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Chat log from R19 of 2018: Richmond vs Collingwood

Chat log for Richmond vs Collingwood, R19 of 2018

SilverLion: This game is overhyped beyond belief.
PowerBug: first time since the 80s that this matchup has been between two top 4 teams
Hadouken: go sports !
cusch1: Definitely not overhyped.
cusch1: First time 2 of the big melbourne clubs have been relevant at the same time
ajconodie: @SilverLion – The media and AFL are using it as a distraction from the rule changes farce.
Apachecats: Castagna’s SC forecast is 38 ,nearly there.
cusch1: This is Grand Final like
Gotigres: Richmond robbed of a 50m.
Gotigres: Yes cusch, biggest game between the two clubs since 1980.
SilverLion: Fair call @aj
cusch1: would have put higgins on the goal line instead of 12 meters out. relax tigres
SilverLion: Gunna be a lot of feral booing today
colin wood: Just hope my boys put up a decent fight here.
vartic: Tend to agree with SilverLion, hard to buy into the hype when Pies still haven’t beaten anyone, but I hope it’s close
cusch1: SilverLion, just like in every AFL game?
SilverLion: @cusch1 More than usual ;D
original: had always wondered what team colin wood supported. how dumb do i feel now?
cusch1: #Stateogthegame
SilverLion: Come on Nank, be your usual clumsy but effective self
BigChief: Hi all. Finally go in.
cusch1: #Stateofmyspelling
Gotigres: Hope either Higgins or Mihocek score big as i can loophole with Sicily.
cusch1: For someone so Short, he sure can go long
NoneyaB: ffs pies at least put a fight up!
LMartos: Brought in Short this week so 5 goals off HB would be appreciated
cusch1: He is on track for 8 LMartos
cusch1: Pies messing around with the ball too much
LMartos: just a shame that he’s on such a low score, was copping a beating with early clangers
Gotigres: Howe down
Gotigres: Knee to the head for Howe
BigChief: Howe cops a knee in face from Moore. OUCH
original: ouch
Hadouken: nice knee to the head for howe
Gelly: Nice Moore
Gelly: hes cooked
Apachecats: Yet another massive game from Rance.
Hadouken: dusty the second half specialist. im not worrying yet
luke394: If Crisp was Jake Lloyd he’d be on 50 right now
carlton_99: Was Cotchin laughing when Howe got injured?
cusch1: Martin getting tagged by Greenwood as well Hadouken
cusch1: Daicos playing best game of his career so far. Been really good so far
McSpud: is howe still out there?
PowerBug: Neroli Meadows saying Howe is done for the day
NoneyaB: howe is gone mcspud ko’ed
Preston007: Dusty not premium anymore
NoneyaB: hope titch doesnt do this crap next year when he wins the carlie
PowerBug: cmon Tay Tay let’s keep that SC ticking over buddy
PowerBug: ticking in the positive direction, ideally… :'(
Gotigres: grimes great chase
Apachecats: Who was the guy who posted that this game was over-hyped?
Sloaneyyyy: Cmon Tigers, smash these magpie losers
Sloaneyyyy: Greenwood doing a decent job on Dusty so far though
Gotigres: haha Dusty 17sc for mark and goal
original: rance to get looked at for the kick on mihocek?
cusch1: Rance gets a free ride every week
original: cusch won’t even get looked at or mentioned in the media yet devon smith got crucified for his “trip”
th3rio: Vlastuin is a filthy player.
Apachecats: Mihocek is good to go.
BigChief: Did he forget to shower @th3rio?
original: so dumb, always been a free
th3rio: Must have. Also stank when he elbowed parker in the head
cusch1: Grundy is just so good
Gotigres: Keep going Higgins
original: classic rance head throw
SilverLion: Flower off Grundy you turd
Gotigres: Grundy gone ballistic
th3rio: HE so underrated
Apachecats: 3LO reckon Nank has taken the honours over grundy today ,ffs
SilverLion: Goal of the year done and dusted
th3rio: Goal of the year.
Gotigres: Yes Higgins!
luke394: Cmon Crisp you flog
TheLegend6: ahhaha what a goal higgo
BigChief: Is that a throw from Higgins or not? I say not because he kicked it before it hit the ground.
carlton_99: Great goal! But should have been a throw.
Gotigres: Did the collingwood player touch it?
valkorum: Can see the headlines now… Is the goal of the year a throw
