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Chat log from R21 of 2018: Essendon vs St Kilda

Chat log for Essendon vs St Kilda, R21 of 2018

snake_p: How’s the arm Monty?
Gelly: not gona lie, not really looking forward to this game
snake_p: agreed Gelly bombers by 10 goals
cusch1: not gonna lie, not looking forward to it either. We win and media talk up wasted season. we lose, and we all know
Ash777: couldn’t saints find a older previous player for 45 than billings?
Chelskiman: Evening, lads. Need Merrett to go big and Heppell to stay low tonight.
Sloan4Pres: Saints will smash them
JockMcPie: Dunno about the L plates on Freeman
Umpirespet: Thought pre game VC on Zerret probably should have
Ash777: yeah he should be on P
Ash777: my vc is titch and kelly c
Sixty656: piss off Heppell with your ‘injury’
th3rio: bloody hell i love zerrett but tag him u fools
Ash777: freeman looks like he’ll be a good player
Raspel31: My coup last week was having Gaff and having him take out my bench cover, sigh. Carn Dons.
Chelskiman: Heppell bullies shit teams. Wish he would fuck off.
pcaman2003: Holiday for Brown coming.
Sixty656: not a high bump, just a shit late one
DrSeuss: Should have fielded Pierce instead of Stef
Lewysport: Not watching but whatโ€™s with Saad and BJ?
frenzy: Brown mess out there
cusch1: Brown can fuck right off. Dirty sniper
Raspel31: Saad’s head was like a kewpie doll- poor fellow. You gone Brown- long time.
Ash777: there goes dons run and playmakers
carlton_99: Great too see there from Saad. Hope he gets wellasap
JockMcPie: BJ knee hyperextension, Saad KO’d by Brown, bad whiplash more than head high, but will get weeks
grechy76: now thats where we need a red card. saints still have 22 essendon -1 dis-advantage
carlton_99: But can you be reported/sanctioned for a late bump that isnt high. Not say he shouldnt just unaware of the rule.
Sixty656: Can someone club heppell like that now
Ash777: will miss the last 2 games of the season
Lewysport: Cheers Jock.
Pusti: Hey, umps, don’t give the Bombers a free, no matter what happens.
Chelskiman: @Sixty, I don’t normally promote violence but that would be nice.
Ash777: the umps gave an advantage when he was bumped
Sixty656: Traded gaff to Cripps over Zerrett :/
SilverLion: Merrett actually has high TOG im shocked
pcaman2003: WQho wanted Heppel low before? Start praying!
Pusti: Ash777: Should’ve been a free down the ground.
MONEY TALK: pathetic freekick and 50
carlton_99: HAHA how was that a free. That was soo soft.
cusch1: Pusti it was paid, advantage was taken by Fantasia
Chelskiman: That was me, pcaman.
JockMcPie: Softest free + 50 ive ever seen i reckon, umps making a statement to get rid of niggle
Ash777: they had a chance to have a shot at goal and blew it.
thommoae: No class 656. Chelski – you too. Not funny or clever.
Carnster: redden or ross as pod do you reckon
Sixty656: After that there better be 50 – 50m penalties paid this week
carlton_99: @Jock 100% agree couldn’t believe that decision
SilverLion: Flower you Billings
Pusti: They would’ve had a better chance if the down the ground free had been paid, as it normally would.
StuL: yay Billings
Ash777: lol mini bbrown
Pusti: cusch1: OK, I didn’t hear the call, it looked like it was just play on.
GOOD: yes GOOD has the C on billings
wadaramus: 50 point quarter, thanks for all the early season nothings Billings.
JockMcPie: Billings doing his audition for next fantasy season, gonna rope us all in with a good last 4 round average…
MONEY TALK: got billings and zerret from this hehe
Carnster: this mni legdends is good hahaha
circle52: @Stul did not think anyone would still have Billings.
StuL: Billings will still go 110 from here.
Wends: Evening all. Pierce off.
Raspel31: Indeed- Billings irrelevant- no one would still have him.
TheOnyas: onya steeley
Burnsy03: this game is fucking shit, i bring in saad his week for cover fuck off
original: Bad miss
cusch1: Lets run through the mark twice and not have a 50 paid against me – fuck logic umpire
Sixty656: GO St Flogda
JockMcPie: Glad that wasn’t paid 50, no way could Armitage have done anything else
Ash777: those 50s shouldn’t be payed
Yelse: come on hurley need min 80 from you
Sixty656: Paton having a cracker
Carnster: Come on devon
pcaman2003: C’mon Smithy. Stop stagnating son.
JockMcPie: Smith listened @pcaman
pcaman2003: He did Jock. I like it!
DrSeuss: Slow down Ross – league opponent has you ffs
pcaman2003: You need a Voodoo doll DrZeuss.
DrSeuss: I know @pca he has gone nuts this quarter
cusch1: Fuck off umpire
carlton_99: Cant really argue with that @cusch
