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Chat log from R18 of 2018: Carlton vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Carlton vs Hawthorn, R18 of 2018

lukat: Need a big game here Titch
JockMcPie: Wow not like Hawthorn to act like flogs on the field… sarcasm intended
Pokerface: tv howe. that’s poor
Pokerface: not like collingwood supporters to act like flogs off the field…
BigChief: Holiday for Howe.
JockMcPie: Hawthorn supporters and players on another level compared to everyone else mate
Umpirespet: Should have been a hawks free walked into his fist (sarcasm)
JockMcPie: Ugly start
Umpirespet: Wonder if Monty is there with his hawk man suit on
Pokerface: gee fair crowd there considering 18th involved
Umpirespet: Probably buy one get 3 free today poker
cusch1: Harry Morrisson needs to be talked about more. Really promising young player
Pokerface: Knew I should have taken the 40+. This will be ugly.
Umpirespet: Agree a Poker thought Carlton were a chance with O meara out silly me
Pokerface: why would you close the roof today
duckky: Please move Dripps to the backline – that way he might get to see the ball
Pokerface: haha. Lyon on Jones’ kick – ‘that is the worst kick in football’
duckky: Whoops, mmeant Cripps
hinsch: this game could end up being the first team to 200 points
dipstick: with team like this the Blues are guaranteed top 1 very soon
Umpirespet: Evan just put up the witches hats now and put ur feet up
BigChief: Carlton will be lucky to get 4 goals for the game.
FordyHawks: What’s worse, the mullet or the porn moustache?
Umpirespet: Pick 1 u mean dipstick?
Pokerface: how are there so many hawks without anyone near them?
hinsch: young guy playing state leagues will start tanking so they don’t get drafted to Carlton next year
lukat: Go big breust please
Umpirespet: Yep hi such Sam Walsh in a foetal position as we speak
duckky: Why are both teams kicking towards the same end?
Umpirespet: Hinsch*
cusch1: Max King didnt actually tear his ACL Hinsch, he faked it to avoid Cartlon at number 1
BigChief: Give Carlton picks 1-10 and they will still be crap.
JockMcPie: Dumston lol
FordyHawks: GC didn’t do much with all their picks…
Pokerface: it’s ok though, its another ‘honourable loss’
BigChief: More “Green Shoots” needed.
dipstick: Carltons honourable wins will be in the grand finals in the next 5 years
Arch: Carlsum need to fold NOW. Enough!!
StuL: Porn mo.
BigChief: HAHAHAHA now that is funny dipstick. Carlton will be bottom 4 for a very long time.
Umpirespet: Keep the faith dipstick
StuL: Surely the school teacher coach has proven to be a flop?
shaker: But he has a cheeky smile
Umpirespet: Haha Kelly Underwood not sugar coating it
anthsill03: Go back and support fitzroy u flop
NoneyaB: Car crash come on ffs
Jukes82: if the blues are fair dinkum they’d tag mitchell instead of smith
cusch1: Kade Simpson deserves better than Carlton
BigChief: Fitzroy will win as many flag as Carlscum in the next 50 years.
anthsill03: Biggest carlton basher on this page – its getting old
Pokerface: so is the way carlton embarrass the league.
daniel87: Maybe I’ll to ugh a 5 on Carlton surely there odds would be huge i
Umpirespet: Fischer done by the looks
BigChief: Want a tissue anthsill03?
luke394: I’m so angry I didn’t VC Gawn into Mitchell changed my mind and went Heeney so fucking stupid
Stuart88: Just what we need fisher done
anthsill03: Get back onto the game wimp
Umpirespet: Rekon they can do a GC Daniel?
Umpirespet: We all have those weeks Luke
daniel87: I was thinking that umpirepet
anthsill03: I am so scared and triggered by your comments.
