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Chat log from R19 of 2018: Geelong vs Brisbane

Chat log for Geelong vs Brisbane, R19 of 2018

th3rio: Carn danger
SilverLion: That was a handball
circle52: He got a handball there
circle52: Umpires goal to cats 1.
SilverLion: Im so over this crap umpiring, consistency would be nice
th3rio: Glad to see Harris back
circle52: and a throw by Ablett missed
BigChief: Don’t you know the umpires always wear hoops at GMHBA Stadium?
SilverLion: And they say optus is bad for wce frees.. this is shower
Jukes82: went with cripps VC instead of Danger. Hard decision
circle52: and they are growing wider. Umps pay 2 holding to geelong and then miss one on brisbane.
MONEY TALK: got the vc on danger, c on cripps
circle52: and incorrect disposal there as well. Come on umps frees already 6 – 1 to Cats
DrSeuss: WTF is Stef doing??
cusch1: Still dont understand why people go to the free kick count. It isnt meant to be even
banta: martin is useless. too old and slow
circle52: Had 2 frees paid against him Dr and both marginal as both he and Stanley were holding each opther
cusch1: in saying that though, if a free is there, it has to be paid.
circle52: Hust highlighting due to the inconsistency I am seeing here
SilverLion: Another handball by Robbo there
circle52: and where was holding the man there
circle52: and the incorrect disposal by Fogarty
NoneyaB: so who vc’d danger? lol i k ow a few ppl did because he was playing against the lions lol
DrSeuss: Cheers Circle. Hard to believe Stanley is out rucking him
cusch1: It’s ok, im an essendon supporter. I understand your pain
Apachecats: Circle is that a new logo for you?
Pokerface: circle is to brisbane as carlton99 is to carlton
Apachecats: Early days but i think I’ve wasted the V on danger.
Pokerface: how is harris looking?
cusch1: Dont write off Danger just yet
th3rio: U alright stef mate
SilverLion: Wtf was that
SilverLion: Harris warming into it @pf
Apachecats: Witherso consistant ,should win rising star.
circle52: So Hipwood held similar to Selwwod arms around no free. Consistency please
DrSeuss: Not watching but 9 frees to 1 is a little concerning
Pokerface: thanks SL, so he looks all ok today then. great
original: apache he is so unlucky that stephenson will pip him
circle52: Gardiner should have had a free for high there as well.
SilverLion: Gardiner doesnt have a head apparently
DrSeuss: Damn Stef need a big 3 quarters from here
Apachecats: Go you good thing Danger VC.Must have heard my earlier post.
Apachecats: Danger nice SC premium to DT
Apachecats: PS you were right cusch
SilverLion: Hope Robbo can do one of his killer tackles on GAJ
hinsch: got one trade left need a forward to trade in $350k any consideration from this game
Pokerface: leave gaj alone.
Pokerface: keep going little master vc
original: whats going on with stef? thought geelong rucks were meh?
JRedden: zorko is going crazy this quarter
JRedden: zorko 30 points in 4 mins lmao
circle52: McInerbey been doing a ;ot of ruck work early. Noticed that the last 2 weeks.
m0nty: Stanley is quietly building a pretty impressive season.
Pokerface: hipwood if you feel lucky hinsch? at that price that’s the sort of player you are looking at
PowerBug: yep, averaging very nicely and a R/F too!
SilverLion: Ok that was holding, but he dropped that first
Sloaneyyyy: GAJ has completely ruined Dangerfield this year
Pokerface: parfitt another option
Pokerface: that’s GOAT to you.
cusch1: Fantasia is around the price range i think? Could be a good but bad pod
SilverLion: Gaj is selfish, loves cheap stats and refuses to play anywhere but mid
Apachecats: Not into DT but have a quick study of what Danger has done for his 22 DT points.
DrSeuss: Get involved Stef ffs
cusch1: That was a beautiful kick by Beams
circle52: Trust the McStay and Berrys misses from in front do not hurt.
