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Chat log from R18 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R18 of 2018

lukat: need a nice game from westhoff and gray to possibly break 2700!
Haydo: kelly vs westhoff +39 who wins
Sloaneyyyy: hopefully Whitfield still gets some goals now with Greene back
lukat: probably westhoff +39
Haydo: yeah he had titch captain
Apachecats: westoff plus 39 for me.
Gotigres: Wish you weren’t playing Gray. You will probably spud it up after last weeks concussion and prevent me from getting
Gotigres: Higgins 108sc
lukat: Westhoff should score nicely if he takes some ruck responsibility
Sloaneyyyy: cmon Port, don’t ruin my tips
cusch1: Kelly only scores well at Spotless stadium for some odd reason
DrSeuss: Rocky spending a lot of time on the pine
anthsill03: Some guy in the other chat must be shattered. L keefe is playing and stuffed ur loophole option lol
Haydo: there’s 10 of the 39
Sloaneyyyy: just checked my tips and I went for GWS, so go Giants…!
cusch1: Toby Greene is a good player
DrSeuss: Put Wingard back in the middle – no touches when he gets pushed up forward
original: New westhoff owner. Is this standard?
ajconodie: @original – No. Normally he spits out a 40+ 1st quarter then goes missing. Today he hasn’t even been found yet.
Haydo: hopefully it stays that way ajconodie
original: no haydo no!
Tonche: Rocky looking a bit piggish today
Apachecats: RGray should have taken the week off.
cusch1: New RGray owner: Is this standard?
pharace: Yes, but with high Break Evens hanging over yoiur head
original: pharace how many trades do you have if you were happy to trade out gray to avoid losing $$?
original: kelly +39 points VS westhoff & shaw..who wins brothers?
Jukes82: westoff/shaw easily
DrSeuss: These free kicks to GWS are ridiculous
Haydo: wow go away westhoff
TigersMan1: R Gray + 229 vs Hurn, Kelly, Coniglio, who wins bois?
BigChief: If GWS play like this the rest of the year they will be dangerous in finals.
JockMcPie: GWS can win the flag, they’re the Richmond and Bulldogs of this year
ajconodie: I’ll need around 150 in the 2nd half from Westhoff, Ward and Kelly. Quietly confident.
pharace: @original – all I meant was if trading him this week or next was an option, this week was the go – as he is likely drop
pharace: NicNat and Sicily can’t drop anymore
Pokerface: whats the point of waiting a week when its 2 weeks till finals? its not the time to be counting pennies now
Pokerface: its the time for scoring points.
Pokerface: why would you trade out gray anyway
TigersMan1: Need 221 from Gray and Westhoff to crack 2500, pls bring your games in the second half bois!!!!
pharace: I had an easy Game this week Pokerface – I can;t rise or drop in my League. Gray a liability atm
Pokerface: Gray a liability? you’re kidding right?
pharace: Irrespective, point simple enough, Gray likely to lose value and Sicily and NicNat can go next week
Pokerface: with siciliy gone he is the 3rd best averaging forward
colin wood: Need Gray, Westy, Kelly and Greene to all hit their projections to go 2650 this week.
pharace: Yep, compared to getting say Devon
BigChief: Why not trade the 2 who won’t play again before trading someone that will.
Pokerface: Gawn went sub 100 this week. you might want to consider ditching him next week as he will drop value
pharace: More trade value this week is my point Chief
Pokerface: what difference would 10-15k make to you now?
pharace: Go hard Pokerface
BigChief: Plus Port play Dogs next week and Gray score heavy against them.
DrSeuss: Westhoff and Wingard doing nothing
Pokerface: but its so stupid that i can’t understand.
Pokerface: value is what you look for early, not now
Pokerface: unless you still 10 trades tucked away
pharace: Getting Devon and Grundy this week by trading Gray and Fritsch last week – they seemed certain drops, could be $10k in
StuL: Costing me 2500 Rockliff!
pharace: Thanks Pokerface – you happy with RGray, that’s good
BigChief: Trade Sicily for Smith.
Pokerface: well no im not happy with his last couple of games, but you don’t trade prems out on a couple of games.
pharace: You think RGray stil premo, I don’t, that’s the diff
Umpirespet: If Greene can stay on the field could be a good swap for Sicily for me
Sloaneyyyy: lift Taranto, I want 85+ outta you
pharace: Agree Umpire, could drop enough too as he hits form
Pokerface: who cares if he drops? if you think he will be one of the best finishers to the season get him, irrespective of price
Sloaneyyyy: Greene needs to show a bit more to be an inclusion this season though
BigChief: If Deledio gets going he is a cheap option
Umpirespet: Yeah but I ain’t trading till finals so have a couple of weeks to look at him
Umpirespet: Too old and injury prone Chief
Pokerface: nice luxury to know you’ll be in UP.
original: greene a lock in 2019 tho..
