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Chat log from R19 of 2018: Western Sydney vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Sydney vs St Kilda, R19 of 2018

Lewysport: Mmm seems a big interest in this game!
Apachecats: Evening Lewy
wadaramus: Is it time to get Savage with Savage yet?
DrSeuss: Time to finally get rid of Taranto perhaps…
bongidongi: had a choice of acres and greene to field… of course i pick greene
banta: why don’t st kilda tag? they are up against whitfield, kelly, conigs, shiel and ward.
frenzy: poke him again Drseuss..Lol
DrSeuss: Haha might just have to copy and paste every ten minutes @frenzy
BigChief: Steele is the Saints tagger @banta
BigChief: Have you seen Taranto’s sc score last 3 weeks DrSeuss?
coldog: What’s wrong with Taranto? He’s been good this year
Brad_J: @bongidongi who do you have in forwards?
Sloan4Pres: Keep going Ward
bongidongi: got hogan, buddy, langdon, stanley. in my draft league
circle52: Wadarumus you can get angry for both of us.
TheOnyas: onya shawy
BigChief: After watching the Rich v Coll game this 1 is woeful.
circle52: Chickened out of VC on Nigs and that not looking too good at the moment. Went Pendles instead
DrSeuss: It was just a quick gee up for the young fella. Seems to have worked 😉
duckky: The most boring game of the week goes to Dimetriou’s love child team
BigChief: Shaw having another 1 of his 0 HB games πŸ™‚
circle52: Haven’t seen Carlton and Suns yet duckky
Jukes82: lift Kelly
wadaramus: Saavaage!! (insert angry fist here)!
wadaramus: Nice lift Jukes πŸ™‚
Mcswains: onya Shawry πŸ™‚
Haydo: just came back Howe long is he out for
Jukes82: lol yes indeed
Jukes82: give Battle the wall
banta: why does kelly keep getting +4 for tackles? These are worse than the Dusty tackles!!
BigChief: Battle has more FA than disp.
BigChief: Kennedy and Shuey both out for Eagles. AFL website is source.
StuL: Carn Saints! Help us out.
lukat: Shaw will still finish on 80 odd
DrSeuss: Lift a little Cogs
TheOnyas: onya taranty
breadly: Dusty doesn’t tackle so any tackle is better than his
duckky: Has Cogs scored this term?
duckky: Battle has done something… he stood on heater’s foot!
DrSeuss: Kelly and Cogs come on fellas – it’s St Kilda!!
bongidongi: seb ross for spud, such a terrible kick and decision maker
BigChief: +18 for Shaw for doing nothing. LOL
Sixty656: killing me cogs
kano: Kelly best on.
BigChief: Easily best on @kano.
gdshifty: 25 mins… short quarter

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