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Chat log from R20 of 2018: Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Adelaide vs Port Adelaide, R20 of 2018

Raspel31: 250 games for you Bryce. Hat off. And need 250 points, groan.
Carnster: How is rockliff -3 from 0% tog
SilverLion: Robbie Gray has been outstanding since I brought him in last week
Raspel31: As long as Robby Gray get’s negative 60, I’m a shoe in.
Apachecats: He’s on my never again list SL.
Apachecats: Dixon 4 touches and -2 .Must have been a huge muppet.
DrSeuss: Rockliff and Wingard pick it up please fellas
Apachecats: *just seen the 0% accuracy.
SilverLion: 20 mi non the ground for a FA. Must be the AA R Gray.
SilverLion: Min on*
NewFreoFan: Pressure everywhere, this is gonna be a great game
Carnster: Come on rocky
TheOnyas: onya sloaney
Wends: Afternoon all, have a rocky situation too.
Raspel31: Agree carnster- but he’s never on the pitch.
DrSeuss: Rocky back on the bench again
kano: You think he isnt good SilverLion ?
SilverLion: pull ya finger out robert
Carnster: him and laird need to lift rasp
Gotigres: Wow Farrell
SilverLion: @kano he is good, hence why its annoying he’s been shower since I traded him in SC haha
kano: Haha ok fair enough.
Raspel31: Screwed by having Stef and opp having Jelwood- there’s 120 turn around. But would still like an effort Rocky?
Wends: Anyone else have loophole problems?
hinsch: got Farrell in this week to raise some $$ for next week might have been a good deal
Apachecats: Learned my lesson last week Wends
Raspel31: Yep Wends- Smith coming in for Melbourne kills my loop. But happy with Titch.
Wends: What happened Apache? Raspel I’d be sitting back on an overstuffed armchair sipping a single malt if I cld take Titch’s
Apachecats: Rasp I thought TSmith was only an emerg.
hinsch: I had Geulfi on the field with no E I am lucky Smith from Melb is getting a run any score will do
Gotigres: Very nice of you Westhoff to give the last goal to Gray
Raspel31: No- named today Apache- J.Smith an emergency.
Apachecats: Farrell big debut like Ronke.
Apachecats: Wends when I went to loop I suddenly realised that 7/8 of my bench were playing and the other one was already locked.
Apachecats: thanks raspel ,jees cusch was a bit salty about the Goddard abuse ,reckon he might be related.
original: Doedee ggf
Raspel31: Glenfiddich or Jamiesons- or perhaps Irish Mist Wends?
Raspel31: Cusch got a bit obsessed Apache- think Goddard his father?
Apachecats: Good chance.
Apachecats: @Raspel JSmith playing ,TSmith emerg ,just checked
Apachecats: * thats from the AFL site ,unless they haven’t updated it.
MONEY TALK: so take danger vc or go cripps or gawn? oppo has the c on titch
Raspel31: The Age says the opposite Apache on team lists. Doesn’t matter to me either way.
Wends: I think a 155 is deserving of a Sullivan’s Cove Raspel, why not? 🙂
Raspel31: I’d go brave and take Cripps Money.
Apachecats: I think you might have to roll the dice in those circumstances .I’d go Gawn from those options money talks
BigChief: Hey Money what did you say about Hawks earlier today?
shaker: T Smith listed as E in SC
Wends: Apache it sucks, don’t it! Exact same issue this week. Question is, Gawn or Grundy for C now?
BoredSaint: If I have Howe I can use him as a loop right?
Raspel31: Sullivan’s Cove- above my pay scale Wends, alas.
BigChief: Yes Saint.
Apachecats: I’ve got all of those A listers and I’ve gone Macrae vc and Gawn C
Gotigres: Yes BoredSaint
BoredSaint: Macrae might get tagged by Steele tonight?
Apachecats: I’ll be able to loop Macrae if he goes big.
Apachecats: Yeah Bored saint ,thats the beauty of Gawn -untaggable.
