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Chat log from R18 of 2018: Collingwood vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Collingwood vs North Melbourne, R18 of 2018

pharace: 20% of Fantasy teams still have Murray – must be the ones that gave up?
original: crisp to have a quiet one please. pray for me
original: the players on 4 sc with no that likely from an effective spoil or smother?
Bails31: @original a tackle
m0nty: last time I looked there were 80+ stats that contribute to SC scores so it could be anything
BigChief: Yes original. It would be a spoil etc.
Bails31: @original Sheppard too
Pokerface: could be lots of things original. Howe has 2 one percenters already
th3rio: Oppt has mihocek on field proj 60 what is my life
Pokerface: i can tell you why Mihocek has so many points already. Keep going Brody
original: played sier over loophole caddy..thats where things are at in my life lol
Pokerface: caddy….
luke394: Hell prob only get 60 odd @th3rio
luke394: Didn’t expect this start from north
Jukes82: couldnt trade sicily thid week, had to start Ahern fml
th3rio: Hope so man lol
original: @Poker i know i know. been carrying him for a while
th3rio: I can only loop VC herney as have lavender playing soon. What a week
luke394: Who did most people get for Sicily? I couldn’t afford LLoyd so went Crisp seems pretty consista
Pokerface: more brownlow votes please higgs
luke394: I’m VC ing Heeney w @th3rio hell smash it
original: luke394 dont tell me you didnt have
duckky: Mihocek exceeded his BE already
Umpirespet: I don’t have Lloyd and I’m ranked 700 Original
original: umpirespet more an ongoing joke with me and lukey lol but congrats man, hope you can bring him in soon to win overall
BigChief: Early cape for Brody.
Pokerface: lets go Brody
TheLegend6: Game over already, North no good
Umpirespet: Lol na was 360 last week till Robbie got smashed so just playin for leagues now
colin wood: that moment when you have mirocek as emg for hibberd. Might save me a trade this weekend 🙂 keep going brody!
colin wood: cape him up Minty!
original: umpirespet dont give up man
Umpirespet: I have Ahern for Sicily lol
Pokerface: good call col, cape please!
th3rio: what the hell mihocek! go away champ. I brought in Angus Brayshaw for Sic. Seemed the most logical
th3rio: Considered T Mcdonald, but hes another version of buddy. 150 or 40
Pokerface: Colin, I saw Hibberd interview, sounded very doubtful for next week
Gelly: north playing like little school girls atm
colin wood: i currently have sicily in my fwds and ahern as emg
original: crisp sc is killin me lol
colin wood: Yeah was planning to trade hibberd and sicily this weekend but if mihocek goes bang then might hold until next week now
pharace: Was revelling when I saw oppo has LDU on field, then I saw Ahern’s score who I have ;(
Pokerface: yeah, makes sense don’t trade this week if brody score is a hold
BigChief: That was a very soft free kick.
pharace: Is Grundy carrying something (other than my weight of expectation)?
Pokerface: that bun has some weight in it pharace
Pokerface: Anderson with a bandaid? Surely not
BigChief: Still no cape for Brody?
Pokerface: don’t think so pharace, he is just one of the few pies that isnt winning his matchup
pharace: Must pull his eyes back when he buns it up to tight @Pokerface
colin wood: Grundy was terrible last week, might be just going through a bad spell has had an exceptional year.
TheLegend6: Ahern quadruples his score late go on
Pokerface: and he is up against Goldy who is officially back in town
pharace: Yep, Pruess breathing down his neck
Pokerface: surprised majak isn’t up the top given the media reviews
Preston007: Anyone else still got Crisp or just me? Serious fall from grace
Pokerface: why would anyone have traded out crisp?
pharace: Same Preston, but for Sicily wouldv’e been part of an upgrade this week
Pokerface: he was a popular trade for sicily
Erich1036: @Preston007 its been one quarter lol
Jukes82: crisp has been great in SC scored betwen 92-117 last 4 games.
colin wood: Crisp a great POD.
Preston007: Hasn’t been great in fantasy.. 3 round ave. of 74
MONEY TALK: go ben brown
Gotigres: Get involved Crisp.
Torz: North have a lot of passengers today.
SilverLion: Well done majak bring him back to earth
luke394: Apologies to all Crisp owners I Brought him in this week hence the shit scoring
SilverLion: So Grundy is a ruck, key forward and a midfielder now? Get flowered
Gotigres: Murray doing what Crisp was doing in previous rounds.
LuvIt74: Crisp can still score 80+ if he pulls his finger out…lol
bongidongi: why us grundy playing like such shower??
SilverLion: Noticed the last few weeks massive SC/DT diff for Crisp. Might be a CD favourite, if so 80+ is a lock
Preston007: The last 4 weeks his role has changed.. used to b part of the backline switch. Lots of +6s. But not anymore
luke394: Higgo 17 touches for 45 is his efficiency bad?