Jukes82: feel your pain, I loopholed mitchells score last week and forgot toput the C on him this week like i wanted fml
BigChief: Maybe if the players showed as much support and heart as you do they might get somewhere.
dipstick: 😥 not doing so well
carlton_99: You do know we have had like 17 injuries this year, 22 on field and like 40 on list
carlton_99: Players like polson, shaw, would never get a game and our young players could have a rest
Pokerface: that doesn’t explain why the 22 you put out on the park each week are so disgraceful 99
NoneyaB: nope u cant blame injuries for thei woeful 19 or so years
cusch1: Cry me a river. Players get injured at every club
Pokerface: every team has injuries. it doesnt explain the last 20 years either
NoneyaB: i actually like Carlton they were my nans fav team I hate seeing them like this
carlton_99: Im sorry but im not talking about20 years im talking about Bolton in his third season. And im sorry but 17 injuries is
carlton_99: very rare and with our lack of experienced depoth we will struggle
Pokerface: burgoyne, birchall, mcevoy, o’meara,sicily. Carlton’s top line injuries don’t even come close
Pokerface: hawks had injuries all last year so blooded their youth. They didn’t blame them
cusch1: Love the weekly excuses by old mate down here.
Umpirespet: Your experience depth is SOSS fault bringing in young GWS rejects
BigChief: Look at Collingwood’s injury list and they are where on the ladder? Don’t use injuries as an excuse
carlton_99: Hawthorn have players in the 24-28 age bracket we dont they are the ones that help the younger players
NoneyaB: my nan died in 1999 back then the blues never won a spoon and were if nbot the best team since shes been gone though wow
Pokerface: i hope you aren’t inlcluding Tom De Koning being injuured as part of your excuse
cusch1: How are Collingwood’s injuries?
cusch1: Adelaide only missing 1 or two players through injuries too arent they?
carlton_99: 12 players under less than or equal to 21 today. Just being realistic. But i understand carlton bashing is a hobby
cusch1: Essendon are playing with Mitch Brown as their sole key forward due to injuries
carlton_99: Its like talking to four year olds. Collingwood have the experienced players to back the younger ones. We dont
Umpirespet: Not sure cusch1 but 2 were pretty sore last night
Pokerface: ‘being realistic’. good grief you are the furthest thing from realism here
carlton_99: Look to be honest bash them all you want i dont care but I believe in the future
cusch1: Umps pet i was being sarcastic. Adelaide have been destroyed by injurires yet aren’t a rabble.
cusch1: My point: Injuries are no excuse
cusch1: Do you still believe in Santa Claus too Carlton?
Pokerface: 10 years ago did you believe in the future
Umpirespet: Oh lol soz
anthsill03: How many players have we turned over in 3 years. Do you blokes have any idea?? Injuries should never be an excuse
StuL: Dwayne said Carlton are still in it. Practising his stand up routine, must be
anthsill03: But the injuries we have copped has impacted the team. No kreuz and docherty and others have killed us.
carlton_99: Dont worry anthsill03. They dont get it. They are comparing adelaide to us. Bit of a joke
Hadouken: now if gunston would just kick 3 goals
cusch1: Weitering giving Rough 10 meters. thats pathetic
anthsill03: But it doesnt excuse the lack of effort and spirit some weeks
Pokerface: that’s terrible circle drawing Gary
Pokerface: Kruez is an injury machine. why did you not have a good backup ruckman on your list for 5 years
cusch1: Someone has to be on the bottom of the ladder, but the fact that theyre so far behind is the issue
Stu7: Welcome to the titch show
Pokerface: its the fact sides like brisbane and saints – certainly not teams overflowing with elder statesman – flogging by 10 goal
carlton_99: Kreuzer has missed like 5 games in three years has missed with a heart rate issue that is just a random thing
cusch1: Pokerface, they did. He now plays for Adelaide
Pokerface: exactly cusch. these dreamers don’t realise how terrible their recruitment dept has been
Pokerface: but they got liam jones and matt shaw in i guess
m0nty: Carlton look worse at the game than on the TV
anthsill03: Lol cusch thats not exactly what happened but ok
Umpirespet: And to be fair to Sauce he was told he was 4 in line to ruck at Carlton
anthsill03: Look at our drafting from 2007 to 2015. It is atrocious and set us back 10 years +
cusch1: M0nty, are they at least running off the ball? Is the effort there today?
