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Chat log from R18 of 2018: Essendon vs Fremantle

Chat log for Essendon vs Fremantle, R18 of 2018

Torz: Darcy out in the warm up
original: if duman goes 95+ i hold sicily hehe
feralmong: koss need to add johnson for darcy. and first goal.
BigChief: Darcy out, Johnson in.
Umpirespet: Carn Zerret ur my VC
original: keeep going zerrett
DrSeuss: Zerrett, Smith and Neale – bit games please gentlemen
original: zerrett +3 but then actually -2..cmon zerett we are counting on you here
Umpirespet: Hardly seen Zerret so far Original
original: was on 10 sc after about 4 mins and i was loving it lol
original: have to hope they send banfield to zaha
original: know im having a convo with myself here but zerrett fml, does 2 things right and gives away a free to undo points
th3rio: Walter’s sucks lately
Umpirespet: Shouldve put the VC on Hurley
th3rio: Heeney vc has cooked me. Prob fo titch
TheOnyas: onya nealey
Pokerface: only 2 scores below 90 in last 6 th3ri’o
th3rio: Probably tough on the poor fella. Looked like this week was going to be a repeat of last wk
Umpirespet: They do spud up when we least expect it
NoneyaB: mc kernana pinged a hammy
NoneyaB: Mckernan even
pcaman2003: brought Ryan in for Sicily this week. Paying off real well.
SilverLion: @pca Others would’ve brought in Crisp, and some no trades at all. Wouldn’t stress too much.
SilverLion: Zerrett you butcher
Jukes82: never understand bringing ryan in, been good then terrible the next
Umpirespet: Wish u wouldn’t bring in my players Pcaman lol
pcaman2003: @Jukes. Low trades and dollars. Reasonable average and POD in my league
feralmong: cmon Mundy its not a Sundy.
th3rio: Lads gawn or titch c I honestly cant decide
Jukes82: fair enough, but often drops garbage scores cant be surpised by this effort
th3rio: And wow cheeky 10 pts from that Walter’s kick hehe
DrSeuss: Keep going Devon and Zerrett
original: Zerrett 30sc fml
bones351: Can’t buy a HTB free kick. Keep tackling anyway boys
original: zerrett need 90 from you cmon
aces-high: If gray kicks that goal he goes up 20 I hate champion data there isn’t consistency and weighting fairly with the scores
BigChief: Langdon you spud.
runt: Is Joe Daniher the kicking coach now that he is injured?
pcaman2003: @runt lol!
Pokerface: garbage aces-high
Stu7: Mc Kernan the dudd is gone now that he’s injured
SilverLion: Was expecting the Banfield tag on Zerrett. I’d take an 80+.
SilverLion: Cheeky $$$ from Duman
thommoae: I hope Cam McCarthy is enjoying family life … ‘cos his footy has suffered ever since exiting the Giants.
original: Zerrett legit goes +4 then come back two mins later and he has lost 2/4
SilverLion: Shocking DE Zerrett
original: We will be LUCKY if Zerrett gets to 70
DrSeuss: Zerrett and Devon do something FFS
SilverLion: Zerrett has been going 5 points up, 3 points back all day
Breezey: What’s doing with Luke Ryan. Seriously
original: agree SL, even when he gets a free kick for or tackle. he is treloar from 2017 lol
MONEY TALK: ryan is shit away
original: zerrett 2 FF is what 6 points, 5 tackles should be 20 sc?, so from his 12 touches he has added 18 sc? butcher icon
JockMcPie: D smith gone huge this quarter
Breezey: That makes sense
SilverLion: Walters repaying the faith as a PoD in my leagues this week.
SilverLion: Duman going to allow me to get Robbie Gray at this rate 😀
th3rio: mundy on decent points for avg stats
TheOnyas: onya smithy
Stu7: Go Mundy
SilverLion: Compaing Mundy and Walters’ stats, can’t work out their respective SCs.
Pokerface: bad news for your teams folks, daisy thomas out tomorrow
snake_p: out with a bad haircut poker?
Pokerface: SL, stats aren’t just the ones here. have a look at one percenters, they are what pump up sc
original: wow full time text trolled ,e hard
original: zerrett double his score that qtr..? can he double up again hehe
original: zerrett gets to 100 and i call my next born Merrett
Umpirespet: So who did we settle on for the C Gawn or Titch?
FordyHawks: Will Gray definitely play tomorrow?
Umpirespet: U want me to ring Robbie Ford?
Apachecats: No ,not definitely ,fordy.
Pokerface: no way can you say definitely Fordy.
Pokerface: it’d be helpful if you did UP
FordyHawks: K, cheers
SilverLion: Nice start Zerrett
Pokerface: but he did get off the stretcher pretty quickly last week.
SilverLion: And Ik ik poker, Mundy must’ve had a ton of them I spose.
BigChief: I doubt Gray will play.
Umpirespet: Lol was sarcasm…How would we know
FordyHawks: Sure thing. You call Robbie and i’ll Call Gawn and Titch
Nuffman: it’s like we’re (ess) doing everything we can to lose
Apachecats: Reckon Gray is less than 50/50.
Umpirespet: Better hurry up Fordy Gawn starts in 1/2 hour
Umpirespet: Port are desperate to win tho
FordyHawks: Gawny told me to flip a coin. But said he’s sure he will miss a shot from 20 out
Umpirespet: This is the Zerret we know and love
Pokerface: oh. i thought you were going to call him for us 🙁
JockMcPie: Make sure you tweet out the birth certificate of your kid “Merrett”
LMartos: there I was thinking that Walters was set for a ton and Merrett an 80-odd
original: UmpiresPet wow he did it for you and me wow
MONEY TALK: someone better call there child merret
original: 7 clangers, 50% disp efficiency and he going to tonne up yesss
thommoae: Gray was knocked cold last week. If he plays he’s crazy … & Port medical staff are culpable.
Umpirespet: they have done it before thommoae
Umpirespet: And got in trouble for it
SilverLion: I love you Zerrett
The39Steps: 30 shots to 15 and just a 10 point lead.
Stu7: Gawn or Dangerfield for captain fellas?
thommoae: Is there a Mrs Gray or any little Gray-ettes? What do they think?
SilverLion: Gawn @Stu7 Only up against Stanley
Pokerface: agree MT. we were promised a naming
Umpirespet: Poker was it Original that said that?
Pokerface: i believe so UP
Stu7: Thank you @ Silverlion
TheOnyas: onya nealey
original: erm it might have been me
original: let me just chat to the missus. just tucked our first born into bed Little “chrisJudd” (one word)
SilverLion: Zerrett @ 476k in Round 6 might be my best trade of the year.
JockMcPie: Mundy gone -5 this quarter 🙁
Torpedo10: I reckon it was mine! @SL …or Taranto.
Pokerface: boy or girl Original?
Umpirespet: Chrisjudd thought it would have been Sos
Torpedo10: Hurley hasn’t scored a single point this quarter. 🙁 Meanwhile Mihocek’s score sits on the bench with Austin.
original: we arent into forcing gender on the child lol
Nuffman: 33 scoring shots to 15… urgh imagine the % potentiial
BigChief: Thanks for nothing Langdon.
SilverLion: $$$ for Duman
shaker: But your going to force Carlton on the child 🙂
original: SHAKER yes and forced into on the wife- was a condition of marriage. Lol wanted a had to drop pies
original: ZERRETT doubles his score every quarter. Da real mvp
shaker: Ha ha it’s ok original to young to know and by the time they grow up Carlton might be good 🙂
original: shaker mate you dont know how hard i pray for that lol

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