cusch1: Circle probably trying to spot a missed free kick somewhere in that play?
Apachecats: hinsch in the pricebracket Parfart worth cosidering ,although 130 one week and 30 the next is the problem.
Pokerface: lol cusch
BigChief: Just like you last night cusch?
SilverLion: Lift Stef
duckky: Mitch Robinson is under $400K (and will drop) before injury averaaged over 100
Apachecats: yeah but that was justified BC
circle52: nah none there
Pokerface: at 350 best bet is actually a playing rookie – ronke, ahern etc
Apachecats: lol circle
LeFtBehinD: Where can I bet on 2019 final 8? Brisbane are certainties!
DrSeuss: Stef’s role any different this week? Or just not around it today?
SilverLion: Ablett has BO
circle52: Muppett for Lester for sure.
BigChief: That muppet from Lester cost 2 goals.
circle52: Agree Big Chief
circle52: Mitch Robbo has an B/e of 122 so will drop further as well.
Sloaneyyyy: I wonder if Hawkins gets a discount on glasses seeing as he only needs one ? Damn cyclops
DrSeuss: Stef going backward now. God damn
SilverLion: I have Stef oppo has grundy flower this game
SilverLion: Cats doing what they did in the last qtr last week
BigChief: Stef is poor when a 2nd ruck is in the team. Smith last couple years and Oscar this year.
circle52: Umps not calling holding for Lions – Robertson held before Hawkins marked
duckky: Test the cats half time drinks!
Pokerface: circle is on the case.
SilverLion: @BC Oscar has been in the side most of the year, and Stef avaeraging near career high SC.
anthsill03: Stef has been killing it this year. 3rd highest avg for rucks
luke394: Everyone got Danger VC?
Gotigres: Wake up Zorko
duckky: Hawkins playing like buddy was 2 yeaars ago in SC
Pokerface: @luke little master for me
circle52: So McCluggage held off the ball in goal square so no free. Come on Umps.
Apachecats: got Danger VC luke
SilverLion: Stanley had oscar around the neck there
circle52: Yep giving up.
luke394: Nice choice Poker
Pokerface: thanks luke, not when my opp went hawkins though :/
SilverLion: Get a real kick little master
DrSeuss: Lets hope this is Stef getting 1 rubbish game out of his system
circle52: and to show reasonably fair that was a soft 50.
Pokerface: lol circle
Pokerface: yep you’ve balanced everything out …
breadly: Get a real kick little master? He has had 12 contested disposals
SilverLion: @breadly 12 contested handballs probably
SilverLion: Thats how you kick a goal menzel
SilverLion: The ferals arent happy
SilverLion: He didnt touch him, he was down from the taylor knee
TheOnyas: onya bea
circle52: actualy SL Gardiner fell on his head with knees so fair.
Pokerface: you are overcompensating circle :p
circle52: But would be raet if umps were consistent though,
anthsill03: Junk it up stef
luke394: Cmon danger 130
MONEY TALK: push stef and danger
Gotigres: Not good enough Danger
Apachecats: Don’t think I’ll have to worry about missing the loop on danger ,struggling to get to my benchmark of 130.
StuL: Come on Tom
anthsill03: Hopefully danger and dusty will be mid/fwd dual position
StuL: Kent Kingsley kicked 8. And it was the luckiest bag ever.
Jukes82: Went with Cripps for the VC, hopefully works out
Pokerface: yeah that would be a great way for everyone to have different teams…
anthsill03: Doesn’t matter poker. Everybody always has the same team at the start of the year
Pokerface: yeah true i suppose ant
SilverLion: Spoil was 0.5 sec late, bit harsh
luke394: Shut house Danger you flog
Pokerface: that was 50
SilverLion: Cant flowering touch them now lol
circle52: That is the softest 50 I have ever seen
banta: ead stef
SilverLion: Took until the last second for someone to crunch GAJ
luke394: Gawn or Titchell now for C?
StuL: Footy Gods, that 50 was also about 30 and a miss

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