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Chat log from R22 of 2018: St Kilda vs Hawthorn

Chat log for St Kilda vs Hawthorn, R22 of 2018

Gotigres: Changed captain from titch to macrae at the last minute
pcaman2003: Titch good for 150+
Pusti: I accidentally left the C on Macrae in AF and took Grundy’s 162 in SC.
pcaman2003: Nicely done Pusti.
StuL: Worpel is going to be a gun. How did we let him go Chris? Falcons C.
StuL: Come on Wallabies. Stay in it for at least 20 mins.
BigChief: Wallabies? Which AFL team does he play for?
Hadouken: typical billings, horrid when i have him, plays ok when i dont
Hadouken: jacks up his price for next season at the end of current season. lol
pcaman2003: @Stuhl.You’re right about Worpel. He’ll be really good for us.
BigChief: I think he did the same last year Hadouken
DrSeuss: Damn Titch, getting killed by Steele??
MONEY TALK: steele all over titch, get him son
BigChief: Steele turning into the best tagger in the game.
MONEY TALK: steele has barely been beaten when tagging he is a big body and tackling machine
MONEY TALK: cmon billings 120 plus plz
Gotigres: One of my opponents doesn’t have Mitchell damn it
Lawls: Do us a favour Saints and beat Hawks please
pcaman2003: @Lawls. Are speaking for others ?
Haydo: last second change of captain from titch to cripps u absolute beauty
Haydo: yes pca i agree with him
MONEY TALK: i tipped saints, thought if steele can take out titch it helps us
DrSeuss: So last week Clarko was a genius, what happens if they lose to St Kilda?
Sixty656: Hawks still win by 40+
Manowar: Crippa should wrap up the brownlow tomorrow afternoon
MONEY TALK: did anyone hear richo lmao
Sixty656: This is fucked, my opp has Gunston and Hodge in draft league. FML.
FordyHawks: Lmao, will Cripps get 10 votes in the last 2 games?
Ash777: with gaff out he’s got a good chance
carlton_99: Browlow predictor on AFL website has cripps and mitchell on the same amount of votes.
Ash777: if GAJ can do it at suns cripps has a chance
FordyHawks: It also has yeo right up there.. lol
carlton_99: Cripps, Gawn, Grundy and mitchell are the best 4 this yr.
FordyHawks: If Titch doesn’t win the Brownlow then the medal is irrelevant and loses credibility
carlton_99: Prob wont win cause hes a defender @Fordy But gets votes in most games WC win.
carlton_99: Cripps has had a great year. So have Gawn and Grundy. Just as good as Mitchell’s season imo
FordyHawks: For anyone that has watched this season, it’s clearly Titch then a race for 2nd
Ash777: Yeo isn’t a defender he’s a wing/hbf
Ash777: but gaff would of took votes away anyways
BigChief: Cripps won’t win. He might poll in the most games, but will only be 1 votes.
BigChief: And before you say who will take votes off him, the opposition will.
Pokerface: Higgins for top 3
carlton_99: We have lost 8 games by >50. But in all other games he could poll 1-2 even when we lost, as the games were competitive
carlton_99: Mitchell superman logo?
BigChief: Exactly @99 Not enough to win the Brownlow.
carlton_99: 2 wins – 6 votes. And out of the games less then 50 points (11 games) if he can poll 1-2. He will be around the 20 mark
carlton_99: Which is what the predictor has
Ash777: Higgins is the dark horse of this season
BigChief: Mitchell will get 30+ votes so Cripps no chance imo
BigChief: Mitchell Gawn and Higgins top 3
carlton_99: Predictor has mitchell at 21. Nothing today only one other game left.
StuL: Cripps plays for losers = no chance.
Sixty656: Brownlow Predictor is as acurate as the Fantasy coach.
carlton_99: Tell that to Ablett who won it with GCS.
Haydo: i agree with bigchief cripps has been the most influential player this year but will only get 1’s cus the rest of carlto
Ash777: Jack Lonie to hawks. Lock it in.
