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Chat log from R19 of 2018: Essendon vs Sydney

Chat log for Essendon vs Sydney, R19 of 2018

frenzy: evening punters
cusch1: Happy Friday all, may all of our fantasy teams win and the Swans lose
cusch1: M0nty Francis will be playing backline not at half forward…surely
luke394: good evening fan footy peanuts
th3rio: hey fam
th3rio: go bombers and buddy how about a goal tonight you potato
Jukes82: lads who should I VC this week Danger or Cripps?
th3rio: im going danger, i feel like cripps will cop a hard tag
cusch1: Ive gone Cripps vs no one into Titch
BigChief: Hi all. I am tipping Swans by plenty as it is not at SCG.
BigChief: Jones you spud. Reported before ball bounced.
th3rio: williams gone
th3rio: i mean jones wtf where did i get williams from
cusch1: Essendon cannot buy a holding the ball free kick this season. its ridiculous
BigChief: @th3rio Paul Williams wore #10 for Syd early 2000’s
th3rio: there goes my bet on fantasia for first goal
th3rio: Cheers BC, so im not totally going crazy lol
th3rio: i got sucked into buddy this year for the first time. Never again
BigChief: Surprised to see Hurley on Franklin
Jukes82: buddy good value but too inconsisant, never got him this year, never again
cusch1: Hooker isnt nimble enough to go with him, Francis just not experienced enough
luke394: me 2 th3rio hes so shit
th3rio: luke i only got him because last year i didnt, and he would pull 160’s. Westhoff next year
th3rio: welcome back to afl aaron!
poolboybob: do something Spuddy
m0nty: Francis half forward there?
luke394: yeah spot on mate i wish I went Wingard instead
th3rio: buddy the peanut is on the bench probably sookin about the elbow
cusch1: Lol all half backs are at the forward 50 line when ball is i50…
bongidongi: baguley looks like hes doing a forward tag on lloyd
DrSeuss: Bagley forward tag on Lloyd it seems.
BigChief: I think Francis pushed forward for that kick @m0nty
BigChief: Oh great. BT has started his crap calling already.
Ash777: can bt stop with the lloyd pls
Gotigres: Dea gone.
th3rio: considered a cheeky lloyd VC glad I didnt
BigChief: Muppet for Papley?
Fatbar5tad: Yeah Dea not well. Bad concussion there.
luke394: that kick from Buddy that was marked isn’t counted as effective?
grechy76: bt even oooooorrrraaaazio
Umpirespet: Goddard flops Essendon free sheesh
DrSeuss: BT with the Lllooooyyyyyddd for a 2m handball.
NoneyaB: geez papley is a a moron
Jukes82: lol, thats original
ReggieOz: BT would be a good if he just played it straight
luke394: I’ve seen players shank it to a team mate and been effective
BigChief: I think that will be corrected at 1/4 time @luke.
cusch1: Cannot. Buy. One
Sloan4Pres: these umps are shizen
th3rio: gee heppell has been good this season. Goes crazy SC sometimes
feralmong: Papley what a plastic hero.
ReggieOz: wow .. thats a free every day of the week
cusch1: lol you pay that one you plastic green muppett
BigChief: What is the difference between that and AMT’s?
luke394: how the fuck is Lloyd on 19 he had one quick kick
BigChief: Guelfi hammy done?
ReggieOz: I love it when they put the whistle away .. but you have to pay the obvious ones
th3rio: will buddy get a point for bouncing it off his head? hes that shit.
Jukes82: Lloyd SC score lmao
cusch1: AMT was actually holding the ball? Parish was knocked out in the tackle
colin wood: Lol at Lloyd’s score.
grechy76: feral dons supporters lol
carlton_99: Thats not high.
Ash777: a brawl is going to erupt in the stands at this rate
cusch1: There are some interesting looking supporters at the ground
Fatbar5tad: Really shit umpiring. Fans of both teams spewing.
luke394: he is the champion data love child @Jukes82 absolutely ridiculous he’s done nothing
Gotigres: That’s the way Lloyd. Get 16 points for not doing much.
carlton_99: Shocking umpiring today and this year
BigChief: Both should have been paid cusch. 1 HTB, 1 incorrect disp.
