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Chat log from R19 of 2018: North Melbourne vs West Coast

Chat log for North Melbourne vs West Coast, R19 of 2018

Pokerface: 3 votes higgins. get it done.
luke394: happy Sunday all I have Higgins and Yeo in this one need a big one from Higgo
luke394: amen Poker
DrSeuss: Yeo and Redden in this one
Pokerface: no sc investment here luke. have him at 61.00 for the brownlow luke
luke394: hes a good chance I reckon @Poker had a great year
Pokerface: go goldy
SilverLion: @PF Titch is a lock for Charlie. Field opens if he gets suspended only.
SilverLion: Gawn, Gaff, Higgins etc. all fighting for second
Pokerface: @SL i am each way
Ash777: did they get the vfl commentators and their camera crew for this game?
Pokerface: gawn won’t be top 5.
Pokerface: haha Ash
SilverLion: Ah fair enough ๐Ÿ˜›
Pokerface: i don’t want to see it but i think dusty gets more votes than people think
Pokerface: when he polls he gets 3s. and people forget his start to the season before becoming crap
cusch1: All I have is Yeo and Captain Davies Uniacke
BigChief: Gawn is my tip to win.
cusch1: Did a bird poo just above Luke McDonalds left ear?
SilverLion: Dunno why the media thinks NicNat out hurts so much. Lycett is as good a ruckman as Nank imo.
cusch1: Dunno why the media thinks anything tbh with you
Pokerface: agree as good as nank. but no nic nat
Apachecats: Hi big chief ,remember our loophole stuff up ,i ended up with my original captain -Cripps.Yeah!
Haydo: tom barrass had a kid and called him matt what an m.barrass ing name
Pokerface: plus coupled with jjk out it really hurts their structure.
Pokerface: haha nice Apache!
BigChief: Nice stuff up for you Apache LOL
cusch1: This game is putrid
luke394: slow start Higgo
casey22: Game ordinary & Dermie’s comments worse!!!!!
SilverLion: Good late inclusions WC
Breezey: Go away Redden
Haydo: damnit the one week i choose to loop and take petraccas score cus oppo has ahern
BigChief: It is a terrible ground for AFL. Always blowing a gale and wet 50% of the time.
Pokerface: go away ahern
m0nty: tbf it is dry and mostly still today
Pokerface: in a complete shock, jed anderson undergoing concussion test.
cusch1: Theyve shown the flags to be dead still
cusch1: Although it does look to be freezing cold
th3rio: Should’ve played Ahern over dusty -_-
Lewysport: Perfect 9 mite go off this week, 5 out 6 for me missed Tomahawk.
Mcswains: onya Aherny ๐Ÿ™‚
Pokerface: go away hutchings
Ash777: I bought in mcgovern this week for doedee
Jukes82: Ahern is great bench cover, bonus that he can be a forward too
Haydo: not if majak daw or tom cole gets this game tho lewy
cusch1: Waterman has a huge lid on him
BigChief: Keep going Hutchings. Great job on Higgins.
Pokerface: go away hurn
th3rio: piss off gaff
cusch1: Has Ziebell played any midfield time so far?
Pokerface: don’t keep going Hutchings. Bad job
SilverLion: +1 th3rio
Apachecats: no votes for Higgo today.
BigChief: Stay low Higgins.
th3rio: also wouldnt mind if norf lose, helps the dons ๐Ÿ˜€
luke394: keep pushing Higgo
DrSeuss: Ahern kills it on my bench while Redden and Yeo canโ€™t get it
BigChief: You can see why GWS drafted Ahern with pick 7
Apachecats: Ahern =Gun
th3rio: seriously conidering ahern over dusty going foward.
cusch1: Th3rio the floodgates will open soon. North completely out playing them
th3rio: hope not. No kennedy no WCE
th3rio: why’d ahern leave GWS?
luke394: how does Higgins get 3 points for a FF inside 50 kick?
BigChief: Norf been better team all game. Skills letting them down.
cusch1: Have you seen their midfield?
BigChief: @luke ineffective kick also
Damo07: Monty give Goldy the golden cape!
BigChief: @th3rio he wanted a chance to play seniors and wasn’t happening at GWS
th3rio: cheers bud
Mcswains: onya Aherny ๐Ÿ™‚
m0nty: 38 DT for Goldie in Q2, not quite cape worthy
m0nty: oops I mean 44
Pokerface: base it on sc m0nty. that’s why we are here.
m0nty: then it’s only 31 ๐Ÿ˜›
Number 8: Speak for yerself, Poker!
cusch1: Consdiering that 99% of us are here for SC, should things be changed to be SC focused?
Pokerface: lol. ok ๐Ÿ™‚