hinsch: windy conditions in Perth this afternoon might make WCE/WB a crapping game
runt: Ive had enough of this faffing inside 50. When inside 50 shoot!! Dont look for someone in a better position…shoot!!
m0nty: The statues outside the G show more movement
kano: The Sauce story illustrates just how incompetent the power brokers have been
Kernahan: Last 5 games Blues have 1 or 2 injuries in first quarter
Pokerface: I understand the lack of trying recently, its the carlton MO. now the spoon is wrapped up have a crack
m0nty: Isaac Smith is doing a lot of pointing to the scoreboard but not enough running either
th3rio: simmo killing me
Kernahan: Hawks – “how do we stop Cripps”? Punch him in the jaw….
Umpirespet: Thought it might be Titch C th3rio?
cusch1: Was Daniel Howe just pointing to Cripps’ chin as well ?
Breezey: How could Gowers not get a game at Carlton
m0nty: Liking Impey off half back, not much opposition admittedly
FordyHawks: Blues can have a crack in rd 20 and 23
Pokerface: lol kernahan. howe should rightly be rubbed out for a while, very poor.
original: breezey to be fair we were probably at our peak when gowers was around. boakhurst, lucas, watson, bootsma
BigChief: How many inj Carl players would get games at another club? Doc, Kreuz and maybe Plowman. That’s it.
m0nty: They just brought Polson on in the Little League, he can’t get a kick there either
cusch1: Williamson isn’t *bad*
Umpirespet: Tough crowd
Pokerface: outstanding m0nty
runt: Hey Monty. How you enjoy the Lions giving you a belting twice this year?
Kernahan: @pokerface. Agreed. Commentators are laughing about it. Imagine if it was done to Selwood, Mitchell or Dusty.
BigChief: True cusch. He would also.
th3rio: Yeah got the C on titch pet but simmo is a unique in league.
Pokerface: Phillips might get a game at Geelong..
m0nty: Not good runt, bloody Hodgey
cusch1: Cartlons injured players played a total of 566 games. 310 from Doch, Kerridge and Kreuzer
Pokerface: weitering had such promise as a rookie. he’s gone so far backwards its not funny.
runt: The Blues clearly just wish the season would end.
th3rio: it only gets worse for blues with kruez, simmo and murph on the way out :
Pokerface: not a good sign McEvoy saying he’ll be back ‘just before the end of season, about a month’..
feralmong: carlton are right in it stats wise. which just shows how bad it is.
cusch1: To be fair, I think that Weitering has played well today
th3rio: come on simmo fml
bricci: Tiger Magoos have changed jumpers at QT
Pokerface: certainly one of his better games of the year cusch. i meant in general
bricci: some numbers different – chaos!
Pokerface: how come bricci?
Kernahan: Ive been doing 10 push-ups for every goal against Carlton this year – Im hacked!
bricci: Its Sandy that have changed jumpers! – You don’t see that every day!
runt: Silvagni all at sea
cusch1: Nice change up from the 10 shots per goal against.
Pokerface: jumpers too similar?
pharace: Do it the other way round next year Kernahan, you’ll be year older after all
BigChief: And yet he touched the ball @runt.
runt: A touched behind….
bricci: they were ridiculously similar
StuL: Simo can hardly walk.
Kernahan: Lol pharace!
cusch1: Jesus christ
BigChief: Simo plays on heart anyway @StuL
BigChief: Carlton should draft Fev
cusch1: That was pathetic Shaw.
pharace: Tuck, Bartlett, Fletcher, Simpson – not the thickest of set players are they
pharace: sorry “thick set”
SilverLion: Bloody hell carlton
Jukes82: no daisy no carlton
TigersMan1: “They need a safe word here carlton”
SilverLion: Changed titch c to cripps c coz i was losing my league matches. Looks like thats still going to be the case
Sloaneyyyy: maybe the AFL sh9uld let the Blue play with a couple extra on the field, just to help them out a bit
BigChief: I don’t think even that would help them Sloaneyyy
feralmong: how can bolton possibly continue. has he no self respect.