Fatbar5tad: Surely you have him by now lukey
grechy76: lol @cusch1 that sydney supporter
luke394: how does he get 20 points for one effective kick
cusch1: Some good looking ones in the Essendon end too Grechy
grechy76: and they collingwood ones are feral.ch7 knows how to find them
BigChief: OMG did BT actually call Lloyd normally just then?
luke394: na i dont @Fatbarstad not paying 600k for him its just stupid how much he is favoured in the scoring
th3rio: umpies actual hate the dons.
BigChief: Hahaha sucked in Duddy. Well done Hurley.
Breezey: Buddy getting towellled up by Hurley so far
cusch1: World Cup found the attractive women, Channel 7 find the even better looking ones
carlton_99: BT should really not be commentating this game
BigChief: There you go cusch. a HTB to Ess. LOL
TheLegend6: Hoping my decision to get Brayshaw instead of Hurley doesn’t come back to bite
Ash777: waiting for a 1/10 of the supporters to be ejected from the ground
luke394: think about the influence of Lloyd compared to Hurley and they are the same score its just am joke
pcaman2003: Go Lloydy. Keep it up.
cusch1: BigChief, the amount of non HTB frees we have missed this year i beyond wrong. Not sure why it still surprises me tbh
th3rio: i hate you stupid franklin
Jukes82: damn good game so far
th3rio: lmao guelfis boot
cusch1: another shot HTB free
cusch1: I dont know what I just witnessed? A HTB Free
Gotigres: Opp has Buddy vc so very happy.
cusch1: It;s almost as if we dropped McKernan with Aliir
Breezey: That’s It Lloydy
th3rio: he pulled it in cusch, shouldve slapped it out
Jukes82: Lloydo! Keep it going
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Looks on song for a big night
Breezey: Yes indeed
Gotigres: Did someone say they vc Lloyd?
pcaman2003: Feel sorry for the Buddy owners.
Apachecats: Wonder if Gillan has got the boiled lollies in that overcoat.
th3rio: good bags
th3rio: i have 2 trades left. Was saving them for injuries but I think buddy gone is a must
BigChief: Francis looking good so far.
cusch1: A lot of sore players tonight
Apachecats: Buddy might as well be counted as an injury for all the good he is doing th3rio.
grechy76: more players in rooms than bench
Apachecats: Lot of sore supporters too cusch.
th3rio: Agreed
BigChief: LMAO I forgot to change my VC off Sinclair.
th3rio: ouch BC
cusch1: Im going to nuffy myself here but there is a conspiracy against us
Ash777: all of baguley’s work undone
carlton_99: 14-6 free kicks and theres a conspiracy against u?
cusch1: Isnt it past your bedtime Carlton?
Apachecats: Should be 18 -4 free kicks c99
th3rio: not always quantity of quality carlton. Some of those decisions are faulty
DrSeuss: Devon Smith if you could get a few touches that would be great
carlton_99: What are you talking about. You always say how I complain about umpires and then you do it.
original: Time to put Buddy on the ball lol
Breezey: Yeah there was a conspiracy against us too for a few years. Then we started playing better.
cusch1: Nah, Buckley magically becoming good overnight is the biggest conspiracy
Apachecats: I don’t think anyone understands cusch.
carlton_99: Yes I agree @thrio but there has been some both ways
BigChief: Time to put Duddy in the retirement home.
cusch1: Same goes for Harwick
th3rio: Good luck tomorrow breeze
Umpirespet: Star for Breezy tonight M0nty
BigChief: 2nd that motion Ump.
Ash777: if only dons could be cleaner with the ball and more disciplined
th3rio: lmao there you go carlton, high tickle but HTB
cusch1: got to tackle him fair Heeney you grub
carlton_99: I said there have been bad ones but there have been some the bombers have got that werent there
Umpirespet: Smith u grub
cusch1: Name one
BigChief: Smith you flog. Why stick your leg out.
Breezey: Devon Smith in strife there. Tripping
carlton_99: That one there trip by Smith
Ash777: the umpiring has been bad both ways
cusch1: Did ling just say Smith could have broken Sydney players leg there? #lol
circle52: Not wrong Breezy
Gotigres: Smith gone for next week.
carlton_99: He could have happened last week where Fisher broke his leg due to a trip
Sixty656: Devon spent too much time with Doggard
circle52: Agree umpiring bad both ways.
Apachecats: Agree Carlton 99 ,umpires trying to even up for the obvious frees they missed in first1/4.
