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Chat log from R18 of 2018: Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Sydney vs Gold Coast, R18 of 2018

BigChief: Sinclair to go huge I hope.
Umpirespet: Cmon Parker a decent score for a change plz
th3rio: Heeney to do the same I hope
th3rio: prob shouldve considered lloyd over vc heeney. oh well
TheLegend6: This’ll be ugly for Suns today I think. 10+ goal win.
batt: crossley 101% tog what an animal
pharace: That you trade from NicNat Chief?
BigChief: Never had Naitanui. Had Gawn and Sinclair all year.
th3rio: gents who are we C’ing out of titch and gawn if our VC’s go to poo
Umpirespet: Gawn C Zerret VC
luke394: Thanks Heeney you flog
th3rio: killing me luke
pharace: Delayed concussion from concussion Luke
Umpirespet: Max is due for a quiet one but think everyone has him C anyways
TheOnyas: onya jonesy
DrSeuss: Come on Lloooooyyyyyyddd
th3rio: do carlton tag?
Umpirespet: Yeah Curnow th3rio
pharace: Ed Curnow Trio
th3rio: oh crap. Ok makes it a tough choice
Umpirespet: Th3rio everyone in my 9 leagues has Gawn C so if he craps up we all do
DrSeuss: What is Lloyd doing? Or is the ball not going back there?
th3rio: yeah leaning towards him
th3rio: heeney might come good yet.
Umpirespet: He is going well up to 30 now
th3rio: god that was fast good job heendog
daniel87: will my foward emergency powell get a possie find out in quarter 2
StuL: Come on Ronke, there’s a points feast on offer.
luke394: He’s back @th3rio
m0nty: Sounds like there are exactly zero Suns supporters at the SCG today
BigChief: The Suns have supporters @m0nty?
m0nty: I’d be staying on the GC as well if I were them
poolboybob: There are also zero Suns supporters in QLD
DrSeuss: Lloyd and O’Riordan in this game – not looking great atm
BigChief: Swans play well when Sinclair is rucking. With Cameron in there they look like shit.
SilverLion: Good to see K Kolodjashnij back. Also, stay low Looooiiiiiiiiiiid
Pokerface: so who to bench to take heron.. Yeo, Simpson or Laird..
Gotigres: Doesn’t look good for you daniel87. Maybe he will get a possie in 3rd quarter
Jukes82: rapt with JPK, was worried he wouldnt play this week
daniel87: yeah hopefully robbie gray plays
BigChief: @pokerface Heron will stop.
Gotigres: I’m hoping he doesn’t daniel as i have Higgins 108 as E.
Pokerface: @BC i know.. just like to dream about these things 🙂
luke394: Keep going Heeney
BigChief: You dopey bastard Sinclair. Do something.
circle52: Cameron is doing most of the ruck work Big Chief. So that is why.
m0nty: Horse winding up for a HT spray like an elephant at the circus.
circle52: Not wrong m0nty – swans gone to sleep and turnovers costing them.
BigChief: I know circle and that is killing Sydney and my SC.
Jukes82: lol
MONEY TALK: all capes lmao
StuL: Gold Coast will still lose by plenty.
Jukes82: never seen a bloke with one disposal in a half get a cape before lol
BigChief: Witcheshats for Swans as well m0nty
Fatbar5tad: Love your work Lloyyyyyyyyyd. My opponent gave up Gawn against the Cats to VC you.
sammyo7: If you listen carefully you might be able to hear horse
m0nty: Horse would now be hoarse
original: jpk is a god
SilverLion: Typical Loiid.Massive 3rd qtr and will still get 100+
original: wheres Luke394..buddy to kick 3 goals and score 130sc
StuL: No BT, no Lloooooyd!
TheOnyas: onya wittsy
BigChief: game not over original. He still might get there.
th3rio: Good to see Herney keot going
Hawks_13: Anyone give the suns a chance?
hinsch: Swans not liking the SCG this year
circle52: if the Suns do not have the 4th quarter fade out yes.
pcaman2003: Go Suns! Love to see them beat the Swans.