Umpirespet: Yeah 1st in most my leagues so can rest now lol
original: westhoff had a great qtr smh..
duckky: Pittard looks like getting to clanger double figures!!
th3rio: if you’re prepared to have him missing every now and then due to injury / suspension original
BigChief: I wouldn’t say Greene is a lock original
th3rio: simpson is looking pretty good.
Umpirespet: Never mess with rucks lol Max,Steph or Grundy only worth the money
th3rio: I need the hoff to get 90 or under and I win league. What are the chances lads
BigChief: Port lucky no free against Watts for a block.
Umpirespet: Pretty good so far
Apachecats: You’re safe th3rio.
Pokerface: throw goldy back in that lot i reckon UP
Sloaneyyyy: auto captain on anyone who plays Port from now on I think
LuvIt74: Im in trouble my opponent is up 103 points and has Keeffe & I have R Gray…
pharace: Westoff in the Ruck now – touch and go th3rio
th3rio: i thought that just before half time apache, then he went 34-52 in three seconds
Apachecats: Herald-Sun supercoach still not updated from the 1.10pm game.Must be broken?
th3rio: even now, hes creeping up points ugh
Sloaneyyyy: my supercoach is up to date
Umpirespet: SC app hasn’t for me either Apache
Umpirespet: Wobble ur delicious
Apachecats: Just closed it down and reloaded and it is now updated.
Umpirespet: Wobbie *
Gotigres: I find that sc gets updated if i log out then back in again.
Umpirespet: Ok maybe I should restart the iPad then
biggerz: That westhoff advantage to gray might have just killed me. Needed westhoff to kick the goal, not gray.
ajconodie: Same @biggerz. I need 83 from Westhoff, Ward and Kelly to win.
BigChief: Go Wobbie you premo star.
original: imagine if shaw had 0 frees against and 85% disp eff
Pokerface: #notapremo
Gotigres: Great week to trade Rockliff to Oliver
original: cmon westy
Umpirespet: Oliver is premium tho already
pharace: haha, I’ve played him into form Pokerface
Pokerface: lol pharace
lukat: need 100 more from coniglio, shaw, gray and westhoff for 2700
pharace: If you want the Melb Cup winner I’ll back 23 horses for you
lukat: in total that is*
Sloaneyyyy: Go Giants!
Umpirespet: Pharmaceutical the 24 th will fall over
Umpirespet: Pharace * effing iPads
BigChief: If it works pharace please back all but the rank outsider.
pharace: I like it BumpireSpot
Mcswains: Go away Conigs
cusch1: Zac Lagdon has “Hamstring awareness” Whatever that is
Mcswains: Lift Hoff
Pokerface: keep going Conigs
Umpirespet: That’s a crows word cusch1 lol
lukat: Conigs has jumped to 130 from 90 in 5 minutes?
Sixty656: kick a GOAL kelly farkensakes
cusch1: Lukat has had 4 clearances this quarter
cusch1: Justice is served
Nuffman: Go Conig! no idea how he jumped nearly 30 pts in the literal 4 mins ii was gone.. but huzzah
lukat: Meanwhile shaw going backwards ffs
Sixty656: Get in!
cusch1: Conigs up to 5 clearances this quarter
th3rio: clearances for conigs lads
Umpirespet: Fat lady singing now
Apachecats: Funny things happening with the SC scores taranto up and down like a brides nightie.
Mcswains: Hoff you absolute imbecile
th3rio: take the hoff off please lol
Torpedo10: Up by 60 halfway through Q4, Gray & Heater v Conigs & Westhoff….then this. Conigs up 50, Gray back 8, Heater back 10.
Apachecats: You getting toey th3rio.?
Pokerface: get that zombie symbol off robbie right now
Pokerface: he was always relevant
lukat: Who? Robbie Gray? Bloke isnt even a premo
biggerz: Thanks for your putrid second half Hoff
th3rio: westhoff under 90 yippeeee
Sloaneyyyy: woulda had 9/9 if the swans didn’t completely botch it up this week
Breezey: Imagine what would have happened if Robbie got a real bad concussion
poolboybob: Gray has the 4th highest average among FWDs, yeah sure he’s not a premo, lol
Breezey: Port imposters
BigChief: Same Sloaneyyy. But was 22 off margin.
Haydo: Kelly u r an absolute life saver
Nuffman: 2506 not bad
Jukes82: the icons are based of AF, not supercoach
lukat: lol. dw poolboy
original: Win my game by 7 sc pre scaling..surely kelly won’t go up more..
th3rio: I think everyone wouldve tipped swans sloaney :
Haydo: Thanks kelly u jet u r a lifesaver
kano: lukat for the burger
BigChief: Yep Wobbie not a premo but averaging 100+
Haydo: Think i was 2 original

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