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Chat log from R20 of 2018: Hawthorn vs Essendon

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Essendon, R20 of 2018

cusch1: So pumped for this game. It’s going to be a fizzer
duckky: Yay Tippa
Raspel31: So want Dons to win this and so need Titch to go huge. Horns of a dilemna.
Costanza: run ’em off their stumpy legs
Jukes82: anyone using dangers score for C?
duckky: Come on – that was a clanger to Mitchell!
duckky: Heppel as a tagger? I’m not sure about that one
PowerBug: I thought Essendon were gonna put time into Titch? ๐Ÿ˜›
duckky: Heppel allegedly tagging Titch
MONEY TALK: exactly y i tipped dons, hawks r shit
MONEY TALK: i took the vc score of danger jukes
duckky: But Mitchell has 8 possessions for no impact on scoreboard.
Jukes82: its not looking good is it money
GOOD: GOOD has duckwood as c
Raspel31: Absolutely- why tag Titch when you’re all over them. Set Titch free.
duckky: GOOD are you a mispelt God?
PowerBug: Oh yeah I agree, while it’s working what’s the point. But they aren’t doing what they said ๐Ÿ˜›
GOOD: @duckky, i am greater than GOD
Gotigres: traded out o’meara for macrae this week
lukat: come on breusty
duckky: Well Powerbug – that due to the lopsided free kick count. /sarc
Umpirespet: Cmon Hurley u useless plodder
MONEY TALK: keep going zerret glad i held
FordyHawks: Come on Hawks! 10 goals better on paper.. now do the same on the scoreboard
duckky: Hurley cought out trying to score the flassh goal rather than doing his job
FordyHawks: Deliberate… wow
JockMcPie: Hawks maybe 2 goals better on paper, not 10 LOL
FordyHawks: Lol, having a few beers.. might be a bit over excited ๐Ÿ™‚
Umpirespet: They are quick with htb compared to last night
Gotigres: O’meara to go 130+ this week
Raspel31: Just a tad Fordy.
duckky: Goddard is so frustrating
FordyHawks: My bad Rasp, lol those Hawks v Bombers highlights get everyone fired up ๐Ÿ™‚
FordyHawks: Swap you Chip for Goddard
cusch1: I dont know why Goddard gets so much hate for
duckky: MAybe because he bags teammates so much cusch.
cusch1: …But…he doesnt?
shaker: Ha ha so much for the Bombers putting some work into Mitchell
Raspel31: No sweat Fordy- exciting game.
FordyHawks: Well that should not have been a goal. Whereโ€™s the free kick to Hawks
duckky: 15 possessions Mitchell. 18 Possesssions Merrett.
cusch1: Goddard leads and demands the best from his teammates. Need to see more players like him
cusch1: Fordy wheres the free against Morrison for the throw?
Raspel31: I think he upsets a few cusch- lead by example- not by abuse.
cusch1: He only upsets some fans. The players love him by all reports
duckky: Cusch – some days BJ is a match winner. Some days he is off his game. Sometimes he stuffs up and growls at team mates.
duckky: No arguent that his team mates love him.
Vich: well what are they gonna say? That they hate his guts??
cusch1: He makes one mistake a game and everyone bites his head off.
JButcher: Shiels is having a shocker
cusch1: Watch idiot fans on socials blame him for not marking that ball when it was a sh!t kick to him
Costanza: 2 Vic teams at G on a Sat arvo – the best
Raspel31: For once my opp no VC on Titch- go Titch and go Dons.
Vich: A champ but hasn’t won a match for his team for yonks
JRedden: to be honest mitchell is playing amazing, should silence the critics
luke394: Tom Mitchell is one of the biggest fantasy pigs I’ve seen in a long time
cusch1: He is a defender…who is averaging 25+ disposals a game? probably at 80+% efficiency too
lukat: good boy breusty
BigChief: I wouldn’t call BJ a defender. Yes he plays in backline, but defend? Never.