Jukes82: need to be up by atleast 20 points at 3/4 time then maybe
Gotigres: Wow, go Gold Coast. Would love it if Swans lost
daniel87: cmon gold coast you good thing
BigChief: No 50 against Jones???
circle52: Gee that should have been 50 to Sexton – that is where it is warranted,
LMartos: Whenever Sydney do bad, Buddy gets frustrated and tries to hurt people and loses so many points
Gelly: anyone chuck a bet on gold coast at quarter time?
shaker: Ha ha LOL Sydney
DrSeuss: Lloyd – I can’t be too mad – but WTF??
Gotigres: Great qtr Heeney so far: about 2sc points
circle52: Swans have not scored a goal since 25 minute of first quarter, Is this a finals team.
Jukes82: wheres the muppet who had heeney as captain lmao
SilverLion: Hes still on track for 100 Seuss relax
StuL: God had the C on Heeney at qt but has since changed.
Gelly: who’s ready for the 3qrt spray from horse?
StuL: Come on Suns. Im keeping my moz on the Swans tho. Swans to win easilly.
original: wow heeney had a touch or sniff this quarter?
SilverLion: Sydney goalless in consecutive quarters insane. Also, GC have never beaten sydney. Upset of the decade if they can win
Jukes82: can sydney flick the switch…
feralmong: could be a turning point for the suns this game.
daniel87: come on gold coast hold on
masterhc2: Come on GC
SilverLion: Settle down papsmear
runt: Suns not exactly last qtr killers
hinsch: fatbar5stad just did that exact same loop
Crowls: Like watching your horse get run down in the shadows of post. Hold on GC
feralmong: carn suns snag a sausage and look like a tosser.
runt: Sydeny have flicked the switch but the circuit is not fully connecting
SilverLion: Fuck off Franklin. Youre not gunna play 10min to win the game this time
original: is jpk still playing?cmon man
wadaramus: Heeney has woken up!
colin wood: Lol at Lloyd’s score. Free SC pts.
TheOnyas: onya youngy
feralmong: carn suns snag another and snuff em out.
Hawks_13: If Sydney are going to win this game Lloyd and franklin will have to do it
SilverLion: Dunno why swans feed lloyd, hes a pretty average kick tbh
SilverLion: Thats almost game
original: cmon jpl 115 do it
circle52: The fat lady is gargling for Suns
original: jpk*
poolboybob: This would be an incredibly embarrassing loss
masterhc2: Hahaha good on you suns, cop it swans
colin wood: how is lloyd only 10 behind jpk what a joke CD…
runt: Cunningham actually handballed Kennedy who was being held by a Suns player but play on?…Suns score a goal. Crap umpiri
feralmong: tigers know all about embarrassing losses. especially to the suns.
Umpirespet: Wow wee
SilverLion: GC gunna win by more than the amount of supporters they have there
Jukes82: ton up lloyd!
BigChief: Whoever said this game would be embarrassing was right.
original: lol SL
masterhc2: Is this the first time Dews coached against Swans? Having inside info seems to be a huge boost
Umpirespet: Better game than Coll v Norf
pcaman2003: Go Suns. Finally won a big scalp
Hawks_13: This is rare for the suns, who gets the gun, star?
daniel87: the top 4 door opens now the stakes are very high on the power giants and melbourne geelong game now
feralmong: sack horse. can’t coach. lol.
original: lloyd will beat jpk so unjust
colin wood: in what way bigump? Pies put on a clinic this is rubbish footy
Jukes82: this is why you dont get buddy
SilverLion: Young star, Zombie Kolo, Gun Witts, Cherry Miller
StuL: Old fashioned team effort.
runt: Wind went out of Swans sails after Buddies 2 misses
feralmong: swans have no easy games on the run home. they are out of the finals.
Umpirespet: Lol other game was boring to watch from 1/4 time
circle52: 2.10 to 1.11 since quarter time.
colin wood: Jake Lloyd’s score is why SC scoring has gone to crap. What a joke.
feralmong: especially if essendon beat them.
SilverLion: Agreed colin. Hes had like 4 touches this qtr for no impact, got 32 SC
original: colin wood we all thinking it for last month but if u cant beat em join em
SilverLion: May rock
Jukes82: we get your point no need to keep sooking about it tho
colin wood: Frustrating when playing for coin and the scoring system rewards freebies to popular players.
Umpirespet: Well done suns
colin wood: good win Suns helps my boys immensely@!
StuL: The suns have more supporters on the ground than in the stands.
runt: spudly franklin
Pokerface: nothing to do with player popularity you twit

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