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Chat log from R19 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide, R19 of 2018

BigChief: Go big SPP please
cusch1: Westhoff owners beware, weather in Melbourne is pouring down. And its even worse in Ballarat
Ash777: go best greene
cusch1: Marcus Adams is an absolute Barrel Boy
duckky: Remember that plugger came from up that way… that was much needed insulation
Raspel31: Tackle your way to that ton Rocky.
duckky: Get Robbie out of the Goal square – total waste in these conditions
DrSeuss: Damnit Westhoff and Wingard and Rockliff – at least Rocky will like the conditions
cusch1: My worst decision this season was trading in Wines
BigChief: Mine was picking Dusty over Mitchell.
Umpirespet: Isn’t Dusty on the improve tho BC?
BigChief: Stop giving away free kicks SPP ffs.
cusch1: I also picked up Webster over Lloyd when they were both similarly priced
BigChief: I meant at start of year.
Hawks_13: No one talks about how good Gary Ablett is going
Umpirespet: Cusch1 I took Howe over a Lloyd so know ur pain
Pokerface: i took Andrews over Lloyd. The week Cameron took him out
Jukes82: the hoff!! nice
cusch1: Alloyd? Is UmpiresPet secretly BT???
Umpirespet: Ouch Poker
Pokerface: yes :/
Umpirespet: Na American IPad auto correction not to be confused with erection
cusch1: To make mine worse, I have Brad Lynch covering Webster this week 🙂
Umpirespet: Calling someone BT is an insult Cusch1 lol
Pokerface: good work Toby
Pokerface: ew cusch
BigChief: now now cusch don’t insult Ump like that. No one deserves to be likened to BT
Umpirespet: Lynch doesn’t like water
luke394: Toby as a POD need a big one today to win
Umpirespet: Luke Toby is no POD we all have him
BigChief: Donut for Lynch @Darius
cusch1: I have 4 trades left, do I do an upgrade downgrade to swap out Webster?
Jukes82: get involved robbie you muppet
BigChief: I don’t think Luke understands what POD means @Ump.
Umpirespet: Upgrade Webster now to late for rookies
Pokerface: if his opp doesn’t have him he is a pod
cusch1: He meanss his oppo doesnt have McLean
cusch1: Lynch to lienart and Webster to McGov
Umpirespet: Lienert does look the goods
Pokerface: if webster is back next week don’t waste the trade
luke394: my opponent doesn’t have McLean therefore he’s a point of difference you flogs
luke394: i think Big Chief and Umpires Pet might be a bit simple Poker
BigChief: I have 17 different from my opponent. But I don’t class all of them as POD’s you flog
BigChief: fuck you luke
BigChief: I take offence at that comment
Umpirespet: Lol my opp doesn’t have Danger or Titch still wouldn’t call them PODs Luke
Raspel31: Come on lads- all pals.
Pokerface: if they are different, they are pods. its the literal definition. point of difference
BigChief: Sorry Darius and m0nty but having a cousin who is mentally disabled I find Luke’s comments abusive.
luke394: They are a Point of difference to your opponent it can mean either that or low ownership
Pokerface: how do you have 17 different?? ghost team?
luke394: Big Chief your the one who made the smart ass remark that I don’t know what it means so suck it up princess
DrSeuss: Come on Hoff. Do something
luke394: yeah Big Chief i was clearly trying to insult Monty’s cousin don’t make it something its not
Raspel31: With 17 different ghost one of you are a bit dodgy- hopefully them.
Roksta: Donkey has been killing it for a few weeks.
BigChief: Calling someone simple (mentally disabled) is fucking low. There is no need for that shit.
Haydo: I have 1 trade left if Howe is out do i trade him for finals or put o riordon on
Pokerface: someone stop wines. someone stop dixon
Umpirespet: Good question Haydo I only have 2 left and wondering the same also have Sicily still
Roksta: Get over it chief… it’s the internet
luke394: good on you Bigchief always the bigger man wish i was like you
original: Calling someone simple isn’t not the same as calling someone’s mentally disabled. Mountain, mole hill
luke394: happy to insult other peoples intelligence but can’t take any back
Lewysport: Nothing in definition of simple says it means disabled Chief?
Haydo: yeah big stakes for me umpires if i win this week (unlikely) i will finish top 4 and probably hold if i lose i think i
circle52: Back on the game guys – Time to lay off the personal attacks
m0nty: back on the game please
Haydo: will trade cus don’t want to go out
luke394: thankyou @original
AFL Blues: Ummm… What happened to Westhoff??? He was 2nd last I checked.
faisca7: Dont use the word Mole original, my uncles brothers first born had a mole removed last week and it offends me
circle52: I would keep it Yaydo until you are in a must win match.