Vich: yeah with 23% contested… bruise free these days for BJ
duckky: Scrap the goal review. That is crazy.
cusch1: He plays off half back where he rebounds??? Do you have any understanding of football?
cusch1: And not all players need to play contested football?….
duckky: Cusch – sorry I brought it up. Can we move on?
BigChief: So you class him as a defender? Name the last time he actually played on someone and actually defended them.
Vich: And the last game the ‘ match winner’ won for his team? Turn it up you Lemon
Raspel31: Can we forget about Goddard and move on- pleez
cusch1: He plays at half back…Key word is “back”
cusch1: Also, you called him a match winner, and no one else Vich.
shaker: Yeah forget Goddard the Hawks are on top ATM
DrSeuss: Zerrett and Smith done nothing for 15 minutes
Lewysport: Worsfold has the VC on Titch.
BigChief: Yes cusch key word is back, not defender which he is not.
Vich: believe that was duck.. Read much?
Raspel31: Cannot believe my opp didn’t VC Titch- might save my bacon yet.
original: Any chance Hurleyโ€™s score is a joke? He went from 30 to overtaking zerrett within minutes ffs
Vich: and if you look at the stats, saad and mckenna average more Rebound 50s than Goddard. who doesnt understand footy??
Umpirespet: Very pleased Original
jocka: Is Schoenmakers the worst footballer playing these days?
BigChief: Mitchell might have 30 disp at 1/2 time.
Apachecats: He’d be a finalist jocka.
JButcher: James Parsons might be a close second jocka
Umpirespet: And Buther Butch
Umpirespet: But he is not playing atm
duckky: Worsfold being massively outcoached
Raspel31: Very disappointed in your last 5 minutes Titch. And go Dons.
original: Bros on mobile, is zerrett efficiency like 18%? 22 possies and just 52sc is woeful sadface
gingjok: 95 in a half is cap worthy ?
zadolinnyj: hey boys. If one emergency does not play, will the 2nd emergency score in that position count if a 0 on field
PowerBug: yes
MONEY TALK: 54 for zerret @original
BigChief: @ original. it is 54%
Apachecats: you would get the second emerg. score.
MONEY TALK: a goal or some good play should fix zerret. well i hope so
zadolinnyj: ta. Want to use twitch but long on bench as emergency
Raspel31: Yep.
BigChief: @zad lowest player who plays is used.
zadolinnyj: thanks lads
original: Thanks bigchief and MONEY sigh
FordyHawks: Hurley.. stay down
BigChief: nooo Fordy. Need him to get at least 1/2 Mitchell’s score.
Apachecats: That’ll be about 100 Big Chief.
BigChief: Mitchell should get 200+ as Worsfold won’t tag him.
BigChief: Hey m0nty why does the filter change Fa gan to Heroan?
PowerBug: can’t work it out BC? Pretty self explanatory I’d have thought
cusch1: Fagan
m0nty: think about it BigChief
cusch1: First three leters of his name being a derogatory name for gays?
m0nty: back on the game please
shaker: What the first 3 is fag you have to be joking
Raspel31: Lol M0nty.
shaker: The world has gone crazy hope I can use the word crazy
MONEY TALK: go zerret
Apachecats: Mitchell is welcome to his 200 if bombers win this.
Raspel31: People have been banned for using that word shaker- step cautiously.
SilverLion: 26 possies for 61 SC, im guessing zerrett has been a butcher as usual?
scrappers: no shakers you might offend someone!!!
hinsch: looks like Olanga from WCE is my C again this week
Vich: Bellchambers still with the shield?? Well I’m offended! ๐Ÿ™‚
TigersMan1: Anyone know if Logan Austin is gonna be playing tonight?
SilverLion: Lol eddie yeah if we can make correct decisions lets make wrong ones instead
Raspel31: Wherefore hast thou gone pig?