BigChief: Cripps will get 16 at most.
wadaramus: Surely Gawn and Grundy are a chance for Charlie?
Haydo: carlton is shit and umpires usually only give 3 and 2 to the winning team
Pokerface: goggle brownlow predictions and all sites are different. don’t hang your hat on one
BigChief: Hahahaha comparing Ablett to Cripps. SMH
StuL: Cripps is not GAJ.
carlton_99: @BigChief. I used the example to show that a player can win in a losing team. Not saying Cripps is >GAJ
BigChief: @Haydo unless you’re Robert Walls and give all votes to Freo in a 77 pt loss
FordyHawks: Lol
TheOnyas: onya steeley
Pokerface: the brownlow is not supercoach.
FordyHawks: But on a serious note… wake the hell up Hawks… this Gould have been over by quarter time -.-
Ash777: Grundy has only appeared a stand out from the 2nd half of the year.
original: cmon titch
FordyHawks: *should
wadaramus: If anything, Grundy has been even more consistent than Gawn, not racking up 50 possessions but still..
Pokerface: the real dark horse is dusty. his big games are 3 voters and you forget he will be at least 10-12 in the first 6 rounds
carlton_99: How was that deliberate haha
FordyHawks: Wow, deliberate… hahaha put your saints shirt back on ump
carlton_99: If Martin wins there is a real problem with the Brownlow.
PowerBug: Danger is still Danger as well, I reckon he will poll well 🙂
Ash777: sidebottom, treleor and pendles would of took votes away from grundy.
Pokerface: he wont win, titch will win by 8 votes. but he could well place
original: macrae to steal it hehe
wadaramus: Dusty has been fairly average, don’t reckon he’ll get more than ten votes. Richmond too many even contributors.
Pokerface: but a handful of 3 votes is better than a stack of 1 voters
wadaramus: Grundy has been dominant for the Pies, even with the midfield bias.
Ash777: a dogs brownlow would be good for their horror season
faisca7: Mitchell is always so desperate for possessions. He screams for it even if he’s in a worse spot than the bloke with it
Ash777: Treloar would of got the 3 votes for his games before injury
wadaramus: Titch would be a worthy winner, but I think Grundy/Gawn have been far more influential ingame results.
Pokerface: sidey too. grundy will hardly poll before the byes
faisca7: I think Coniglio could poll a few
BigChief: I think a few rucks have been more influential this year that Titch., but his stats are massive.
Pokerface: conigs started like a bat out of hell. im on him to be leading after round 6
Pokerface: rucks don’t win brownlows
faisca7: Fyfe dominated the first half of the year
wadaramus: His numbers highlight his work rate, but is his influence as great as Gawn/Grundy?
Pokerface: yes
wadaramus: Jim Stynes, Scott Wynd.
carlton_99: Throughout the whole year the influence of Cripps, Gawn and Grundy > Mitchell. But TMitch just gets so much of the ball
MONEY TALK: cmon boiz
carlton_99: that umps notice him
BigChief: I tip Fyfe to lead after 6 rounds. He was a monster.
Pokerface: umps don’t watch tapwork apart from infringements, so any of that won’t influence votes
Ash777: man 20 mins without a goal
BigChief: How was that not 15 to Schoenmakers?
wadaramus: Not just tapwork Poker, Gawn/Grundy do plenty aronud the ground.
Pokerface: yeah fyfe clear favourite to be leading after 6, deservedly so
original: titch a perfect awkward score like 112 will be great thanks
Ash777: go sainters
Pokerface: thank you gresham
Crowls: cmon saints
MONEY TALK: it would be great if we got one fucken deliberate
pcaman2003: Hawks,easy!. Thankyou
BigChief: This has been a good game to watch.
faisca7: Mcevoy or Gunston star
StuL: Fing hawks
Ash777: 3 gunston, 2 steele, 1 burgoyne most likely

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