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Chat log from R20 of 2018: Richmond vs Geelong

Chat log for Richmond vs Geelong, R20 of 2018

th3rio: hey fam
BigChief: hi all
casey22: got to get this info up quicker
th3rio: brought in hawkins and have looped him and dusty, hope i havent stuffed anything up
casey22: 3 minutes into game & no info!!!!!!
Burnsy03: anyone know whos out longer between savage and adams?
BigChief: Why casey? As long as it comes up eventually.
ReggieOz: Hey all..Good luck with your finals
Gotigres: Need 90+ from you Higgins to be loopholed in. Otherwise will prob need to Trade Sicily out.
Raspel31: Evening all- no vested interested in this- just Danger. But at the pointy end good luck with your teams one and all.
th3rio: mines working casey
Hannibal: evening all…TFIF
th3rio: savage is out for the year burnsy
BigChief: Stanley late out @Burnsy
Burnsy03: ty th3rio couldnt find anyhting other than it was his hammy
BigChief: Oh nevermind Burnsy. I didn’t see 2nd line.
cusch1: Looks like Rance has already moved off Hawkins #lol
Ash777: interested in how lloyd goes because bulldogs might be looking to trade him in
th3rio: what are the chances tim smith plays this week?
frenzy: lift Jnr
Raspel31: My question exactly th3rio- my loop- we’ll know tomorrow.
Burnsy03: unlikely unless key melb big men are injured and i dont think any are carrying anything.
TheLegend6: Richmond vs Umpires again tonight how goods footy
BigChief: If a big man is out for Dees Pederson would come in I think.
th3rio: Sunday Rasp, i cant bare it all weekend hahha. Last week they were saying hogan looks sore.
th3rio: hope so BC
jocka: TheLegend6 Sooking already? Gives us a break
Breezey: Jacky Boy. Great goal
Ash777: richmond dont need umps to win
Gotigres: Dusty looking for easy possies
Raspel31: But Viney and Melksham out- a definite chance Smith on- hope not.
TheLegend6: @Jocka not having a sook mate won’t change the result, would be nice to no get killed by the umps though
th3rio: with ya rasp
Raspel31: And yep- Sunday the3rio
SilverLion: BT+Bruce+Lingy…fantastic…
Ash777: tigers won last week with nothing but pressure acts
grechy76: oh no not another lloydddddddddd bt must love it
TheOnyas: onya griggy
Gotigres: Def free to Geelong for htb 20m out in front of goal
Roksta: Richmond pressure means they give away more frees
th3rio: come on tomahawk got rid of buddy for u i dont need another buddy
BigChief: Danger into Mitchell this week.
SilverLion: Aye lingy, aye?
TheLegend6: Why would you trade danger?
th3rio: didnt like gawn BC?
Gotigres: Abbott lol
Raspel31: You have trades to trade primos at this stage BigChief- I’m thinking that’s a joke.
TheLegend6: oh VC haha thought you traded hahaha
Ash777: dusty down
SilverLion: Stanley might not get back in
grechy76: hawkins should have a frying pan logo. just a flash
SilverLion: Flower Bruce makes a lot of rhetorical questions
th3rio: delivery to hawkins been shocking
jocka: TheLegend6 will be complaining about that push in the back next
BigChief: Not against Witts th3rio.
original: defs was a push in the side
th3rio: liam baker looks like a reincarnated butler
TheLegend6: @Jocka you a pies fan? Go back to sooking about injuries lmao
Jukes82: umps trying to influence this game, which won’t matter anyway
cusch1: Defs not complaining about the 8 meter kick to riewoldt on the siren…
BigChief: @Raspel it was VC into C
carlton_99: @TheLegend 6 to be fait the pies have had tons of injuries. Can’t say it wont have an effect on their finals chances
SilverLion: Ikr cusch
jocka: TheLegend6 No, I’m not a pies fan, and I don’t give a toss about injuries, so you just made yourself look like an idiot.
Raspel31: Got that BigChief- my English not so good. Hopefully no-one playing their mother tonight- last week kindergarten cops.
TheLegend6: @Jocka who do you support?
BigChief: Your English not so good? Are you not a pom?
Jukes82: calm down ladies
carlton_99: Simon Meredith loving his camera
BigChief: I see you have your fishing rod tonight @Jocka LOL
MONEY TALK: really hope dager gets more mid time
SilverLion: Just put a camera on the goal ump’s hat and use that for score reviews
Raspel31: Don’t out me in public BigChief.