Vich: Not even an Emergency
luke394: cmon Hurley and Smith
BigChief: Stringer out with ankle injury by the looks of it.
cusch1: what was the difference between the breust and stringer hcopping the arms? lol
original: would be a great result for both DSmith and Zerrett to beat hurley score. zerrett does 10 things for 10 possies for 10sc
Gotigres: Titch gone to sleep
BigChief: Dropkick goal there. LOL
original: and hurley only needs one touch to go +10 sc lol i know i know
Apachecats: Titch 29 point 1/4 slowed up tg for that.
Apachecats: went macrae vc and maxy the c
original: 9 touches for 18 sc zerrett that qtr, av 2 sc per touch ffs
TheOnyas: onya smithy
TheOnyas: onya titchy
TigersMan1: Should I take Mitchells VC score or do I go with Oliver against Gold Coast?
Apachecats: he’s missing the target @original.
Apachecats: bird in the hand rule applies tigers
Raspel31: Silly question Tigers until the quarter plays out.
cusch1: I hope Colyer never plays another game
Costanza: nobody really deserves to don No.32
Apachecats: Barry Davis?
cusch1: How the fuck does Zerrett not get a free kick after getting put on his ass
duckky: $%^& Goddaard
original: shocked umpire didnt pay a free right there lol
Fatbar5tad: Goddard the muppet
original: cusch agree! gutless umpiring. so bad i had to rewind to show the wife lol
casey22: Good goal, Goddard
Raspel31: Thanks Goddard- not!
duckky: Free Kick Hawthorn is back
Fatbar5tad: Has Stratton ever played a better ga me Han this Hawfies?
Apachecats: Typical Goddard effort ,that sort of thing is his trademark (and mouthing off at team mates)
original: cmon devon
cusch1: Hooker pushed out of the contest, nah lets pay deliberate against them
casey22: Goodard has to retire: times up
cusch1: Lets get involved umps, cant have essendon being a successful side again
Fatbar5tad: Than this ffs
banners87: Stratt’s almost best on at the moment!
Apachecats: Goddard should never be allowed to kick out ever again ,hope he retires actually.
luke394: wtf Hurley and Smit score
bongidongi: stratton bog
Raspel31: Not alone there Apache- just don’t tell cusch.
Fatbar5tad: Hawks have the answers.
Apachecats: no I won’t tell him
cusch1: Definitely shouldn’t be kicking out. McKenna should be
runners47: Should have dropped you this week like I planned, Goddard – time is up.
Costanza: cmon!!!!
lukat: 85 please breust
bongidongi: francis has had a mare
original: hello devon where are you??
duckky: Surely that was a freee to Bellchambers
cusch1: they evened that one up duckky
original: hurley +3 for a kick in? plz
duckky: Wheres the 50 for that?
Fatbar5tad: Do or die!
duckky: I want to test the swear filter about Stratton
Fatbar5tad: Stratton again! Massive game.
duckky: Heppell apparently doesn’t have a back
original: not deliberate wow
duckky: Ump love – Mitchell should have gone for deliberate
DrSeuss: Come on Devon
Raspel31: Bummer- but we gave it a good nudge.
Apachecats: thats a goal monty
original: cmon dev
Apachecats: the goal Goddard gave them??
duckky: Stratton for Star
cusch1: that was a fucking throw
Apachecats: Next year Bombers.
original: wowowow
pcaman2003: Well done Hawks! Good game by both sides.
Apachecats: flower you Goddard
Raspel31: That’s what I hate about Goddard- flowers up and blames others- but valiant attempt lads.
TasDevil: heart stopper
cusch1: Who the fuck is he blaming here? He knows that this one is on him. Get over yourselves
GOOD: GOOD glad i didn’t captain titch over duckweed
GOOD: haha essendon
Costanza: Gunston star
Jukes82: sucked in muppets!!! lmaoo
banners87: Stratt’s star.
cusch1: in syaing that fuck you gooddard
duckky: Worsfold outcoached

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