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Chat log from R18 of 2018: St Kilda vs Richmond

Chat log for St Kilda vs Richmond, R18 of 2018

J.Worrall: Go Sainters, gogogo!
Umpirespet: #freekickrichmond didn’t take long
jocka: Gee, is Dusty the umpire’s darling, or what? Sickening
Pusti: First goal, what a joke. The umpires have totally lost the plot this season.
Jukes82: lol, richmond have the least frees for last last 2 years muppets
Pokerface: #freekickchopsticks
Apachecats: got the vc on Dusty and c on Danger.
Pokerface: that doesn’t mean they should get more Jukes.
Jukes82: i agree
Pusti: Umpire’s wife must’ve backed Dusty for the first goal.
Pokerface: because they get too many they don’t deserve already
Pokerface: #freekickrichmond
Jukes82: lol
Gotigres: What a difference from last year.
Apachecats: lol pusti
Hadouken: lol horrendous hickey
Pokerface: hope dusty went and patted the ump on the head after that goal. he’s allowed to touch them
Umpirespet: Lol there’s another bs one to menadue
wadaramus: Fair dinkum, a strong tackle gets a push in the back, joke!
Gotigres: Great start E higgings. I can loop hole you in with Sicily. Keep going.
pcaman2003: Will Caddy the spud pass 50 pts this week?
painkilla: dont matter how many frees its where u get them
wadaramus: Caddy hack pcaman, his second half of the year has been deplorable, still have him ffs.
Pokerface: its whether they are there or not. irrelevant on the count
pcaman2003: @Wada. Me too,which is why I’m so filthy
Sixty656: 140SC pls Dustbin
Costanza: cmon Jack
Gotigres: Why didn’t you play like this when i had you earlier in the year Armitage?
Pecks: Gee Dusty’s DT to SC is always great.
Jukes82: dusty up and about, big game on the cards here
Apachecats: Go vc Dusty!
Ash777: glad to see dusty back to fantasy relevance
Gotigres: Keep going Higgins. Time for a goal.
pcaman2003: And there you go. Caddy at the bottom of the pile,useless lump
oc16: where was this form at the start of the year when i had u armo?
Ash777: hunter clark starting to look like a good pickup for saints
duckky: Now regret trading our Armo – looks like he’ll ton up again. 4th week in a row
Gotigres: anyone have Armitage?
m0nty: Rice cooked
Hadouken: @gotigres i have him in draft as of last round
Gotigres: Yes Higgins.
feralmong: Fried or boiled monty.
duckky: St Kilda -the Washington Generals of Friday Night Footy
wadaramus: Rice-a-riso
Ash777: starting to regret not putting the vc on dusty
feralmong: Nasi Goreng
Sixty656: My opp brought in lambert this week, FML.
th3rio: Who are y’all getting in for Sicily?
pcaman2003: Higgins on the bench and Caddy on field. Just shoot me now.
Stu7: Laird
twinpeaks: Sic-> Heen, Doedee-> Hurn. Fritta-> Danger next week and maybe Gibbs/Neale -> Macrae for the last few weeks
Stu7: Laird
pcaman2003: @th3rio. I got L Ryan
Jukes82: I couldnt trade sicily this week, he’s in my forward line. I probs bring in westoff next week
Jukes82: playing ahern this week
Apachecats: Sicily to Melb Brayshaw th3rio.
Stu7: Westoff is a good option
feralmong: Sic to crisp to be different.
Gotigres: No one Th3rio. I plan to trade out Fritsch and Rocky for Bray and Oli. Move Sicily to fwd line and use as c loophole
Ash777: never had sicily. Knew it was only a matter of time until he was out for a extended period
Gotigres: and maybe loophole for Higgins.
Raspel31: Nobody in this game but think Sicily to Brayshaw a good trade and the pig has to be cap with few loops.
hinsch: Raspel I agree I went Sicily to Brayshaw hopefully that is the right decision
Gotigres: Who’s the pig Raspel
Jukes82: lol garbage free kick there
feralmong: What a load of crap. Nanks tackle was perfect.
oc16: this is a terrible game, saints arent going to amount to anything for years
twinpeaks: And then Billings turns back into a pumpkin
TheLegend6: didn’t a lot of people jump on billings this week?