BigChief: My bad Raspel 😛 I will shut up now.
original: whats with caddy just sitting on the outside for the last 2 months
jocka: TheLegend6 Everyone except you
jocka: BigChief Catching Muppets.
cusch1: Not sure what who jocka supports has anything to do with richmonds FK count…
th3rio: bloody hell dawkins
TheLegend6: @Jocka HAHAH okay boss you must be fun at parties
cusch1: How good is Selwood’s blood hitler stache?
carlton_99: haha how was that not 50 against Cotchin. Any other player would have been called
th3rio: fumbling everything. FFS
th3rio: butler lining up
SilverLion: 50 every day
happytimes: Baker looks like a rat
Ash777: they missed a high contact against selwood too
Silz90: R u related to jock mcpie?
th3rio: liam butler
grechy76: baker = tiprat milne
BigChief: Because it was Cotchin @99. #protectedplayer
duckky: Go VC Abblett – iproved his score by 450%
ReggieOz: High contact? He kicked the player in the head
carlton_99: @BigChief Exactly!
SilverLion: Give jelly his shield, spending more time back than in the guts
original: bakers haircut is putrid
cusch1: Why is that not downfield…
ReggieOz: So is his kicking 🙂
Umpirespet: Alex France taking a dive again
carlton_99: That was a free but come on Rance acts like he’s been shot.
SilverLion: Rance you are pathetic
cusch1: Would you like some mayonnaise? Rance seems to have some excess in the Tigers backline
Raspel31: So, Baker looks like a rat and has a bad haircut- fascinating footie insights.
th3rio: piss off rance
TyCarlisle: downfield= after kick. At contact= whilst kicking. Learn the rules.
Gotigres: Yes Higgins!
Ash777: that 1 was there for rance tho. Hawkins brainfade
chinkas: tigers are protected species
TheLegend6: Higgins is boss
Breezey: Clearly in the back against Hawkins. Mayo or not
Jukes82: rance the goat
ReggieOz: It;s going to cost him in the long run..Umps won’t give him frees
th3rio: hawkoooo
original: little mayo but didnt flop. im ok with how it went
TheLegend6: hahahaha Tigers protected species ya reckon
th3rio: hate ya hawko
SilverLion: Tiges fans like Hawkins it seems
th3rio: course hes fumbling bruce i brought him in an hour ago
duckky: Rance – will get both an AA and a Logie & Razzzie award nomination this year
original: selfish by castag ooft
SilverLion: Castagna doesnt pass within 50
JButcher: At least kick the goal Hawko if your gonna milk it, for my draft team’s sake
BigChief: Castagna should wear #29 to match his namesake.
grechy76: umps must think its kardinia park with these frees
Roksta: Cant stand rance because of acting
TheLegend6: You can’y stand Rance because he’s good
Woosha 73: Tim kelly ruined my confidence in him last week. Flower him!
Raspel31: I think unless you’re a Tigger Rocksta that the world hates Rance.
Haydo: bs free kicks r the only thing keeping Geelong in it
luke394: bloke I’m playing has Menegola and Selwood as POD’s I’m screwed lol
SilverLion: Henry outpositioned the superstar Rance? No wayyyy
MONEY TALK: bet theyd still call rance the best defender, he cant 1v1 for shit
cusch1: Rance just got pantsed by a 5th gamer
th3rio: lift hawkins u dud
original: its not because he is good, its because of the exaggeration and throwing head back etc. non club-fans hate that
SilverLion: Cant stand rance coz hes overrated fwiw
th3rio: sucked in vlastuin u filthy dog
Breezey: I would rather Rance than Selwood ducking every contest looking for high contact
Haydo: tbh honest don’t blame them for keeping the game interesting
BigChief: Abbott looks impressive early.
Nuffman: BS free there to Vlastiun… Paid two of those now.. pfft
TheLegend6: Jocka’s gone quiet
original: agree @bigchief. jinxed him with the free tho
SilverLion: Hate em both @breezey
Roksta: Rance is good but not a champion
BigChief: I am guessing the Tigers on here think that was a BS free against Edwards too.
TheOnyas: onya menagoly
Sixty656: Menagooaaallllaaa
Umpirespet: We should see Hardwick having a sook soon
TheLegend6: Rance is only our third best defender, media hypes him up, don’t hate him because of it
Raspel31: Grew up playing rugby- if you acted like Rance your own team mates wouldn’t talk to you at half time.
