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Chat log from R19 of 2018: Adelaide vs Melbourne

Chat log for Adelaide vs Melbourne, R19 of 2018

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
TheLegend6: Already missed Clayton tackle
pcaman2003: Haven’t paid Murphy for his free either.
The0Grrr: Keep this up Dees and I’ll go to the Suns/Blues game!
Ash777: 3 blind umps
Gotigres: oliver at full forward
DrSeuss: Traded Seedsman out watch him go big
Ash777: wow this game is umpired worse than last night
Pokerface: don’t do it OGrrr
The0Grrr: Reckon I’ll be lonely @Poker? LoL
Pokerface: lol OGrrr
Raspel31: Gawn wsa never going to go big on this game- but I’m banned so who cares?
cusch1: Is it just me or are the FanFooty forums a lot more quiet than they used to be
Pokerface: you got a covert message through Raspel
DrSeuss: WTF is Laird doing tonight
BigChief: Why are you banned Raspel?
Raspel31: I did and and I’m back- thanks M0nty
HappyDEZ: Knight tagging Oliver.
th3rio: Lads how are we. Sicily replacement doing well x
Sixty656: FF needs a helmet icon for players who play with one
duckky: Quiet because too many bumming out on SC. Bad year for injurys.
DrSeuss: Any time now Hogan – a touch, a goal or 5
duckky: Dr Suess – can yoou trade Seedy out again please
Raspel31: Gibbs- stuck with you after so many injuries- keep it up lad
BigChief: C’mon Laird pull your finger out mate.
NoneyaB: seedsman is goneski monty got the tracksuit on apparently
th3rio: Brayshaw went backwards since I complimented hin
BigChief: Please don’t compliment Laird then th3rio 🙂
NoneyaB: red cross for seedsman
HappyDEZ: Seedsman in a jacket.
cusch1: Seedsman has pinged a hammy according to Ade FC Twitter
Raspel31: BigChief- still not sure why I was banned. I was disrespectful in some way. So i AM NOW A SHRINKING VIOLET.
DrSeuss: Hogan and Laird – a little concerning
Pokerface: it sounds like you sent the apology email but didn’t mean it Raspel
Pokerface: oh boy
Raspel31: M0nty is my hero- no disrespect at all.
BigChief: Not watching but is Laird having a shocker or what?
Gotigres: Happy so far that i went Fritsch to Tmac
anthsill03: Wat happened
Gotigres: Smith, you are more use to me not playing.
Ash777: wow milera
Raspel31: So, yawn, do we all lock Titch as cap?
jayshi: got vc on cripps then loop titch if needed
DrSeuss: Laird is warming into it. Milera and Atkins finding each other rather than Laird it seems
Ash777: Milera is killing them by himself lol
Jackwatt$: God has Cripps captain with no VC. That’s confident!
DrSeuss: I swear none of the Melb forwards look to Hogan – too selfish
Raspel31: Not often you can crow about still having Gibbs inyour team.
Juzzo: Not sure what the crows do at training, it was obvious to run out an kick left foot by Gallucci
Juzzo: Milera and Gresham in my SC team next year
cusch1: Voice fadeover: Milera and Gresham will not be in juzzo’s sc team next year
cusch1: we say things like that every season and never hold them up hahah
Juzzo: True dat, but if choosing team now, they would be in.
Pokerface: haha cusch, you sound just like a simpsons episode
Haydo: big half now gawn
DrSeuss: Time to shine Hogan
Stu7: Trading your b1tch a55 next week Seedsman,,,
hinsch: Crows to lose this not Demons win it
cusch1: Or a Spongebob voiceover guy. He was always my favourite character as a kid
lukat: Make me proud clayton
cusch1: I was a kn strange kid
cusch1: Hinsch….if the Crows lose, Melbourne win it….
thommoae: Seems logical, Stu – hamstrings will do that to one’s trade instincts.
Gotigres: Aim big Smith. Aim to reach your breakeven of 15.
Stu7: Should have traded him weeks ago – dud
hinsch: I got Fritsch on field cannot loop sad days
TigersMan1: ON the live ladder, Melbourne sitting 5th, if they lose, they fall to 8th, love this tight season again
Raspel31: I’m on a limb here- I r yeareckon Cats looking best nail it this
Gotigres: ke up McDonald. 2nd half has begun.
cusch1: Tigersman, its incredible, but also heartbreaking. If Ess beat Carlton and dogs, wed be 4th
Pokerface: if carlton won all their games they’d be on top
DrSeuss: Catch the ball Hogan you freaking spud
cusch1: not my point, but ok Poker
Ash777: there’s not many convincing teams in the 8
Breezey: Come on Jacobs you Sauce bottle Spud
lukat: Oliver hasnt moved all quarter
Gotigres: Finally McDonald you did something
The39Steps: Too early to bag Pea-heart Tex for going missing in big games again?
Haydo: i should ask players to have a big quarter more often! Another big on in the last please maxy
kano: Not too early. Tex is an overrated soft flog
Ash777: only soft frees can get hogan in the game
DrSeuss: At least the umps are looking for Hogan. Teammates – not so much
BigChief: Let’s go Rory Laird. 40+ point 1/4 please.
Stu7: Off your a55 Brayshaw!!!
Trindacut: Tex is the weakest AFL captain of the modern era
hinsch: Adelaide’s pre season camp has really got to them
Raspel31: We will all share at least 16- probably 20 players now. But I’ve still got Gibbs. Why? no choice. Go lad.
Ash777: can dees choke this up again?
TigersMan1: Surely not doube deja vu for the dees
The0Grrr: Shower! Here come the Cats! I mean Crows!
Ash777: looks like the rain may save the dees
Gotigres: Smith on fire. Only 1 point to reach breakeven.
Costanza: here comes the wind – Dees will have it behind them
hinsch: Got A Brayshaw in the other week not living up to expections so far
Jukes82: lmaoo
Haydo: same hinsch for sic
cusch1: Adelaide supporters would lose their Collective Minds if the Crows came back and won this
cusch1: Stadium announcer should start pumping the Tigers theme song to get that extra bit of energy out of them
hinsch: haydo feeling the pain
The0Grrr: Settle down Cusch or I’ll start supporting the Bombers!
Ash777: every wet game for crows should be get the ball to betts
Raspel31: Lose Macrae, Treloar, Fyfe, Sicily et al- who is good to lose hinsch’
cusch1: Last week they played in Brisbane. Rumour has it that players were blindfolded and thrown in a bus that drove them back
Raspel31: Unfair Cusch. I have a friend from Adelaide who knows other countries exist
Burnsy03: do i loophole gawn? or back titch
lukat: clayton yin yang
cusch1: Take Gawn. anything 130+ is a lock
Raspel31: Thinking titch all the wat Burnsy- you and 90% of the world
BigChief: Burnsy Gawn has 130 so take that.
The0Grrr: I can feel a Greg Norman coming on!
ReggieOz: phewwww
Costanza: one more Crows – make it really hurt
Ash777: dees nearly choke that away again
Jukes82: sucked in crows!
BigChief: Enjoy the ski slopes Adelaide.
StuL: Not this week! Good job dees. F Adelaide

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