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Chat log from R18 of 2018: West Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for West Coast vs Western Bulldogs, R18 of 2018

Burnsy03: can we put in an effort after half time today?
rtz23: won’t need to if you blow them out 😉
original: Odd seeing dahl getting 25% of his total score so early in the day
TheOnyas: onya gaffy
Roksta: Lynch looks a good find for dogs
th3rio: Is marae okay
DrSeuss: Let’s watch Lynch outscore all my other backs while he sits on my bench
oc16: is macrae injured?
bongidongi: gaff <3
bongidongi: you’re a superstar
SilverLion: Macrae TOG surprisingly low
ajconodie: McLean has gone to poop.
DrSeuss: Ok Redden, time to catch Gaff
Umpirespet: BT in WA has he crapped the bed
rtz23: what’s a higher priority M9, D7 or F7?
Umpirespet: M9 as u still need them to score over 100
pcaman2003: Geez! McLean has really turned into rubbish lately
BigChief: Stay low Gaff please.
BigChief: @rtz23 At this point of the year none of them.
Umpirespet: Just signed a new contract pcaman nothing to prove now
cusch1: “protected the drop zone really well then”
Breezey: Need Dahl and McLean to outscore Yeo and Redden.
th3rio: Good Toby
cusch1: I have honestly seen 14 year olds with better insights than BT
Roksta: McLean not too bad
TheOnyas: onya crippsy
Breezey: How bad is this bandaid On Dahlhaus
pcaman2003: @Rocksta. He’s improved this qtr
Lewysport: No late changes at Port apparently so Robbie should be good to go.
Haydo: not hard cusch
pcaman2003: Glad Gray is playing.Good news
original: How good have all the Sicily replacements gone this week sheesh
pharace: ily was never going to losee me money this week so traded Gray and Fritsch becuase they had high BE
pharace: Sicily that is
Apachecats: Going to get Macrae back nice and cheap for SC finals at this rate.
Haydo: im gonna need kelly to outscore westhoff by 39 to win and retain top 4
Apachecats: Reckon you are better off coming 5th to 8th in SC Haydo.Wait for the front runners to run out of trades.
original: Haydo I need westhoff and Shaw to out score kelly by 39
Gotigres: Having doubts about getting Macrae in next week
StuL: Dogs all suck this week.
Haydo: we’re pretty much opposites original reminds me of our ladder positions
Sloaneyyyy: McClean gone missing
DrSeuss: Redden gone missing for the last 15 minutes
TheBoy89: Reversed changes has j battle as c but doesn’t matter I’ve easily won my league match
Roksta: That’s a week for hurn
cusch1: Nothing for Hurn surely. He stood there
BigChief: No chance Hurn gets suspended.
BigChief: If Hurn gets suspended, then Howe goes for years.
Jukes82: I’ve heard ppl say the same thing here before, and the player ends up rubbed out
j959: is harsh if Hurn gets time, not much else he can do there in a split second decision … no intent to hurt the opponent
Roksta: Did dogs a favor honeychurch is crap
Fizzy343: lol hurn made of steel
Roksta: Went past the ball and bumped. Shut rule but
Apachecats: You should get life for that Roksta.
BigChief: Shut up BT you moron.
cusch1: He stood there as the ball rolled past him and Honeychurch ran into him. Watch the replay maybe
Roksta: Apacacheats I’m not following
BigChief: @rocksta went past the ball? He wasn’t moving. Honeychurch ran into Hurn.
BigChief: Spot on cusch.
original: sicily to hurn looking like a winner
Woosha 73: Rocksta = Michael Christian
Apachecats: Rocksta i think you should wait and see how honeychurch is before bagging him like you did.
duckky: Supercoach is such a humbling game original
Roksta: I don’t think he should get done but the outcome will mean he gets a week.
Jukes82: yup, concussion will get a week 100%
BigChief: So because Mitch ran into Hurn then Hurn gets suspended? That is just dumb thinking @rocktsa
Roksta: It is dumb but that’s the MRO for you
BigChief: What is Hurn meant to do? Move out of the road because someone is running at him?
Breezey: Im not watching but I think Hurn gets a week. Just because my opponent next week has Hurn
Apachecats: Hurn incident will be reviewed but won’t go any further.He was stationary when honeychurch ran into him with his head.
Jukes82: church was going for the ball, hurn never looked at the footy once
Roksta: He bumped him is the issue. Has to accept duty of care
j959: harsh if Hurn gets time, not much else he can do there in a split second decision … no intent to hurt the opponent
Pokerface: havent seen this game.. Gaff looking like votes at all?
BigChief: He didn’t bump him though rocksta. Honeychurch RAN into him.
Jukes82: lol
TigersMan1: R Gray + 229 vs Hurn, Kelly, Coniglio, who wins bois?
lukat: ton up please gaff!
lukat: surely gray +229
Apachecats: The way RGray is going you’re going to need all of the 229.
TigersMan1: Tonne up Gaff!
duckky: 9 clangers to McLean? Wower!
DrSeuss: Come on a Redden get the ton
Nuffman: McLean’s clangers killing me
Roksta: McLean has had an off day
ajconodie: watching this game closely and my God WCE get away with a lot. especially their defenders.
Nuffman: Off 5 weeks**
Tonche: Haved loved having Croz in Draft last few weeks
pharace: Big price drop coming for Macrae, is he value now?
Pokerface: who cares if he is value at the end of the season

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