Sixty656: $$ for battle
Schillaci: Rice isn’t cooked yet
StuL: You can never have it all. Dusty is back, but Billings is back to being useless.
wadaramus: Rice back on the boil.
Apachecats: lots of soft frees to both sides ,players looking confused.
Schillaci: No frontrunning Billings v Tiges
Gotigres: Good to see you back in form Billings.
Apachecats: They’re easing Rice back into the game -they put him on Dusty.
Pokerface: steele tagging dusty
th3rio: Nice lads. Out of bray ans crisp for me. Wish I had six forward lol
twinpeaks: I always think it is never as bad as people say it is and never as good as they say it is, all isn’t lost for Saints
wadaramus: Caddyhack getting no time on the ball.
feralmong: Caddy stole that one. Umpire is cooked.
pcaman2003: OMG!Caddy actually did something
Raspel31: Saints controlling this game nicely.
twinpeaks: Isn’t like Carlton, where they need a massive list cull. Just need 5-6 players of elite users, then would be humming
pcaman2003: Might see the biggest flogging of the year
duckky: Kelly Underwood mustbe onsomething – She just said thatRance is on track for AA this year.
feralmong: Short is a nice cheap Sicily replacement too.
Raspel31: Hmm, so bad are the Saints Higgins might have to come off the bench.
Apachecats: Most of the commentators love Rance ,he’s useless in SC though.
Schillaci: Short might be a starting pickin 2019 too.
original: Higgins is already a better player than Gresham. Thoughts?
duckky: Junk time already?
StuL: “Higgins is already a better player than Gresham. Thoughts”. No.
oc16: agreed original
Ash777: it is said higgins skill level might be near his peak already
StuL: On SC today yes, but over all this season. No.
StuL: Can’t judge everything by SC
Gotigres: Nice Higgins so far, nice.
Apachecats: Whack in the eye will get Dusty going.
Schillaci: No but would say Gresham is better than allCarlton players except Cripps original
m0nty: Saint fans can start an AA chapter at this rate
feralmong: Not quite original. But a great first year.
Gotigres: I’m sure Richmond play better in the yellow top with black stripe.
feralmong: Higgins gets support Gresham doesn’t.
oc16: dont forget about C.Curnow Schillaci
original: lol @ Schillaci
Raspel31: I’m offering good odds still for a sainters win.
anthsill03: Gresh better than charlie?? Lol go to bed
Schillaci: Haha… okay…you got me.
twinpeaks: Polec or Gaff would be handy for Saints
pcaman2003: Is Billings the new Tambling?
Apachecats: I’ll have what you’re having Raspel.
StuL: Come on Billings FFS!
Ash777: the new tambling is o’rourke
thommoae: You know your team’s in trouble when McIntosh has amassed 9 disposals before half time.
twinpeaks: I don’t think he is the new Tambling. When he was on last year he was super good, very much a confidence player IMO
TheOnyas: onya rossy
Pokerface: majak is super good in the odd moments he is on too.
Ash777: the only thing tambling and billings have in common is both were taken pick 3
Costanza: unless you always say he’s never as good as he seems @Twin
twinpeaks: But equally never as bad as he seems
Costanza: at least twin peaks was original
twinpeaks: Lol thanks Stanzy. Too much AFL fan group think. Too happy to let AFL media sensationalism shape our thinking
twinpeaks: All clubs rise and fall, a tweak in coaching can help a player or team improve out of sight – Richmond, for example.
Ash777: lol what a goal
twinpeaks: When the AFL media lanscape is so centralised, flogs like Barrett tend to become arbiters for the AFL discussion
Pokerface: jack jack jackie
Pokerface: think he meant the tv show…
duckky: Saints given red cordial at half-time
TheLegend6: I know we’re up by a lot but these umpiring calls still tilting me
Ash777: half-time oranges
Raspel31: This is as exciting as my grandmother’s nude wrestling competition. Tickets are limited.
twinpeaks: By way of illustration of my purported lack of originality Poker
Pokerface: i never said that twinpeaks
Pokerface: im sure if i read that soapbox i would think you were original
BigChief: hi all
Pinkman: i cry every time i watch a Richmond match and Lambert. shoulda been on Carlton’s list. Thanks again Rogers.
