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Chat log from R18 of 2018: Brisbane vs Adelaide

Chat log for Brisbane vs Adelaide, R18 of 2018

Umpirespet: Carn Crows
SilverLion: Go Lions
BigChief: Go umpires LOL
BigChief: Very surprised Talia is playing.
Juzzo: why does that bloody national hearing ad pop up all the time, bloody annoying?
Sixty656: wow Gibbs did something productive…
circle52: Stone the crows
Juzzo: 5 times in the last minute!
DrSeuss: Sicily injury means I still have Seedsman. Not good
duckky: Ive got Robinson, Crouch and Seedy … its gunna be a long night
BigChief: That is a shit free. Talia was going after the ball and Taylor hit him in the head.
Breezey: Shower rule@ Bigchief
painkilla: yep those frees opening the game to gayball type diving
DrSeuss: Should have picked up Sloane rather than Crouch 2 weeks ago
painkilla: lol ok soccer type diving
SilverLion: Get involved Mitch
poolboybob: Seedsman do something you crab
Umpirespet: What a mark
circle52: That is a mark rayner
Sixty656: Rayner will be god like in a few years
Brian: Oh boy wowee, the Lions are on FIYAH in the air!
circle52: Way to easy
original: I’d be 100% cool with it if zorko went <100
Sixty656: Typical Gibbs, done nothing for 15 mins. What a crab…
Gotigres: Yes Zorko, you beauty.
Tonche: Knight on Beams, not Zorko
DrSeuss: Beams, Seedsman and Martin – hmmm
SilverLion: We concede so many red time goals
Ash777: no tex no crows
SilverLion: Everyone saying Stepho or Doedee for RS. Witherden a good chance in my bias opinion 😛
Ash777: what about richards?
Sixty656: Defenders dont win awards, thats why Spud invented the golden fist…. 😉
circle52: Walker will be hard to drop for andrews
Umpirespet: Thought Spud just liked fists?
Sixty656: Thats Garry
circle52: Where was theprior umps goal
Ash777: lewis taylor won the rs as a defender
Breezey: Pleased I have Greenwood in Draft
Stu7: Did Seedsman is at it again
duckky: What the fruitcake has happened to Crouch this year?
BigChief: Missed a bit with injury @duckky. Still getting match fit.
BigChief: @ash Taylor was a small forward when he won.
m0nty: new criterion for cape icon: three goals in a row even if not all in one quarter
The39Steps: You are like the AFL Monty – changing the rules all the time.
duckky: Thanks Chief … starting to look towards next year.
Umpirespet: Has the AFL approved that M0nty?
feralmong: i think it passes the sniff / pub test.
m0nty: called up Blighty, told him to shove his committee, I make the rules here
Umpirespet: Lol
circle52: Lots of pudhing and dhoving both ways
feralmong: bit harsh on the middle finger there circle.
circle52: Small screen at the ground
feralmong: hehe
The39Steps: Seedsman got a goal – perhaps there is a chance for Middle East peace.
BigChief: Jenkins was no chance from out there. He can’t kick goals from outside 10m
daniel87: pickup your game zorko or your out for macrae next week
JockMcPie: Hear hear @BigChief, he and mark lecras are the biggest cherry pickers in the game
DrSeuss: Crouch – get a touch
SilverLion: I’m trading you this week Robbo. Wtf are you doing.
daniel87: think my seasons over boys will have to rely on other teams to sneak in
HawkTalker: What the hell has happened to Seedsman this past month?
SilverLion: Good question @Hawk. Same thing that’s happened to Mitch Robbo.
duckky: Mitch Robbo hasn’t been the same since he broke his toe. Can’t run.
Sixty656: Watch Robbo get frustrated in the second half and get reported
Breezey: Jaidyn Stephenson’s 25 goals this year is the 3rd highest ever to this stage of a season by a Top 10 Draft Pick
Umpirespet: No one cares Breezy
Breezey: Just a stat considering people were talking Rising Star earlier. Sorry for that interrupting your intelligent banter
Umpirespet: How is that not a free
circle52: He ducked down umpirespet.
wadaramus: Get more umpires on the ground, can’t even see the clearest frees..
BigChief: Rayner’s last month has been impressive.
wadaramus: Are you serious circle, clear coathanger!
Preston007: Where is Gibbs playing? Forward or mid?