Breezey: That’s the difference between and supporters and clubs. Every club would love Rance playing for them
Pusti: Someone from Richmond must’ve forgot drop the brown paper bag off to the umpires this week.
SilverLion: Be nice to see richmond lose just so the media shuts up about them being unbeatable at the g
BigChief: Alex France is just like the soccer team. Wins a championship and takes dives.
colin wood: Menegola a great POD. 🙂
Sixty656: My SC match up for this is Menagola vs Hawkins… happy days
TheLegend6: I wouldn’t mind if we lost, be good wake up call and can attack the finals without being complacent
runt: ay Abbott, Ablett, Blicavs 3 times fast without a mistake and you are a genuine cunning linguist
BigChief: 1 thing Rich have not done but Carl have this year. Win interstate 😛
TheLegend6: Our interstate games have been against GWS, WCE, PA and Adel, what do you expect?
Umpirespet: Richmond don’t have the umps barracking for them interstate
Umpirespet: And we had 1/2 a side
TheLegend6: If we’d played Fremantle, Brisbane and gold coast away already we’d have won three
Roksta: Adel aren’t what they were
Jukes82: yeah its a shame instead of being 14-4 we could be 18-0. muppets
th3rio: brisbane would do you in
jocka: @TheLegend6 Sooking about the fixture now? 20 games at your home ground not enough?
TheLegend6: Adelaide still a tough game away, especially since they wanted revenge from GF and it early in the season
Umpirespet: Hey the king muppet is here
Raspel31: TheLegend- for a team with maybe one star you guts have done incredibly well.
TheLegend6: @Jocka nah mate too busy being top of the ladder to care
Jukes82: the pies actually have the easiest rated draw according to
Roksta: Yeah should get an easy draw after finishing top hey…
Jukes82: power stance!!
original: traded out caddy finally. tbh his sc should be 20
TheLegend6: @Raspel more than one I’d say, Cotch, Jack, Edwards elite just to name a few
jocka: TheLegend6 Just do us all a favour and stop sooking, Princess snowflake.
Umpirespet: Raspel Trent €ocktin is a star and Alex France
Raspel31: Lol Umpire
TheLegend6: @Jocka do us all a favour, hover over your name top of page and click logout
wadaramus: Cotchin got Jobe’s Brownlow, and gifted a GF berth last year.
th3rio: id rather have trav cloke over hawkins 2nite
Jukes82: he got the brown,ow because Jobe was a drug cheat, pretty fair imo
wadaramus: Ranceneedsto stop pretending he’s Superman.
Raspel31: No drug cheat talk- history and a bannable offence.
th3rio: rance is a knob
th3rio: rather have manachi in my SC over hawkins 2nite too
wadaramus: Manachi?
McSpud: it was not jobes brownlow, he cheated!
Ash777: titch, gaff, cotchin, gawn, pendlebery brownlow top 5?
WizMan: What language does Travis Cloke speak?
th3rio: the little girl they just interviewed.
RGriffen: typical Raspel
RGriffen: Cripps Ash
th3rio: cripps ash
Breezey: I think Grundy will be Top 5
TheLegend6: Cripps
Sixty656: 80’s Key Forward.
Umpirespet: €ocktin not top 5
th3rio: why is hawkins dropping everything?
BigChief: Cripps might poll in the most games, but won’t be top 5.
Ash777: cotchin is tigers best player this season
kano: Geelong getting a ride just for something different
Raspel31: And Higgins mentioned from Norff- but really, we all know it’s Titch.
TheLegend6: Richmonds best player has been edwards this season
Roksta: What ride? Menzel goaded regardless
Nuffman: Castagna goal dropped cats from 3rd to 8th.. golly gosh
SilverLion: Well flower, my oppo has jelwood.
Ash777: I thought edwards has only played 2nd half of the season
Roksta: Richmond are good because their weakest players are still pretty decent
TheLegend6: Nah buddy, every game I think
original: classic caddy effort
SilverLion: Slow down jelwood mercy
grechy76: tiges hit second gear now
Nuffman: Another cheap one for cats
SilverLion: Soft free
TheLegend6: Not gonna deny that was soft free
Nuffman: Tigers I mean
Roksta: Soft as it gets
BigChief: Nuffman must be a Rich fan.
