in now Ump- you went Danger ahead of Titch?
Umpirespet: Yup… Last minute decision:)
lukat: hawks likely finishing top 4 if they win this?
shaker: Yep Danger C looking good most opponents went Mitchell
Raspel31: Good call Ump- for me down to Cripps or Kelly.
th3rio: Hawkins prob score -3 this qtr I hate u
Umpirespet: Our Tagger is knight and he is injured so rekon Kelly will go ok
th3rio: Kelly has only gone huge against bottom 6 teams fyi
teachrtony: Umps, I reckon Greenwood will get Kelly.
Umpirespet: We are bottom 8 th3rio lol not much difference
lukat: big quarter please breust
Umpirespet: He may Tony
th3rio: Haha meant the likes of suns blues etc :p plus sauce should dominate nit outs
Umpirespet: We are also guaranteed at least 2 injuries per game lol
Raspel31: teach- you’re wiping out my choices-Oliver and Kelly- so Cripps?
teachrtony: ha ha, I’m sticking with Gawn atm, but probably Cripps otherwise. will depend on scores and op choices.
Umpirespet: Cripps will get Banfield
teachrtony: Also, as a Crowes supporter, am hoping Kelly is well held.
Raspel31: Ha ha Umps.
shaker: Banfield not a great tagger
th3rio: Cripps twice the size of banfield lol
Umpirespet: True Shaker
teachrtony: Grundy went huge against Swans, so Gawn first choice.
shaker: Mitchell going ok maybe he might get a decent yet
Raspel31: Gawn will play- but they’ll rest him as much as possible. Leg issues. No huge score.
faisca7: Might take 115 from Titch, not too confident in the others this week
original: Umpires love big moments
Rilian: Was a great call though. Deliberate all day, but tried to make it look like he tried to keep it in. Brave call good call
pcaman2003: Free kick Geelong
pcaman2003: FFS! Now Geelong will get over the line with momentum.
Raspel31: Come on Cats- you can do this!
Rilian: lol. Not watching Q2 and Q3 pcaman?
Gotigres: Great game now
kano: Hawks fans still crying about the umps lol. Laughable
Umpirespet: Nice Danger
jocka: Not a decent footballer if you can’t convert from there
jocka: times two
Lewysport: Now for Duncan to kick the winning goals.
original: Can’t wait to see Scott crack it about something
kano: Duncan has been rubbish today
Raspel31: Ah well, come on Spurs in the EPL- God bless and goodnight.
The0Grrr: Don’t the Scott’s normally blame the Umpires @Original?
kano: Lol thats 50m
shaker: Guessing Scott will have other things to worry about than Tiges being beatable
pcaman2003: Best team won on the day. Fantastic game as usual between these 2
original: Well they’ve can’t blame the players and they can’t blame themselves so I guess you’re right
Lewysport: Hoping for a saving grace Kano.
AFL Blues: At the ‘G., Shaker… They can easily be beaten interstate.
Rilian: Geelong should still make 8 on % if we win the next 2, but not all in our hands obviously.
shaker: Not looking like they will have to go interstate AFL Blues
th3rio: hawkins cant kick for shit
AFL Blues: You will.

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