Pokerface: was part of the ball to boot action. not a throw
SilverLion: Threw it to himself, play on
original: im ok with that being a goal and not a throw
DrSeuss: Someone stop Grundy…
PowerBug: Yeah that seemed fine to me
mattmac24: You’re kidding yourself to think that’s a throw. If that’s a throw then dropping the ball before you kick it is a throw
carlton_99: Either way fantastic goal.
TheLegend6: Townsends goal, shocking awareness
original: caddy still at the G? anyone know?
th3rio: I think it’s the fact he semi lobbed it into the air than dropped it on his boot
BigChief: Yep this game is over-hyped for sure.
mattmac24: Still disposed of it correctly without it hitting the ground or another player. Great goal regardless
original: would have been a throw if he caught it imo, fact it went straight to boot, makes it ok imo
TheLegend6: hahaha everyone just boos Rance, love it
Pokerface: agree completely Original
StuL: No doubting Thomas.
MONEY TALK: who needs de goey when u have thomas
BigChief: As much as I hate Collingwood I hope they win.
th3rio: My oppt brought in de goey and Howe this week. Poor guy
Apachecats: Dusty got cob webs growing on him.
Pokerface: brought IN de goey??
th3rio: Guessing he did it before reports came out and missed it poker
TheLegend6: Umps love a pies free kick
Pokerface: guessing he isn’t in the hunt for the 8? we knew he was gone on tuesday
th3rio: Nah far from it. Banter
PowerBug: 58 point qtr for Tay Tay 8) Shame I don’t own any other Pies though 🙁
cusch1: I took the captain of Grundy this week for the first time since the bye
cusch1: well, Captain/Vice Captain anyway
BigChief: Zak Jones offered fine and 2 weeks for his reports last night.
MONEY TALK: Scharenberg out
AFL Blues: What happened with Mihocek? Will he come back on the ground?
Apachecats: Got his head patched up AFLB
Gotigres: Definite free against Riewolt
MONEY TALK: holding on moore?
AFL Blues: What does that mean, Apachecats? Will he be back in the ground? 😐
cusch1: He is back on the ground lol
Apachecats: stand by AFLB
Gotigres: Crisp is my worst trade in of the year.
Apachecats: Just flowered up bably ,went to llop Danger and all my emerg are locked.ffs,have to rely on Cripps ,titch or gawn.Any th
Apachecats: *badly *loop *thoughts.
Gotigres: Do something Higgins
pcaman2003: Hi all! I see pea heart Caddy under performing again
Apachecats: AFL he just went up 3 points so must be on.
MONEY TALK: cox has been held all game, its pathetic
Preston007: Muppet for dusty..
BigChief: All 4 Em locked @Apache?
Apachecats: Yep BC ,what a stuff up.
shaker: Never thought I would see someone complain about Cox being held
BigChief: Damn that sucks. I better check mine.
TheLegend6: Good win for us, pies did well to challenge
BigChief: Crap. Mine all locked as well. Go huge Big Maxy.
luke394: Fuck sake Crisp you fucking cunt do something
MONEY TALK: yea because rance has held him all day, rance can’t take a contested 1v1 mark
Lewysport: Evening all, been caught short in forward line, take Ronke’s 56 or let Battle play?
Apachecats: Yeah BC I only had one non player on bench -TSmith and had the emerg on Ronke in that spot.
Apachecats: Great pair of strategists aren’t we BigChief.?
BigChief: Too many frothies over the years Apache 😛
Gotigres: Dig deep Higgins, dig deep.
TheLegend6: Higgins would be a shout for RS, though I think one of Stephenson or Doedee will win it
Pokerface: higgins hasnt played enough
BigChief: Don’t forget Witherden @Legend.
TheLegend6: @poker Higgins played all games from I think about Round 4
grossn: I just want one game without injuries.
TheLegend6: Sorry, missed one game since round 5
Pokerface: is it really that many. wow ok, didn’t realise that
BigChief: WOW only 88k at MCG. Surprised it didn’t go over 95k.
carlton_99: @grossn 100% know how you feel as a CFC supporter
snake_p: parole officer didn’t let them out today
Pokerface: sold out early BC… corporates not rocking up?
Pokerface: lol snake
cusch1: It took up until the final seconds for Calton 99 to bring up carlton injuries. smh

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