Pokerface: 58% luke
luke394: Thanks Poker, cant see them on IPad
Gotigres: Crisp and Lloyd are letting my defence down badly.
SilverLion: 2 weeks in a row Grundy’s opposition ruckman has gotten injured it would seem
luke394: Big third quarter Crispy
pcaman2003: What’s happened to Mihocek? Hasn’t touched it since qtr time.
luke394: He’s a key forward Pcaman
Fatbar5tad: How many points for a pidgeon bouncing?
pcaman2003: Even a key fwd should get at least 1 possesion in a qtr and a half.
Fatbar5tad: Lol. The only Pie who could pick up that ground ball was big Cox.
luke394: That happens to key forwards pcaman
StuL: Who got Crisp for Sicily?
Fatbar5tad: Roos leaking goals and claret….
BigChief: Who hasn’t been off for Norf with the blood rule?
Pokerface: north needs a new box of bandaids
Gotigres: More blood than a slasher movie this game has.
original: atta boy crispy
LuvIt74: Think ill trade out sicly and bring in Hogan or Gunston…
luke394: Crisp you fucking cunt
LuvIt74: Amazing Higgins has avoided a bandaid, they used to refer to higgins as the band aid kid when he played for dogs
original: just need sier to beat 79 and im a happy boi. oppo went buddy vc and has crisp hehe
Fatbar5tad: Great tackling by Collingwood today.
poolboybob: F off Pendlebury
hinsch: Was looking at looping Mihocek, that problem seems to have gone away hasn’t moved for half a game
TheOnyas: onya clarkey
Preston007: Crisp needs to channel Matt Shirvo.. its junk time
pcaman2003: @hinsch. Had one touch last 2 qtrs.
original: cmon sier..keep going
feralmong: kangas hospital ward.
hinsch: Mihocek ton up
feralmong: and sorry i brought in crisp this week. so my fault.
luke394: Just get 75 Crisp
Torz: Phillips to have a huge junk quarter
original: go away junky crisp
original: luke394 75 a huge ask from here
luke394: You just pipe down there @Original
original: this is premium junk right here from crisp, KILLING ME
Pokerface: Preston lol
original: luke394 its about time we butted heads, normally insync lol
BigChief: Crisp to ton up LOL
Pokerface: x factor mihocek
original: bigchief dont encourage it
feralmong: gonna be a huge game next week.
luke394: Hahaha
circle52: For those not keeping an eye on Suns Swans game big upset brewing – Suns by 20 points at 3/4 time
pcaman2003: Who has De Goey?
luke394: Cmon Crispy keep going son
Pokerface: no spoilers circle
circle52: I have de Goey but no VC similar to Martin last night.
BigChief: You are right feralmong GC v Carl next week will be huge
SilverLion: Another average week by Grundy. Will still tonne up tho.
ReggieOz: No spoilers .. I was recording that to watch later lol
circle52: Sorry Reggie No more
luke394: Higgins has been a great Fyfe replacement IMO hes so consistant
SilverLion: Yeah boo that great goal collingwood ferals
Pokerface: lol reggie
SilverLion: Feels good when you have opponents with mihocek on the ground
feralmong: lol chief. a scrap for the crumbs might be good.
Pokerface: feels good when you have mihocek on the ground
original: stephemson biggest rising star LOCK ever. wish it wasnt tru but good on him
lukat: Loop Mihocek for shaw or doedee?
Fatbar5tad: Thinking of loopholing Miho instead of TMac at Cat Park.
feralmong: like throwing chips at seagulls.
pcaman2003: Hope Mihocek tons up. Will be stoked.
BigChief: Cmon Crisp. 39 more needed in 3 mins. You can do it son.
Jukes82: Ahern is getting some serious bin action
feralmong: my loop for mihocek is appleby. grrr.
Fatbar5tad: @lukat tough choice. Who knows which Shaw will turn up.
hinsch: fatbar5stad just did that exact same loop
feralmong: careful jukes. don’t set the cia on ahern. their looking for Bin Action
Fatbar5tad: Good stuff Ahern. Trengove out for a Port Magpies. Doesn’t look good for Robbie.
hinsch: its good when you can sit aTMac on the bench
Fatbar5tad: Yep, mind is made up hinschy
feralmong: ohh cool FatBar i have E on higgins.
wadaramus: Ahern 25 touches for 64sc, wtf?
Jukes82: lol, Ahern had 6 disposals at 20min mark of 3rd, impressive revival
Fatbar5tad: Missed the Higgins boat. That’s twice now. I did E him when he scored fuck all though ACK
Fatbar5tad: Nice feral. Missed the boat on Higgo twice ACK
Pokerface: its clearly junk time wada…
wadaramus: Still, would have thought it worth more than that,
feralmong: with rioli back higgins will move up the ground more. so should score nice for an E
wadaramus: No torn between playing Guelfi or taking the 65.
feralmong: two tonnes on the bench now. lol.
Pokerface: no you wouldn’t. virtually all possies in q4

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