Sixty656: Being a crab doing nothing
Sixty656: Prime trade bait for McCrae next week
circle52: To befair wada a lot missed tonight both ways.
wadaramus: To be fair, when you get clocked and concussed, it should be a free kick at minimum!
original: Stef please keep up with zorko
BigChief: That was poor from Witherden.
circle52: Umpires paid thst one but did not pay hipwoods in first quarter similar ball knocked out
DrSeuss: Witherden gets loads of possessions but he is a terrible defender
Umpirespet: That’s dirty Cutler
SilverLion: Icicle for Mitch Robbo
painkilla: amazing lions have only given away 12 frees considering the way they are playing
wadaramus: Murphy hip and shoulder in the face, no free?
Breezey: I think Cutler needs a TV
BigChief: Are you serious Ump? Cutler was looking at the ball.
wadaramus: Zacly painkilla!
ScootD: These umpires are a fucking joke
circle52: Could find similar for crows wada couplr slin
ScootD: 3 players with head knocks from infringements, zero free for them
Umpirespet: Not at the end he raised his elbow
ScootD: Really circle, how many of the Lions have been hit in the head and sent to the bench with no free? ZERO
Jukes82: still the same muppets complaining about frees as the friday night game lol
SilverLion: WitherGOAT
circle52: Only Cutlers in my opinion though is questionable
wadaramus: Was I bitching about frees on Friday?
ScootD: No wada u werent. I didnt realise anyone watched the Friday game past the first 10 mins as it was all over by then
Jukes82: few of the crows boys did, not u i dont think
Umpirespet: Are u watching the game Jukes?
wadaramus: All good for a laugh! Just two high contact frees not paid tonight that’s all..
Pokerface: is Jukes really saying it was others complaining Friday?
poolboybob: Jacobs you should be ashamed of yourself
circle52: Rich tripped no free
pcaman2003: Damn you Gibbs.18pts this half,get cracking
Umpirespet: Mcstay dropping the ball no free
Sixty656: Gibbs better get to 90+ in DT or he is trade bait
wadaramus: Clear free!
Umpirespet: Onya Lairdy
circle52: Been missed both ways all night
Umpirespet: Bull crap circle
Jukes82: yup
Umpirespet: Jukes u never answered me
circle52: Push in theback missed there as well
wadaramus: I would have paid that one circle 🙂
painkilla: are you 4 real circle or just trolling
Umpirespet: Another dirty Lion u guys are flogs
Jukes82: oh missed it my bad, yeah been watching
ScootD: Brisbane thugs
Ash777: crows winning and complaining about free kicks lol
wadaramus: Been thugging it all night..
Gotigres: Keep going Zorko
Jukes82: this is fucking hilarious
Breezey: Soft as Jenkins
circle52: A few crows been niggling as well
Umpirespet: So are Richmond away from Victoria
ScootD: Umps just cheating now
Breezey: Umpiring. Dear oh dear
ScootD: Thugging and niggling are not the same circle
wadaramus: Hands all over it..mark Brisbane..
Jukes82: the granny was pretty good tho 😉
Umpirespet: Only 49 years till ur next one hey jukes
wadaramus: Must be nice getting to play your GF at your home ground?
circle52: In the back so ump plays htb
Umpirespet: Good win Crows
Thomas4025: Fuck off circle
Jukes82: lol, odds on champ
Thomas4025: Take off your maroon coloured glasses
DrSeuss: Umps are getting worse each round this year
ScootD: Lol go to bed circle
Jukes82: grab a kleenex
painkilla: noone could be that blind on alcohol alone you trippin circle
Umpirespet: That I agree with DR
Thomas4025: Enjoy this L, Circle, keep complaining about the umps even though they kept you in it all game
Jukes82: crows are shit is what kept this close
wadaramus: Easy to say Jukes, but this is supposed to be the AFL, still serious favour towards Victorian clubs..
Jukes82: thats the tradition of the game, not gonna change it.
wadaramus: You’re full ofvit Jukes, Richmond are koalas, they get killed on the road!
wadaramus: Tradition? Bah..whatever man..we need to evolve..
painkilla: Jukes the ultimate keyboard warrior troll of FF
circle52: Just trying to balance the commentary but welldown crows

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