Gotigres: Selwood and Castagna in the ruck
Nuffman: Nah mate, Bombers for me… Just stirring the pot hehe
Roksta: Strange sight gotigres
original: hows that for an advantage call shockin, as kicked at exact same time as initial free was called
Nuffman: That’s the hard thing about a slightly delayed chat, can’t get proper comedic timing
BigChief: Henry beating FRance again.
SilverLion: Henry giving rance a bath lol
ReggieOz: And leave the funny stuff to the comedians…Ask Barry Hall
Gotigres: Yes Roksta
Raspel31: Here’s the thing- don’t have one Tigger player- individually they don’t cut the mustard. No stars. But they play as a te
original: can’t wait for hawkins to slap an umpire again
SilverLion: Pathetic Rance. Doesnt deserve AA this year, but he’ll get it coz its him
th3rio: hawkins has literally fucked me
TheLegend6: Good defence = pathetic according to Expert Analyst SilverLion
Nuffman: Awkward moment when you started Menegola and got rid of him after rnd 2
Ash777: why would you bring in hawkins when he’d be on this week.
Ash777: oops I mean on rance*
SilverLion: Just asks for frees whenever he’s beaten @legend. Its a crap look
BigChief: I expected Astbury to play on Hawkins.
th3rio: his BE is 50 odd, if he got anyhting over 70 or 80 he would be out of my price range next wk
TheLegend6: Menegola was very poor at the start of the season, don’t blame you at all
BigChief: Sucked in Martin. Stop trying to be a show off with the dribble kick.
TheLegend6: The hate for richmond here is amazing
SilverLion: I see him do a few good things here and there, but overall hes just a decent defender, nothing to rave about
original: hows that not a free
Nuffman: How was that not a free against Bank?
cusch1: No hate for richmond, just for the diving rance
BigChief: Wow. In the back and didn’t have it. Still no free against Nank.
Nuffman: Menegola was poor for those first two weeks haha
feralmong: FA nank missed but like what u did there nank.
original: dangerous tackle ooft
wadaramus: Put a fifth umpire out there to make sure they get those obvious ones..
cusch1: Ryan Abbot lays the perfect tackle and is rightfully rewarded. Commentators want a dangerous tackle smh
Nuffman: Legend6: careful there.. sounding like Goodes “if they boo me,they must be racist” just because we dislike 1 player
TheLegend6: High and Dangerous = Cats goal, doesn’t add up but apparently we’re protected
cusch1: Wasnt abbot but rather Parfitt***
BigChief: It was Parfitt with the tackle.
feralmong: Love the hate. Means we’re winning.
original: wouldnt be surprised if parfitt gets a week tbh
Raspel31: No way original-that’s foolish talk.
BigChief: A lot of the hatred is because of the supporters, just like Coll.
Jukes82: nah i think parfitt will be fine with that
Ash777: abbott for ruck bench next year
Breezey: Whether you think it or not. That sling tackle has been a free kick all year.
original: ash777 he’ll be too pricy
Gotigres: maybe Grigg dpp ruck/midfield next year
Umpirespet: He was Htb first tho isn’t that a free kick too?
wadaramus: Carn Danger, big last quarter.
Sixty656: Dusty doen’t even try to kick the ball properly, just smash a torp on thr boot…
RGriffen: Vicmond winning at the G again in a national sport. No surprise really
cusch1: That depends which team you play for Umps Pet
Haydo: agree feral
SilverLion: Stop jelwoodd 🙁
Umpirespet: Why aren’t all u Richmond fans at the game?
Umpirespet: Oh yeah ur all bandwagoners
TheLegend6: I had soccer training tonight mate, otherwise I would’ve been
feralmong: We don’t all fit pet. Lol.
wadaramus: There’s 100,000 tigers members isn’t there?
Gotigres: I live 450km away Umpirespet
Haydo: not at the game cus i have badminton tonight, footy tomorrow and boundary tomorrow i take it ur going to the showdown um
luke394: Selwood and Menegola ending my first week of finals already
Raspel31: My point remains- from a purely SC purpose- why have any Tiggers?. None of them rank?
RGriffen: you live in Mildura that explains a lot 😉
Umpirespet: Yup of course Haydo
Sixty656: hahaha
wadaramus: Of course I am.
Nuffman: All I hear are excuses hehe
Sixty656: Come on the puss
feralmong: Cats coming
Umpirespet: We can wreck ports finals who would miss that
BigChief: Look at that Freo recruit dominating tonight.