Raspel31: I only went from The Age team lists this morning- which said T. Smith on bench. No disinformation meant.
original: Went jkelly over macrae this week.wish I could have done both
Wends: Mine too Raspel, but we can dream 🙂
Wends: Have Macrae but worried about the tag for a C option. Wld you still go Gawn over Grundy Apache?
Wends: Also, good-ish recover Rocky.
BoredSaint: How good has WINGARD been since the bye. Got him at sub 400k and haven’t looked back
Raspel31: We can indeed Wends and original- Kelly only predicted 102- he could go huge.
BoredSaint: If I didn’t have titch VC I’d go Gawn knocking it down to his mids against GC
Raspel31: Okay- I too went Titch as VC. But, from my team I’d look at Cripps, Kelly or maybe Gaff ahead of Gawn.
BigChief: Gawn v Witts might not be that good a match up for Gawn.
sMiles: @Bored Saint. Shhhh! You’ll break him
sMiles: @BoredSaint. Shhhh! You’ll break him
Wends: I’m going to find some sherry at the back of cooking liquor cupboard… can’t deal with the stress!
Raspel31: Lighter fluid mixed with apple or orange juice works wonders Wends. Go Sydney.
Torpedo10: What are you on this week? @BoredSaint. I think you might have my measure, Goldy was a killer.
Wends: Thanks for the tip Raspel – handy!
DrSeuss: Wingard, Rocky and Laird pick it up
BigChief: Metho or Turps in pineapple juice works also Wends.
Tonche: Got DBJ in draft. This role change is so annoying
shaker: White ladies metho and milk
Raspel31: Good call BigChief- though turps goes better with Asian food. Carn Gibbs.
original: Doedee nearly doubles his score in 15 mins ffs mundy opponent is KOTD
BigChief: You are right Raspel. I was only looking at drinks.
Breezey: Any chance you might get amongst it Jacobs
original: Cmon westy, have to atleast beat doedee ffs
Raspel31: Maybe not the most loved- but I salute you on 250 games Bryce Gibbs.
SilverLion: All port players going backwards
sMiles: Not the Chad
original: What a rear qtr for me..westhoff adds 12sc while opponents doedee doubles giants own score fumin lol
Apachecats: 3 more under performers for me in this game -Wines ,Gray and Laird.
original: Great*
Apachecats: i had forecast of 2400+ ,will be lucky to get 2250.
SilverLion: Big 40 pt qtrs Hoff and Gray lets go
SilverLion: Don’t understand why sides play their star mids as forwards so much (Danger, Martin, Gray), such a waste
Mcswains: onya Doedeey 🙂
original: Go away doedee lolsadface who still has him besides my opponent and mcswains
Mcswains: Lol I stuffed up my trades so I had to keep him lol
Breezey: Come on Robbie
Stu7: You c0ck westoff
Mcswains: Oh my lord…. I could kiss you Doedee
pcaman2003: Love ya work Dodedodaday
original: Westhoff going backwards while doedee is obviously single handedly winning the game based on sc
DrSeuss: Opponent has Lienert and will likely outscore both Rockliff and Laird – hate this game sometimes
original: Honestly what did westhoff do?
Raspel31: Doedee is an anagram of deeode- A Maori term for anger. I rest my case.
shaker: 3fa and 7 muppets for Westhoff
sMiles: He missponounces his name… He is an O’Dochartaigh
shaker: Sorry 3ff but 37% eff. dosen’t help
SilverLion: Lol Hoff you’ve gone backwards since HT
shaker: Crouch you beauty the goal to put them in front:)
DrSeuss: Rockliff TOG – Whats up with that?
original: Westy to kick the winner after the siren make it happen
Breezey: Love ya 50 Shades of Robbie
BigChief: OMG Eddie is a genius.
Raspel31: How did any of us get stuck with Rocky at this pointy end, sigh. Go Crows.
circle52: I went Wines over Rocky so not much better.
Breezey: That’s 4 tight games this weekend
circle52: Agree Breezy so no rule changes necessary with 32 goals scored in both early games and 27 here
BigChief: Wobbie for medal? Crouch was best on for me.

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