Roksta: How many trades you boys got? I only have 2 left
BigChief: That is your opinion original.
faisca7: also, mclean is a pod for me this week , lets go toby
circle52: Kicking a goal helps Blues.
Umpirespet: 2 here
luke394: 3 @Roksta
Ash777: 2 left after bringing in mcgovern
wadaramus: Just the one left, need Austin back in defence next week, having to field Richards again.
Seb78: Get Wines on the ******* ground.
Roksta: Hs need to seek an extra trade for $20 lol everyone would buy it
AFL Blues: Westhoff done next to nothing this quarter…
Apachecats: 2 left and $380k
luke394: im nervous with 3
Gotigres: Gray done less AFL Blues
Umpirespet: Wobbie hast done stuff all to
Umpirespet: Can I borrow some cash Apache
circle52: I have 0 had to use the last one to avoid a donut making 12 of 30 trades for injury.
Seb78: Is Wines inj??
pcaman2003: Gray,Hoof and Toby gone dead for me this qtr.C’mon fellas!
Apachecats: Gray goes on my never again list .Was burning early on when i bought a shadow of that.
Raspel31: Same circle- fingers crossed.
Roksta: Thinking of trading dusty to mcrae
DrSeuss: Where is Westhoff playing? Or just not getting near it?
luke394: thats horrible luck @circle52
Roksta: Horrid year for injuries
Raspel31: If Rocky actually got off the bench he might get a good score.
Apachecats: Grey not going to get anything standing in the forward pocket in this type of game.
Lewysport: Or Gray Apache.
pcaman2003: McClean only 4 pts for the qtr. Pretty ordinary effort.
circle52: Same for Wines Raspel.
Ash777: the thing with gray is he can go super in a qtr
pcaman2003: @Ash. Sometimes can,then sometimes won’t.
AFL Blues: I need Westhoff and Gray to step it up. If they don’t, I might kiss my entire year goodbye…
Ash777: I noticed morris is on gray.
original: Westhoff been shocking since I brought him in, sorry all
Stu7: What’s the go with Hunter?
Stu7: You watch Westoff will take off this half!!!
lukat: Need westhoff toscore higher than wingard
Hadouken: @roksta thinking of doing the same with dusty
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Gray you blouse!
Hadouken: wasnt mclean on like 35 at qtr time ?
LuvIt74: Where is Gray playing most of the game in the forward? Damn it
Jukes82: 38 actually
pcaman2003: @Hadouken. He was on 44 at qtr time. Disappeared since.
LuvIt74: Dont like your chances lukat
masterhc2: DOn’t kick away too much port need you 1-39 lol
pcaman2003: Hoff,Gray and McClean killed me off now. Totally flowered!
Gotigres: Haven’t seen mclean on screen for ages
The0Grrr: Got the same 3 @PCA and luckily Macrae…
Fatbar5tad: Need Ollie, Rockliff and Fucking Gray to beat Boak by 25 to get home. Prolly get robbed by scaling like last week.
lukat: I needed westhoff to beat wingard and mclean to beat wallis for me to win. was pretty confident
Stu7: Come on Westoff, apolec, Mc Clean, Hunter big quarter please!
Stu7: I think you’re screwed lukat
Stu7: Go westy
StuL: Had dunk. Now hes a gun and McLean is donkey.
Stu7: Someone wake Polec up please
hinsch: Had a choose McLean or McCrae, lucky I took McClean
Seb78: Wines gone backwards this qtr. Comon wines nees at least 110
Fatbar5tad: @Stu know dem feels
Fatbar5tad: Power fans on the turps at Ballarat! 😀
Stu7: Come on McClean off your a55
pcaman2003: You smell McClean.You too Gray
luke394: Clean killed me all year then i got him in and he’s a spud
mattmac24: Needed macrae to score 124 more than Lynch to win my main league in which I’m playing against my mum ._.
Stu7: MUMS the word then
Raspel31: Great comeback Westy
The0Grrr: Aw. Flowered by your mum @Matt.
Breezey: So she is still in front @ Mattmac24
Stu7: Yes well done westy
pcaman2003: How does McLean only get 1 pt for a free and hb?
Fatbar5tad: I’m playing my Mum as well lol
mattmac24: She beats me every year! Ha…
The0Grrr: Damn! I’d be keeping THAT quiet! LoL
mattmac24: Breezy, they were the last two uncommon and I was down by 123
Jukes82: mclean got 4points what u talking about

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