Costanza: hey Poke – and lol
Pokerface: hi BigChief
Pinkman: Bet Lambert is happy they never did though 🙁
twinpeaks: Even the new series of Twin Peaks is great. Who should the Saints take in the draft
Pokerface: hey Costanza
Raspel31: I just farted- sorry lads.
TheLegend6: Lambert is a top class player, SEN raving he’s the most underrated in the comp. I agree.
wadaramus: This ain’t smellavision Raspel, that stench is yours only!
Pokerface: don’t drive your grandmother’s crowd away
feralmong: If rasped doesn’t respond we’ll know he farted mustard gas.
Ash777: If saints didn’t go billings they might of took Aish who was rated next best in that year
m0nty: Stay premium you lot.
twinpeaks: Most underrated: Lambert, Mundy, Burgoyne, Hurn, Cunnington, Duncan, Stratton, Jonas, Sinclair
Pokerface: lol fair call call m0nty. sorry.
Pinkman: @The Legend He’s come a long way since thinking he’s best chance of AFL was getting picked up by Carlton
Gotigres: Lambert has had some shockers this year.
Pokerface: in what way is Burgoyne not rated? Rightly recognised as a superstar
feralmong: His nick is silk. That’s rated.
TheLegend6: We’ve got a lot of underrated players. Everyone saying Rance is our star defender when we have 2-3 others on that level.
twinpeaks: Underrated relative to what he has achieved; like Lappin against Voss, Aker, Black, same for Burgs v Hodge, Lewis, Mitch
Pokerface: Think Duncan gets his accolades too. Agree with the rest though
wadaramus: GEt involved in some cheap stuff Savage!
Gotigres: Completely agree Legend6. Astbury and Grimes very underated.
twinpeaks: Yeah basically 6-22 at Richmond underrated
Pinkman: he has? @gotigres. you’ve seen more games but gee he looks one of those consistent players that clubs love
TheLegend6: Almost went Dusty VC but chose Gawn with Titch as C. Anyone go dusty?
TheLegend6: Gotigres I think Vlas personally is one of the best in his role in the AFL. Absolute gun doesn’t get a lot of praise.
duckky: I went dusty.
Jukes82: I cant loophole anyone, have JPK not 100% might be a late out. not risking it
Gotigres: @Pinkman. Just checked on footywire. Lambert has had 8 scores of 80sc or less this year and 2 games less than 50
Gotigres: Agree Legend. Vlastuin plays his role well and occasionally stars.
Jukes82: lol I’m sure Dimma is looking at footywire stats as a form indicator
TheOnyas: pull your finger out newnesy
Costanza: Raspel’s only disposal obviously went out on the full
mickelo: My opponent chose Dusty as Captain, Legend
Stu7: Mickelo why legend
TheLegend6: lmao
Searly34: Thank you lord duzzy
Apachecats: Dusty a nice loop at 150+
Ash777: stop focusing on rance ch7
m0nty: nominations for star please
Pinkman: Prestia i reckon
feralmong: Prestia
wadaramus: GEt some junk Caddy!
Pokerface: dusty will get the 3 brownlow votes if that helps
Ash777: rance playing for frees again
original: Oh rancey
Gotigres: Keep going Higgins. Time for a goal.
Pinkman: caddy non junk man. ditched him this week. annoys me. i do like that gresham bloke
Costanza: Rance did nothing but apparently did it really well – retire Bruce
J.Worrall: Dusty Star
original: Caddy trademark is flapping asks and clapping for a cheap pass when standing 10m away from bloke with ball ffs
SilverLion: Alex Rance, the rock, the general, the best defender of our generation. No doubt AA again this year. *sarcasm*
Jukes82: someo f these frees have been garbage
banta: caddy is bloody useless. no ticker. doesn’t even try, just watches.
duckky: Take dusty or hold out for Gawn?
Pinkman: ticking off KPI’s on the footy field. Oh dear

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