cusch1: Also, bring back Player Name Game at Half Time. Higgins will finish on 78
Pokerface: move hutchings to ahern. this farce has gone on long enough!
Number 8: You think itโ€™s 99% cusch but thatโ€™s cos you guys just want to whinge about SC scores
SilverLion: Ahern to finish on 99
BigChief: Leave Hutchings right where he is. Higgins has enough sc points already
Number 8: Those of us playing DT are so much more chiilled…
cusch1: I guess we found the 1%
BigChief: yerself? What language is that?
Number 8: lol, well played:-)
Damo07: If Goldy cracks 150 DT will you make him a golden cape?
Pokerface: lol cusch
cusch1: Its the language of the lesser known DT user, where they teach rewarding for missing their target and kicking OOTF
Pokerface: more time into ahern. Free up higgins. Chant it with me BC
Pokerface: i hear they do like dinky little backline handballs to each other cusch
Number 8: Nah cusch, itโ€™s the language of those who refuse to have anything to do with Uncle Rupert
SilverLion: Who would’ve picked WC’s best 3 players (by DT ;p) to be Cripps, Lycett and Cole at HT
BigChief: Not a chance Poker. My opponent has Higgins as C
BigChief: Or it is the language of someone who can’t spell.
cusch1: Higgins captain? Thats a bold move cotton
Number 8: Yeah, or maybe it was ironic pal. You decide!
cusch1: DPP players will veeery interesting next year. Herald Sun will probably still ignore the positions of big names
cusch1: Danger/Ziebell/Martin will all be pure mids still
Pokerface: i don’t think ziebell will
SilverLion: @cusch1 I reckon Ziebell will be a fwd definitely.
BigChief: Ziebell will be a Fwd only next year.
Pokerface: conversely devon and heeney will lose theirs
SilverLion: Yeo on fire this qtr
cusch1: Yeo will lose his too
SilverLion: and mclean
cusch1: Sicily, Menegola, Brayshaw
Pokerface: menegola keeps his for sure
cusch1: Westhoff owners beware, weather in Melbourne is pouring down. And its even worse in Ballarat
nic-n-nat: Whatโ€™s with Goldyโ€™s SC score??
JockMcPie: Wish I could get Ahern’s score ๐Ÿ™
Ladbrokes_: sharked taps probly nnn
Ladbrokes_: also 57 de
Pokerface: minimal contested work, poor efficiency, taps not to advantage – whats there to score with?
faisca7: Goldys hit out went straight to Simpkin who got pinned htb and goldy lost 2 sc points for it
Pokerface: no need to review. clear goal higgo
luke394: yes Higgo
JockMcPie: Why couldn’t Collingwood get the Eagles without Nic Nat, Kennedy and Shuey… second rate without their three big stars
BigChief: No Higgins. Stop it now.
BigChief: That’s like saying Pies are 2nd rate without Treloar, Wells and Dunn.
Pokerface: keep going Higgins
Damo07: Kennedy and Shuey played against Pies
Pokerface: what did Yeo score to earn his cape m0nty?
bongidongi: gaff, redden and higgo – big last q boys!
faisca7: A cape is for 50 points qtrs or 3 goals
faisca7: think he got 55
Pokerface: nm faisca, was a discussion earlier
m0nty: Yeo scored 54 DT that quarter, and 55 for Cunners
Pokerface: please. not his DT m0nty.
BigChief: Yes Higgins nice FA
Pokerface: lol BC
Pokerface: great 1-2 higgo
Pokerface: how is that advantage in any way
luke394: go Higgo tonne up
Raspel31: Let’s see that cape Gaff.
BigChief: As usual Poker umps have no clue mate.
Gotigres: Stop scaling up Ahern
luke394: 21 more Higgo cmon son
Mcswains: onya Aherny ๐Ÿ™‚
Pokerface: higggooooo
Pokerface: hulk higgins
Pokerface: star higgins
thommoae: Traded Ahern out this week. Thought he had peaked. Dishonour on my cow.
Jukes82: lol wow you deserve the muppet
thommoae: Mind you, Dawson scored 55 … er, nope.
BigChief: Screw you Hutchings you POS. Couldn’t even stop Higgins for 120 mins. Useless turd.
Pokerface: good job Hutchings
BigChief: lol Poker
Pokerface: lol
BigChief: Still no votes today for Higgins.
luke394: cmon Higgo 9 more
Pokerface: no, sadly not
Pokerface: ahern, cunners, yeo
Umpirespet: Fantastic Ahern who needs Westhoff lol
frenzy: wet toast seagulls
luke394: Ahern on the bench ๐Ÿ™
BigChief: Ahern, Cunnington, Daw
lukat: Doubting titch tonight. Looping in Ahern for him!

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