Stu7: Come on Riordon get off your a55
DrSeuss: If that’s a week the AFL is a joke. It looked bad but Parker was coming at him with the elbow/arm out
circle52: Bombers have been inside 50 15 times this quarter for 2 goals compared to Sydneys 5 time for 3 goals.
carlton_99: @apache. Not saying umpires are biased towards bombers. Just saying it has been horrible both ways. Same as all year
BigChief: Umpires have missed so many obvious frees tonight for both teams.
carlton_99: If Bt says one more thing about the bloody pidgeons…
Umpirespet: Sadly the AFL want to sanitize the game to appeal to more but they are stuffing it up
bongidongi: lloyd had a huge quarter
BigChief: What are you going to do 99? Ring them?
Haydo: ikr carlton
carlton_99: Thinking about it lol @BigChief
BigChief: As if they will take your call.
Gotigres: Worst goal ever
Sloaneyyyy: how does someone as big as Spuddy Franklin only get 2 touches in a half of footy
Apachecats: Loved that ,all the swans supporters saying touched ,none of the players though.
oc16: Franklin, im not upset im just dissapointed
th3rio: dons (Y)
Sloaneyyyy: Dea has had more touches than him and he left the game 30 minutes ago
sammyo7: #freekickessendon
circle52: Did any one vc Lloyd?
sammyo7: changed vc from lloyd to kennedy last minute
cusch1: About time Brown did something
oc16: nope but i have him in perfect 9
banners87: Terrible call with that free kick
Apachecats: Smith will get a week.Hope everyone has cover for him.
carlton_99: @BigChief. Why do you hate me so much?
circle52: Had to use my last trade today to avoid a donut in defence. But with DPPS mids and fwds should be able to cover
Jukes82: he’ll get off, dont worry
Umpirespet: If smith has a week off will have to sell Sicily as no bench cover
Gotigres: There’s still 4 weeks after this round @circle. Somehow i can’t see you winning this year champ.
circle52: Injuries crueled me ages ago @Gotigres so just aiming to get as high as I can now. 13 injury trades
BigChief: All you do is whinge 99.
carlton_99: When did I whinge I just said BT shouldn’t commetate. Something a lot of people have said.
valkorum: no personal attacks please, keep it about the game
cusch1: Valkorum or M0nty?
valkorum: valkorum = mod 🙂
th3rio: its true, he banned me once
cusch1: M0nty, give that man a job
Gotigres: I guess it goes to show that luck is just as important as skill circle.
valkorum: @cush1 maybe I shouldnt have used the smilie, but yes I am a chat mod
MONEY TALK: go my boi zerret
cusch1: On the third quarter, God said unto man: Let there be Zerrett
runt: Has Franklin got torn testicle awareness or something?
Fatbar5tad: Degoey and Smith. Can’t cover both.
cusch1: No intention of going the ball…..Need to gift buddy a goal somehow dont we
thommoae: But why the heck did Hurley contact Buddy’s head? Crazy.
Breezey: Hardly a gift goal from there
Jackwatt$: m0nty doesn’t ban me because we have beers together
DrSeuss: Get involved Devon ffs
th3rio: bruce getting old. Just called francis hurley lol kids got orange hair
Fatbar5tad: Straight to Alir
runt: Stdeny have become a very average , plodding football team.
runt: Sydney as well
Fatbar5tad: Piss off kennedy
runt: I didn’t even get close the first time
Fatbar5tad: Didn’t touch the ball? Should have gone to specsavers
Gotigres: Smith playing as a decoy.
pcaman2003: Wakey,wakey Smith. 2nd half has started
BigChief: blue moon for Brown?
Roksta: Umpires keeping essendon in front here
Gotigres: Great qtr so far Lloyd with 4 points.
th3rio: lloyd about 2 pts this quarter
th3rio: beat me to it tigres
Apachecats: Walla kicked an identical one couple of weeks ago or maybe last week.
TheLegend6: Lloyd racks them up in no time
BigChief: Lloyd 8 CP? Where and when?
cusch1: wat
th3rio: i see a repeat of last year coming fml
Ash777: well that lead got eating up quickly
DrSeuss: How was that not a free against Buddy?
Apachecats: Payed one to Buddt earlier for a minor forearm to the back of the head by Hurley.
MattyZ: lol they better pay a receipt free to essendon soon that was a bit ridiculous on Hurley
duckky: Wouldn’t see better monstering of Hurley in Franco-Grecian wrestling
Jukes82: lol whos whinging now
Fatbar5tad: Can the Swans sustain the scoring?