StuL: This is hurting us Carlton ffs!
Pokerface: lol TigersMan
Kernahan: This sht is getting worse
Hadouken: dont be afraid to kick a couple more gunston
Pokerface: FYI Adelaide play Carlton sc grand final week
BigChief: Carlton will probably win just to screw everyone’s SC
BigChief: Grand Final week that is.
Pokerface: Bullies have them sc prelims
Preston007: Tagging a Carlton player is just savage.. come on Clarko, take Howe off him
feralmong: is that carltons final score? got their goal for the half.
thommoae: ‘Carlton’ and ‘win’ in the same 2018 breath? Nope.
SilverLion: Clarko has something against carlton, remember when he sat 5 on fevola to stop him getting 100?
feralmong: ok they want more. they like it.
TigersMan1: When you could have chosen Mitchell as C but chose Cripps :'(
MONEY TALK: when u dont have titch ):
feralmong: why tigersman1 we’ve been drooling for titch this round.
BigChief: Why is that a free? Casboult ran into the Hawks player.
Umpirespet: Lol what a goal
cusch1: Shane Warne been down to Carlton training?!
feralmong: polson lol. carlton in with a sniff here. can they. should they.
bricci: good call cusch1 – nice leggie!
JockMcPie: nah
SilverLion: Goal of the year polson
Hadouken: umps looking after blues now
FordyHawks: Ump c heads… pay Roughie at least 1 free..
Umpirespet: Titch on the way too 200
Haydo: titch on
Sloaneyyyy: Titch on hid way to another record today
JockMcPie: Keeffe late in, hopefully no-one using him as a loop
SilverLion: Hope ed’s points for that intercept contested mark and kick come thru during 3/4 time.
Pokerface: who for jock?
TheOnyas: onya breusty
FordyHawks: So glad Gawn didn’t get 130-140
Pokerface: gee there’s been alot of late ins after final teams announced this week
JockMcPie: In for Sam Taylor
Roksta: Titch gonna single handedly win a game probably should have lost
Haydo: who was that person who was gonna loop danger with keefe cos hes a late in
Haydo: actually he needs 2 hands for his handballs roksta
Roksta: Lol haydo well played
Sloaneyyyy: keefe in for Taylor, Buntine in for Corr
Apachecats: No late changes at Port.
dipstick: my idea is you get 1 point for a win and 1 point for every qtr you win. what do you think? and also PD and not %
Pokerface: to that guy yesterday, yes Robbie is definitely playing
FordyHawks: Lol, that was me Poker
Pokerface: lol Fordy
th3rio: McKay Is a horrible kick
SilverLion: Ed being robbed. Was 63 before an int contested mark and 2 kicks.
Apachecats: Looping dusty seemed like a coup at the time , oh well!
th3rio: Come on simmo 50 more
lukat: Come on Breust 120 from you please
Gotigres: Anyone using GWS Keeffe as a loophole will be disappointed at his late inclusion.
Apachecats: Big understatement GoTiges
TheOnyas: onya crippsy
FordyHawks: At this stage.. Titch or Gawn with more Brownlow votes?
Pokerface: titch easily
BigChief: Gawn for me.
FordyHawks: Got a 50 on with a mate, lol
cusch1: How much time elft?
SilverLion: Hawthorn really gotta put the foot down and hammer home the pain to jump geelong according to eddie
BigChief: 4.45 left cusch
Pokerface: after that goal
cusch1: Time enough for #Titch200? Probably not
TasDevil: Carlton for witches hats
Hadouken: ffs gunston. my multi now shot
m0nty: Titchell you beautiful human
Gelly: that will help his cause for 200
SilverLion: Theres time cusch
pcaman2003: M0nty, coldn’t agree more
Pokerface: did titch win david parkin medal?

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