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Chat log from SF of 2018: Hawthorn vs Melbourne

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Melbourne, SF of 2018

J.Worrall: Good Luck, mynt0
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
The0Grrr: Go Deemondo’s!
Jukes82: Hawks great value this game
frenzy: ten minutes in m0nty
The0Grrr: How important is TMac!
DMS774: Barrel from the kick in is proof we don’t need an 18m goal square
pcaman2003: Frawley playing for Melbourne again. Useless!
pcaman2003: Terrible turnovers from both sides.
The0Grrr: Wasn’t sorry to see him go.
Jukes82: Frawley is past his best, they should be going after steven may
pcaman2003: May would be real handy.
The0Grrr: Titch in trouble again. Shoulder.
pcaman2003: Not looking good for us if Titch finished.
pcaman2003: FFS Frawley.Go home!
The0Grrr: No! Crikey we don’t want him back!
Ash777: didn’t hawks learn from cats last week? LOL
pcaman2003: Undisciplined again Hawks. Grrr!
Gotigres: As a neutral supporter i say go melbourne
Jukes82: nahh
pcaman2003: Hawks tanking! 6 points in a row.
Jukes82: lol, hawks right in this. poor conversion hurt. should be infront tbh.
Raspel31: I think anyone with a heart and a soul says go Melbourne.
Moona: Wouldn’t surprise me to see Hawks win this, but next week would be much better if the Dees win
Ash777: dees have similarities to dogs in 2016. Huge Hunger for the ball.
Jukes82: agree mooona, hawks dominated that 1/4. But dees have more weapons to challenge WCE
pcaman2003: The pain is setting in. Melbourne too godo at present.
Gotigres: Anyone else had problems printing out their premiership certificate in sc?
Ash777: Hawks kicking into the 50 is woeful.
pcaman2003: Finally!
pcaman2003: Our defence is too loose
pcaman2003: Second half like last week. We’re gone,and so am I. See you next year gents.
casey22: @gotigres. Yep, ran out of paper after first 5
Gotigres: Mine doesn’t print out the background casey, only the words. Glad to know you also had problems casey lol
Gotigres: game still alive pcaman
Ash777: ouch. That 1 was so gettable.
Raspel31: As I listen to The The on the stereo, this is the day that things fall into place. Go Melbourne.
Ash777: deja vu much?
Jackwatt$: Me & m0ntys friendship has never had a test like this b4. BTW Go Dee3e3ss5s5s!
Jackwatt$: Bet Chip Frawley wishes he never left!
Ash777: but frawley already has his medal
StuL: Worst rule ever. Just get rid of it!
Ash777: umps must of finally got payed
Jukes82: good decision
circle52: Clarko had drinks with umps at 3/4 time.
circle52: Agree about the rule Stu – Could cost teams in finals.
Ash777: kind of hard not to fall in the back of roughy when you he bumps into you
StuL: The only reason the hawks fought back was idiotic frees.
jfitty: Hubbard still can’t ton up haha
Ash777: you spoke too soon
Jukes82: goood work dees, hawks had a crack unlike the muppets last week
runt: Lions beat them twice so so big deal for the demons

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