Ash777: I would give up on umps getting anything right this game
Apachecats: Buddy does the same or worse to Hurley ,no free.
Fatbar5tad: Smith got a kick!
Ash777: BT needs to learn the rules
Fatbar5tad: Lmao point
StuL: Lllooyd!
cusch1: Being an essendon supporter will shave 10 years off your life: Fact
grechy76: baguley looks like he has pash rash
cusch1: Surprised that wasnt a free against bellch there…
th3rio: am i the only one that says kennedy like Mr Kennedy used to on WWE
Roksta: Yeah umps might try to even up the lopsided count
th3rio: dons needed to get around francis then.
cusch1: Muppet Heene
Gotigres: Hahaha Heeney.
original: double muppet wow heeney and mccartin
th3rio: smith you gun
Fatbar5tad: Attaboy Smiffy!
Gotigres: Finally Smith
lilboat: There was about 3 holds on Sydney players before that goal
carlton_99: How was that not a free to Hayward. What a joke these umpires are
cusch1: 7 Cameras love the nuffy supporters
original: yeh umpires have been shockin
Roksta: Sydney would be in front of it wasn’t for umps
cusch1: Florent potato
Fatbar5tad: Muppet Florentine
carlton_99: The best and brightest from the supporters on display today.
m0nty: nominations for star please
mattmac24: Who cares about the umps. Bombers are playing increadibly well
Gotigres: Sydney done. Essendon live.
lilboat: Ive only seen the last quarter so cant Judge the whole game, but Sydney getting Shafted. Sydney still been poor though.
feralmong: Our sun monty.
cusch1: Heppell
oh_lol: No one deserving of a star really.
runt: The star in my humble opinion belongs to nobody
Torpedo10: Heppell star for sure.
m0nty: yeah it has been really even hasn’t it
Ash777: star for bellchambers
th3rio: maybe aliir aliir. Showed heart
bongidongi: probably heppell for star. been so consistently influential all game
runt: Like asking do you want the spilled milk, stomped on burger or burnt cake for dinner
BigChief: Brown has given Ess a target all night.
DragonLass: Tipungwuti X-factor
McRooster: Tipping woody for x dactor
cusch1: I cant wait to see nuffies afl page tear into these essendon supporters
cusch1: Also: It isnt over yet
bongidongi: hurley rock
boofjb57: Matt dea for star because he’s seeing them
Fatbar5tad: Reportedcagain!
BigChief: Jones Muppet. 2nd report.
Gotigres: Jones reported again
cusch1: So is Langford #Jonesyouf*ckingsniper
feralmong: See ya next year Zak lol.
oh_lol: Hahahaha @boof
Fatbar5tad: Belch has a word
pcaman2003: At least 2 weeks for that hit. Silly boy.
Pusti: Don’t think we’ll be seeing Zak onfield again this season.
Breezey: Zak Jones for the Star. Dont often get reported twice
Fatbar5tad: Brown says GAGF Cats
cusch1: surprised Jones can string enough words together to respond to Belch
th3rio: i need bombers to win by less than 39 lol
Gotigres: Never seen the star that low before
feralmong: Zak will miss games next year as swans can’t make finals. See the draw.
Apachecats: Good on you O’riordan 85 -80- 33.Must have known i wasted a trade on you.
Apachecats: Amazing how ofter rookies fail in their 3rd game after burning in the first two.
th3rio: fuck
Stu7: Apachacats I agree
duckky: Heppell Star
pcaman2003: Go Smithy! Another quick oneplease.
runt: Questions have to be asked about Longmire now. he has bored the Swans to death. They clearly have lost their enjoyment
BigChief: Jones won’t get 4 weeks. Might get 3.
original: time for a rebuild
Jukes82: lol at the puppets that jumped on o’riordan
Jackwatt$: Hurley star? Is m0nty trolling?
th3rio: and to think if we just beat carlton we’d be in the 8
Pusti: BigChief: Straight to the tribunal and they’ll go hard on him for the dual reports.
Apachecats: Sorry Jukes ,i keep forgetting you are a genius.(not)
BigChief: They can’t put the 2 cases together. They have to assess them as individual reports.
duckky: Monty still has manlove for Buddy. Anyone who beats buddy…

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