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Chat log from R19 of 2018: Fremantle vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Fremantle vs Hawthorn, R19 of 2018

luke394: gone Lachie Neale C need to try and win one of my cash leagues prob need 150
th3rio: oppt got titch luke?
Roksta: Went greedy with gawn vc and mitch c
luke394: watch Titchell get 200 now that I’ve changed @Roksta lol
LuvIt74: That is greedy Roksta hope ya didn’t screw it for me mate…lol
Hadouken: would be happy if titch has a quiet one for draft league (opp has him C)
DrSeuss: Titch and Neale – not looking great so far
Gotigres: Wat to go Omeara. 8 possessions for 11sc
cusch1: Wait youre telling me draft leagues are still looked at after the initial draft takes place?
cusch1: Dont think anything in my draft league has changed once since we made it the night before the season started
V@lks: Was dead even with opp, him (wingard and neale) vs me (westhoff and L.Ryan)…not happy jan!
Brad_J: L.Ryan killing me
Apachecats: I do maintenance on mine every week.cusch ,but I’m a tragic.
cusch1: I wanted to try it because i thought it was a cool concept. It’s just too complicated for mine.
Apachecats: Same here Brad J ,in a couple of close ones and I’e got Ryan and Walters.
pcaman2003: FFS! Is L Ryan playing for the Hawks this week?
Apachecats: Lots of people in draft don’t understand how it works and you get adandoned teams in leagues.But its a good concept if
DrSeuss: Lachie – remember to kick, mark and tackle as well as handball
Apachecats: if you get a few switched on people into a league.
cusch1: Yeah wouldn’t mind being in one next season but doubt id find a legit comp of amateurs to learn the ropes
AFL Blues: What has happened is these last 3 quarters!?!?!? McLean, Westhoff, Gray, Walters — they’re all going terribly!
The0Grrr: Ryan not one of my more inspired trades last week.
Stu7: Come on Mundy dumb a55
Apachecats: yes Grrr!
The0Grrr: Apologies to previous Ryan owners.
TigersMan1: Fuck you walters you cheap cunt!
pcaman2003: Breust having a great year.
cusch1: Walters on my never against list. 120 one week, and follows with 3 40s
Jukes82: did u look at his scoring history? lol
Seb78: Any danger of Ryan getting a touch. All I need from him is at least 50
cusch1: Come to think of it, Fyfe is the only Freo player not on my never list due to Lyon’s unpredictability
BigChief: Langdon @cusch? He is improving every week.
cusch1: My trust in Lyon is not strong enough. Surprised he isnt being used a tagger yet
The0Grrr: Ryan was top 10 in def avg’s. Coming off a 140 with a low break even…
pcaman2003: Too much HB for my liking. Way overused!
hinsch: opposition has Walters and I am 100 behind with Neale I might be in with a chance here
The0Grrr: Anyway. Next gripe?
Apachecats: Mitchell going big but not massive.
Apachecats: Walters and Ryan 2 kicks and 4 h/b between them
BigChief: Still won’t catch your C Apache πŸ™‚
Jukes82: one ton in 5 games tho, drops too many 50-60 rubbish to even consider
Raspel31: Walters looking likely to win game for me- stay low- yippee.
luke394: Neale 19 touches for 51 too ineffective
Haydo: need walters to beat titch to win, ahhhhhh dammit y u have to get injured Howe
GOOD: GOOd has cripps captain….
Stu7: Come on mundy 100 please
TheOnyas: onya breusty
Jukes82: JOM 24 possies 49 sc lol
circle52: 58% DE and 6 clangers will do it Jukes.
Jukes82: yeah not having a go at CD, just saying. Butchered it
Stu7: Go Mundy you good thing
Gotigres: Yes Mitchell.
Seb78: Ryan has cost me a finals spot! Spud
StuL: That goal from Mitchell will cost me finals.
Raspel31: Walters stays under 75 and I go into finals top of both my leagues. Pretty please.
pcaman2003: Good ol’ Burgers just keeps on keeping on.
duckky: Seb – Having Kruezer, Webster, Sicily, Seedsman, Dougal and not picking Mitchell have cost me any credibility
duckky: Even worse – in 2 of my 3 leagues despite having only 19 1/2 on the field, I’m winning … so sad. Embarrising.
LuvIt74: walters you flog
pcaman2003: Good onya Titch. Keep going!
TheOnyas: onya shielsy
J.Worrall: Mitchell plugs another – bye bye Stul!Mitchell plugs another – bye bye Stul!
DrSeuss: Titch building now. Don’t stop Neale
GOD: GOD had the C on P. Cripps this week!
poolboybob: Brisbane are at least fun bad. The Dockers are just dull.
pcaman2003: @poolboy. Reflects on Ross. He’s dull.
Raspel31: Ross enormously dull game plan- agree wholeheartedly.
duckky: The mot exciting thing about Ross was the Pub he Owned in Fitzroy
LuvIt74: Titch should score 140+
lukat: Omg. Titch gets 156 and i win. come on big boy
wadaramus: Keep going T.Mitch, 150 would be nice πŸ™‚
LuvIt74: Most exciting thing about Ross, are the comics on him and jokes the media make about him.
Juzzo: Cmon Giro, had to take him over J Smith 14, lol
duckky: Luvit – what happens in Perth, Stays in Perth.
pcaman2003: Hawks taken the foot off. Making dumb mistakes now.
Raspel31: Lol ducky-hardly breaking news here.
duckky: For those of us with little at stake, Mr Krabs has appeared!!!
LuvIt74: what a crap week, only gonna score around 2430
TigersMan1: Yeah its so bullshit ay LuvIt, only gonna get 2600
JockMcPie: I’m looking to sit around 2530 depending on Neale, Mundy and Titch’s efforts
Jukes82: only 2950ish this week, really poor week for me
circle52: I may scrape to 2200 if lucky.
Pokerface: yeah with howe injured im only looking at 2650 myself luvit πŸ™
LuvIt74: @TigersMan1 I wouldn’t be complaining about 2600
Pokerface: oh forgot to double titch. 2800 is a bit better i guess
Raspel31: I think there’s some exaggeration going on Luvit.
duckky: Where God when you need him to trump you all?
BigChief: GOD will score 3500 at least.
wadaramus: GOD was just here duckky, stating he had Cripps as C..
LuvIt74: @Raspel31 So I see, I seemed to open the flood gates as the sarcasm is now flowing.
TigersMan1: Man some people don’t understand jokes lol
Pokerface: what did you expect coming on and saying garbage like that luvit
Raspel31: GOD visited us briefly- we are all blessed. And yep Luvit.
LuvIt74: 2453 if Titch & Walters scores dont change
pcaman2003: I don’t like to brag,but is my 3068 any good?
Pokerface: oh woes me i have a big score, crap week. people were pointing out your rubbish
BigChief: 2295 is my score.
TigersMan1: Nah realistically if scores stay the same, will get 2456

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