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Chat log from R20 of 2018: Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Brisbane vs North Melbourne, R20 of 2018

Yelse: arena or fritch
Yelse: ahren
A_Frame_: any late outs?
DrSeuss: Stef you need to make up for last week; go big please!
DrSeuss: Why is Big O starting in the ruck ffs??
Raspel31: With you Dr Seuss- 10mins in and Martin zip- yikes.
DrSeuss: Fagan started him at Full Forward. Great idea coach
DrSeuss: Need you this week Ahern – a repeat of last week would be great
Raspel31: Not what we wanted Dr but at least signs of life from Martin.
JButcher: Thankfully Mitch Robinson has remembered what the ball looks like
Carnster: Witherden ruining my weekend already
luke394: nice loophole Ahern you rat
Apachecats: yeah luke got Ahern on the field for the first time because of Taranto injury.
DrSeuss: Same Apache. Scores 100s on my bench – probably 60 on field
Umpirespet: I have Ahern on field too
Apachecats: plus got Witherdon ,what a way to end a season.
DrSeuss: Martin back forward. Thanks a bunch Fagan
Apachecats: lucky I’ve got the double chance in one league(out of 10)
DrSeuss: Heroan = Fagan
lukat: Lift stef martin ffs
circle52: Noticed for last couple of games big o has started in the ruck.
circle52: And i have him in sc
DrSeuss: He is at full forward 75% of the game so far. He will be lucky to score 60 unless that changes
circle52: He is starting forward again
Raspel31: Groan- put Martin in the middle where he belongs- set the big Steff free.
DrSeuss: McInerney is doing nothing in the ruck – but keep him there.
circle52: Gee we can not win a htb
MONEY TALK: everytime im happy with stef he gets moved around and ruins his scores
DrSeuss: Be great if you could get a touch too Beamer
circle52: Pays that one to roos but 3 similar missed
SilverLion: The flower was witherden supposed to do there
SilverLion: Put stef in the ruck fagan, wasting him fwd
SilverLion: Fagan*** not sure what autocorrect thought there lol
DrSeuss: Big O in the ruck means less taps to Beams as well – so it fucks me twice
circle52: Can easily find htb for roos but not lions
SilverLion: Playing stef forward looks like were tanking, no logic there at all
BigChief: Oscar would be the better option fwd imo
Umpirespet: God Circle ur not whinging about frees again your worse than days of our lives
JButcher: The only possible explanation could be that he’s carrying an injury but if that’s the case why not just rest him
pcaman2003: Is this the same Ahern that got 124 last week? WTF!
SilverLion: The flower was berry supposed to do there
circle52: Matthieson taklex
DrSeuss: The HTB frees against Brisbane are pretty much one-sided and super inconsistent though
TheOnyas: onya dawy
Raspel31: That’s the tricky thing about relying on rookies in finals pcaman.
circle52: Big chief when roos have received 5htb frees and we are yet to receivr one think justified
BigChief: Berry dropped the ball. That HTB was actually correct.
DrSeuss: Ahern, Beams and Martin – plus I am a Lions fan; not looking great
BigChief: Wasn’t me circle. Read the poster’s name again.
jocka: BigChief 50% of people on the bottom of the pack put it being tackled on the ground without handballing it.
SilverLion: So basically, if they make a tackle that sticks, htb every time lol
BigChief: I know jocka. Doesn’t make that call wrong though. That HTB against Robertson was shit though.
DrSeuss: Now there is no way that was HTB – both players had hands on it
circle52: Despite 4 similar in first quarter not paid to us
Umpirespet: No wonder Circle whinges BC he is blind
shaker: It’s karma for Silver hating on Richmond so much ๐Ÿ™‚
SilverLion: ***hating on rance + media hype ๐Ÿ˜›
BigChief: If a player places the ball on the ground, then yes it is HTB. Cmon guy you all know this.
SilverLion: Just tired of hearing theyre unbeatable every other week tbh
MONEY TALK: plz brown push
circle52: Unless yoou are playing for roos today
Raspel31: Sigh- just not your day is it big Steff. But a point here or there?
DrSeuss: McInerney is useless around the ground – get Martin in the ruck Fagan**
BigChief: Mitchell has almost as many points as the other 5 players I have playing today.
DrSeuss: Martins TOG is down now as well.
SilverLion: Exactly seuss ๐Ÿ˜›
shaker: It’s ok Silver I find it amusing the hate after Tiges had one good year
kano: Heroan lol
BigChief: There ya go Circle ๐Ÿ™‚
circle52: Finally got one htb
SilverLion: Martin in the ruck!
Costanza: cmon Ahern
BigChief: Martin rucks Lions kick goals. Use your brain Fagan.
Raspel31: Absolutely BigChief- no brainer.
Apachecats: massive 2 point 1/4 for Ahern
DrSeuss: Exactly chief – itโ€™s not rocket science
MONEY TALK: #freestef
circle52: Looks like stef is still forward at start of second half
duckky: Crud – went Ahern over Robinson
circle52: Typi a
JRedden: zorko is unbelivable
Fatbar5tad: No Degoey means Ahern has Asunk my season.
Costanza: benched Lambert for Ahern – sweet
Fatbar5tad: Zorko killing me as well.
DrSeuss: How does Ahern go from dominating to absolute crap in 1 week against Brisbane…
duckky: Cause I put him on the ground instead of Robinson DrSeuss
circle52: Looks like stef is still fo
DrSeuss: I had to put him on to cover Taranto – 100s when he is on my bench though
BigChief: Can Bris win this guys?
circle52: Optimistic big chief
Raspel31: Believe and hope they can BigChief.
circle52: And that turnover may be costly
BigChief: Ok Beamer. 5 goals from here would be great thanks.
SilverLion: Cheqp shot cunnington
circle52: Hope we are not spending too much petrol this quarter
circle52: Would be nice if we got similar htb at our end . 3 go
faisca7: I only have 4 unique players to my opponent this week.. Goldstein and Ahern are two of them
zadolinnyj: goldy killing me
Raspel31: Oh come on Martin- nowhere near prediction of 117- move your butt lad.
Fatbar5tad: Ahern. You fucking shittruck
DrSeuss: Ahern and Martin (thanks to the coach) flowering my scores this week
Lawls: Lol @ guys not looping Ahern
DragonLass: can’t loop ahern if you don’t have non playing players to loop with
circle52: Umps will win it for rioos bigchief
circle52: Likr that free ducked and htb under new rules
Carnster: Flipping witherden
pcaman2003: Martin only gets 2 pts for a tap out to advantage?
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off zorko. Stunk it up for me last year clean me up this year. Cunt.
circle52: And that should be htb in goal square. Consistency umps please
circle52: And no holdiing the man
Raspel31: Come on Brisbane- beat these bozos.
Apachecats: Wither just a receiver today ,no CP’s
poolboybob: Atlas for Zorko
GOOD: cmon zorky…another goal
Apachecats: Is Ahern even on the ground? no stats for last 30mins.
Apachecats: Brisbane will win this.
Apachecats: Typical as soon as I post he goes up 10SC
DrSeuss: Martin on the bench for the last 10 minutes. Great work coach
Raspel31: Ah -wondered Dr Seuss- alas.
Apachecats: make that 20 SC ,should have me
Apachecats: *mentioned him earlier.
BigChief: Rayner you muppet. Just cost Bris the win.
NewFreoFan: Thanks for securing my tip for this one Rayner
circle52: And no push on hipwood thanks umpd
SilverLion: why wouldnt you drop punt it rayner
DrSeuss: Why wouldnโ€™t you play Martin in the Ruck? Such a stupid structure change

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