JockMcPie: Fair 50, and well done Freeman first goal good to see him getting a crack
Chelskiman: Fuck you, Heppell. >>
SilverLion: Steele tagging merrett, looks like hes finally worked out how to push through a tag
Sixty656: seriously, NathBrown go destroy heppell
original: How bad are the essendon collars. Why?!
pcaman2003: @Chelskiman. Borrow the Voodoo doll of DrZeus when he’s finished with it.
cusch1: Heritage jumper Original
Chelskiman: He’s literally running around on his own. Every time he gets it nobody is within 10m of him.
StuL: Pierce and Freeman! wHE
Ash777: how are saints so bad :/
StuL: Where were you about 15 rounds ago!?
SilverLion: Steele should tag heppell haha
MONEY TALK: go freeeman u good thing
Raspel31: That’s a pretty unpleasant thing to say 656 after what Brown did to Saad.
DrSeuss: Freeman and Pierce looking fantastic on my bench
Sixty656: aww
TheOnyas: onya rossy
DrSeuss: May need the Voodoo Doll a little longer for Ross – @pca
Wends: Who’d people pick in this game for perfect 9?
frenzy: Seb
Raspel31: Evening Wends- I went Zerrett.
Wends: Evening Raspel, I went Billings. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to playing…
wadaramus: First time I have played perfect 9 this year, I went Seb Ross.
Wends: 310k… will shout you three a case of your choice if I take it out ๐Ÿ™‚
Raspel31: Ha- I wish Wends.
wadaramus: Likewise ๐Ÿ™‚
Pusti: I went with Hep in perfect 9.
Wends: Mine’s a case of Mumm thanks wada.
wadaramus: Oh crap, I should have stated Coopers Pale Ale…
Chelskiman: At this rate if Merrett is within 50 points of Heppell it’ll be a good result.
pcaman2003: C’mon Smithy! Not a good qtr mate.
Wends: Vs’ing Hepp in a SC league final, luckily they also have Hurley. Although prob shldn’t say that out loud.
frenzy: Hurls aint no Rance, Wends
Nuffman: Don’s winning the FK count… Never thought I’d see the day
Carnster: billins choke again
Wends: No final quarter junk time then Frenzy?
frenzy: wont see the ball, saints are shocking
missmagic: freemans goal would lift any other team,for the saints the cue goes in the rack
TheOnyas: onya smithy
Pusti: Bristle’s wonder if the Bombers are being overprecautious with Orazio.
Pusti: 8wondering
MONEY TALK: they will outrun us even with 4 down
TigersMan1: What are peoples thoughts on this POD trade? Gaff to Duncan?
Raspel31: Precautious was indeed a thing of beauty and wonderment Pusti.
original: ZErrett was on 48 just before QT so I guess I am disappointed lol
Pusti: Raspel31: It’s more betterer than underprecautious.
SilverLion: Injury subs would be better than a red card tbh
Wends: Billings ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Raspel31: Very overprepresumptuous Pusti.
pcaman2003: Billings the!
Pusti: Defiantly, Raspel.
frenzy: bummers have tigers next week, Lol
Ash777: 1 player less on the field and saints still cant win
The39Steps: This, more than all the losses so far, is damming for Richardson. Playing 18 and getting murdered.
Ash777: I think richo will be gone at the end of the season if saints want to make wholesale changes
Nuffman: Francis looks so good
MONEY TALK: apparently richo is safe according to the boss
The39Steps: @ash – should be gone Monday arvo. Give one of the assistants a chance to show credentials. Then go to the market.
original: great spin by Francis
SilverLion: 10 tons in a row merrett, good stuff
PowerBug: My pre-season prediction was that Richardson would be sacked after Rd 21. Cmonnnnnnnn do it
circle52: agree Nuffman – Nice one there for Bombers. Looked composed tonight.
Wends: Whoever backed Seb for P9, good call.
Nuffman: @circle: and looks like he’s actually enjoying himself which is important, considering his hardships
JButcher: Fellas for draft do I take Armitage’s 94+ or risk taking whatever score burgoyne gets?
Ash777: was it parish or francis that wanted a trade to SA
circle52: I did as well Wends first time i have got the first week right.
original: ITs not richos fault
wadaramus: 1/9th of the way to a box of Mumm Wneds..
Nuffman: Francis, Ash777
Raspel31: You’re a shoe in wada- I’m chateau d’yquem.
SilverLion: Ross finishing the year strong, one to watch next year
Ash777: probably got the call he’ll be traded home. lol
wadaramus: That sounds like $3100 a bottle Raspel:)
TheOnyas: onya piercey
circle52: Who have you got tommorrow Wada I have gone Danger
circle52: Then Cotchin
wadaramus: Titch, Lambert, Westy, Grundy, Kelly.
Wends: Nice one circle… and thx wada. Address: 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

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