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Chat log from R19 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Carlton

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Carlton, R19 of 2018

casey22: Site up at last, wtf m0nty?
casey22: 9 minutes into 1st quarter
GOD: Umpires cheating against Carlton again
BigChief: I see this being 8+ goals Suns way.
hinsch: seems to be a lot of interest in this game hahaha
BigChief: Site crashed @hinsch
PowerBug: I captained Cripps, might be regretting things soon ๐Ÿ˜
thommoae: Holman owned by 1 in 10; rest of Suns unloved in Fantasy Leagues.
BigChief: If Carlton could improve their kicking they could win this.
Tonche: Is Witts hurt??
Pokerface: good joke BC
happytimes: Lang is a dud
BigChief: Miracles do happen Poker.
anthsill03: No preason and injured all year but ok
BigChief: Swallow gone for game surely. Is Cripps in trouble?
anthsill03: Who knows the MRP r a joke
MONEY TALK: i hope not, i want him for the brownlow
banta: concussion = suspension. it is what it is.
carlton_99: He will not get suspended
carlton_99: What would the report even be for. 100% an unfortunate result but there is no offence. Clear accident
Jukes82: lol he ain’t winng the brownlow
circle52: Agree with Carlton here but who knows with the MRP when Walker can get a week and Lester 2.
duckky: Who would be Jukes?
cusch1: For once, Carlton 99 is making sense. Cripps has nothing to worry about
BigChief: He shouldn’t be in trouble, but anth is right MRO is crap.
MONEY TALK: good point, dusty will go back tyo back
cusch1: Then again, NicNat got a week for the same thing earlier in the week
duckky: Dusty would be lucky to poll 10 votes so far this year
cusch1: Gawn Grundy will both be top 5 in the brownlow, titch will be number 1
MONEY TALK: according to the tracker he is =3rd
duckky: Mitchell (though he don’t seem to have huge influence sometimes) or Higgins (Nth) for me.
Pokerface: surprised this wasn’t on last night?
anthsill03: I hope gawn wins it.
Pokerface: Charlie Gaff
Jukes82: it will be wide open but when you get flogged most weeks it’s hard to get many votes
BigChief: I think Gawn, Mitchell and Gaff top 3
Pokerface: Gaff Titch Higgins.
anthsill03: Whoever put the c on cripps.. dont count your chickens yet lol
BigChief: OMG Murphy on 78. Nice score coming.
Breezey: May is one good player.
anthsill03: The conditions are terrible
cusch1: Can’t wait to see him not at the Gold Coast next season Breezey
BigChief: AA FB Breezey? He would be my pick.
Breezey: I think heโ€™ll stay and be sole skipper of the club
Breezey: Yep youโ€™d have to think so @Big Chief
LMartos: I swear Heron only plays first quarter
BigChief: Is it wet at Metricon? So many errors.
anthsill03: Dewy
circle52: In Qld this is the problem with night games as dew comes down making conditions slippery and wet ball.
BigChief: Oh come on m0nty that was funny.
PowerBug: It is 17v18 remember
BigChief: I will try again. Stewy Dewy?
PowerBug: Loser should be forced to relocate to tassie imo ๐Ÿ˜›
Pokerface: lol BC. i appreciated it
Jukes82: nice cripper keep it going
Pokerface: yeah not that one so much
MONEY TALK: got the c on cripps
anthsill03: That goal was worth 5 goals in those conditions
BigChief: I have to try something to make this game better.
Jukes82: VC on Cripps, loophole looking good
TheOnyas: onya cr
lukat: lost track of time and forgot to put the C on Cripps!
lukat: Looks like the C is going to gaff or titch
Sixty656: my opp put the vc on cripps ๐Ÿ™
BigChief: Hey m0nty Swallow has tracksuit on in changerooms. He is done.
cusch1: question: Is McKay just the younger Liam Jones?
anthsill03: Cusch what does that mean
Pokerface: young majak
MONEY TALK: go cripps my c
Jukes82: oh really? you only said that 5 minutes ago..
Pokerface: lol
anthsill03: Great dive may
StuL: Spoonton got to take this chance for a win.
hinsch: how good are these boys from old Carlton town
Jukes82: what a shithouse game
BigChief: That is a great goal.
Haydo: Howe long is Howe out for didnt see the incedent
Stu7: Trading your b1tch a55 next week Seedsman!
Breezey: Wrong game Stu
Stu7: Whoops
Jukes82: lol he’s fired up
Burnsy03: concussion haydos, probs fine for next week, 1 week max
Pokerface: kouta would have kicked it
Breezey: Cripps may get to the double ton
Haydo: thanks burnsey
anthsill03: Ask me what is more important this year… getting married or cripps/charlie re-signing
sfenda1: nice pace from mckay
The39Steps: More than 50% of weddings ends in divorce. So its an easy question to answer.
anthsill03: May = sniper
cusch1: and the rate of gun players that Carlton trade is also rather high. 39 steps. sometimes, you never know
BigChief: Have a holiday Steven May.
anthsill03: I really rate mays ability to line up a player
original: May been angry all night
hinsch: Just how good are Carlton, these boys are on fire
Jukes82: no wonder Cambell Brown knocked the cunt out
original: LOL May giving it to Rowe after a mark and goal flog
Ash777: had a brain fade with my vc n c choice this weekend
runners47: Yes, original, May’s been an angry ant – good thing he’ll have a break for a week or two
GOD: GOD has the C on P. Cripps tonight!
hinsch: Do Carlton remember the song “We are the navy blues” etc
BigChief: Don’t lie GOD. No one believes you and I am not sure why your lies get shown.
runners47: Kick for goal with a banana, turKennedy!
Pokerface: I believe you GOD. Great captaincy tonight!
Breezey: The GOD who cried Wolf. No one will believe you when you do get the C right
anthsill03: On ya paddy so many people in this chat wrote you off. Well played tonight boys
carlton_99: Well Done Blues!!
Jukes82: its a disgrace this game was televised
Burnsy03: dowy i from the same town as me lmao, mates with his brother
Pokerface: who wrote him off?
BigChief: Every game is televised @Jukes.

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