Sixty656: ten pointaaa
SilverLion: Go cats
BigChief: @Raspel only the rookies for Rich worth having.
kano: Lol pet. Clinging to that after your mob have shit the bed
TheLegend6: We’re struggling
SilverLion: Off the knee isnt a kick lol
original: lol thurlow aint gunna get another game
Sixty656: No wonder Thurlow was a late in
TheLegend6: How many times are we going to let the cats back in this
feralmong: Damn points are killing it
LMartos: Short pls, no touches since HT
runt: I wish the Tigers would stop farting around and just finish off the Cats
Ash777: caddy back now that prestia is injured
Raspel31: Caddy incredibly lazy Ash- never seeks the ball- waits for it to come.
runt: Luna kicks it
Ash777: ok I’ve seen enough of Lloyd that he’ll be a ok pickup for dogs
original: hugely lazy
original: btw love how cotchin has developed as a footballer
th3rio: cheers tomahawk gota play battle now
Umpirespet: Ump called play on after the guy tackled him thought that was 50
original: duncan was tackled before umpire called play on. shockin umpiring (not saying it wasnt a free but still)
runt: Jacky Chan
TheLegend6: If Astbury isn’t AA then it’s a joke
Gotigres: Keep going Higgins
feralmong: Astbury rock.
Breezey: A SC ton coming up for Blicavs
cusch1: Astbury>Rance #Fact
BigChief: Atsbury had a quiet night, but been Rich best def by a mile all year.
m0nty: nominations for star please
duckky: Jelwood
Umpirespet: Auskick girl for star
MONEY TALK: kelly star surely
bongidongi: kelly bog
BigChief: Lambert for star
Breezey: Kelly Star on a losing side
Nuffman: Lol Rance was complaining about that Hawkins had his arm locked into him… Rance wasn’t even the one holding Hawkins
original: tuff one monty
Raspel31: Kelly for my money- been in everything.
faisca7: Kelly will get 3 votes easy
boges11: Kelly
TheLegend6: Kelly
bernieV: Kelly star.
faisca7: Rance X factor
Ash777: selwood. kelly butchers it by foot.
twinpeaks: Kelly outstanding this year – how did Freo not get him with all those WAFL years (aside from us being hopeless)
cusch1: Faisca Fishing Rod icon pls
BigChief: FRance spud icon.
runt: Tigers eagerness to bring other players into the game around goal has often been to their detriment
SilverLion: Keep going cats
original: as always with geelong. their bottom 6 really hurt them. cunico thurlow jones..but hey i go for the blues
BigChief: @twinpeaks you will have him next year.
TheLegend6: Why wouldn’t you take a minute off the clock there? sigh
Roksta: Selwood best on
Ash777: lambert good option for star too
BigChief: Duncan hurt shoulder?
twinpeaks: Big Chief how is that?
feralmong: Pooopie
MONEY TALK: games on
SilverLion: 1 moreeee
TheLegend6: We’ve lost
Gotigres: Do something Higgins
Sixty656: wooweeee
pcaman2003: ffs! Someone tell Bruce to retire. The man is ridiculous
BigChief: He wants to go home to WA twinpeaks and Freo looks like where he will go.
runt: Ive watched this whole game and the tigers have farted and farted and now the shit is coming out!!
Raspel31: Wow- game on- carn Cats!
BigChief: It was Bews with shoulder, not Duncan. My apologies.
Roksta: Oh no gaz
SilverLion: Ablett you are shower
Breezey: Bews shoulder
BigChief: LMAO @runt. That’s funny.
original: lol gaj
runt: Handball v Kicking tonight. I just hope kicking wins
TheLegend6: phew
duckky: need 3 fiftys to win
Roksta: Gaz muppet
runt: Poor grandpa Ablett jr
Roksta: Hate to say it
SilverLion: Flower you richmond
th3rio: take hawkins 63 or play battle?
Hadouken: who popped their shoulder out for the cats?
runt: Thank bloody christ…..did the Tigers try to lose or what
Hadouken: oh, bews.
Jukes82: good game cats
Ash777: edwards the real star
original: richmond get away with one
Rilian: Red cross for Bews? Busted shoulder late in Q4
faisca7: I hope these two play in the granny
MONEY TALK: take dangers vc ?
Fatbar5tad: Close but no cigar Cats
SilverLion: Yes Rance the rock, what a superstar
BigChief: No one said Martin for star. Why bother asking for noms?
SilverLion: And Im sorry, but no way Martin gets the star

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